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hikikomoriinc Jan 12, 6:35 AM
Yesss i found it in my library and i really enjoyed it, especially with the ed, Sh, and si stuff but also the whole lesbian thing... im so glad you've read it it is so good i started crying
energumene Dec 31, 2021 10:39 PM
thank you! same to you, although it's new years now lol. happy new year btw! here's hoping this one is kinder. i've been a bit busy with family and friends lately but i hope you've been well. i'm actually jewish but my family is interfaith so we still celebrate christmas.

i totally get that! i still have faves that i want to see succeed because, at least from what i can tell, they're good people and it makes me happy to see their dreams come true. i think it's really important to remember that we'll never know what really goes on behind the scenes, but i really hope that these kids are being taken care of by the people around them since there's only so much we can do as regular people :(

oh my gosh, i completely get that feeling. i really can't vibe with critics and their cult-like followings most of the time because they just become so hive-minded. if you dislike something they positively review, then you're seen as an idiot or like you're trying to be a contrarian just because you don't like it. so annoying. but you can always trust friends for stuff like that, because they'll usually know what you like.

no worries about not knowing enough to give advice btw, i definitely don't have enough experience either but that's okay! you kinda just gotta take whatever advice sounds like it applies to you, anyways. hopefully both of us end up with a career that we love in the long run, even if we're uncertain now! entomology is really interesting, unfortunately i'm ALSO irrationally afraid of most bugs LOL it's sad but what can ya do.
that's true, too. MAL is mostly easygoing with the occasional bad apple but it's hard to let them get to you when we're all anime nerds on here.
gl4ss Dec 30, 2021 11:22 PM
happy holidays! the new year is coming up, are you excited for it?
yup i thought so. i've seen lime cookie and wanted to play it but it kinda sounds boring. do you have a favorite cookie in kingdom?
literally. each girl perfectly fits her solo which makes it harder to choose. i've always wondered why they didn't get a repackage album. i just know it would've been good too.
fr! i watched a couple of videos on the lore and still don't get it sometimes.
i hope so! i'm tired of waiting what feels like years for a comeback :(
i told myself i was gonna finish sweet home during break and haven't read a single chapter 😀 my break is almost over too 😔 is there anything in particular you want to read?
TertiaryCoot Dec 29, 2021 7:57 AM
Thats on god.

1997 is my top anime and I am hoping something will replace that soon.

I honestly really like Blackswordsman, I also agree that it is a good way to introduce the darker themes of Berserk before entering the amazing Golden Age Arc. Yeah I can imagine how you felt after the botched conviction arc. Lost Childrens is my friends favourite arc and he was also annoyed. Puck was very likeable. With the mix of Isidoro and Puck at times it is a little much for me, however we do need the light in the very very dark series.

Yeah I don't blame you. It is VERY long. 1005 episodes now? Though it is very good. Definitely take your time with it though. Forcing it down your throat never really helps with longer series. Though for pacing I can agree with the distaste because oh my god it is slow sometimes. Though the music and the highs are so worth it each time.

I want to read Part 7. However I have so many episodes of One Piece and I want to finish that first before anything else. Besides secret Santa stuff ( :

Honestly My Hero Academia has the most complex and details characters in the world. The amount of detail in each character is so good...

I have seen posts like that and it always gets me annoyed. It isn't about the ending. It's about the journey. How Guts grew as a character, how he developed and became a better man putting aside his rage. I am judging but not gonna say anything lol.

Honestly that final chapter as tempting it is to know the ending, if it was the ending I can be happy. Even though I want to see the ending to our strugglers journey. Though I still hope we can get a ending.

Berserk is just so darn good.

Any thoughts on a possible ending?

TertiaryCoot Dec 29, 2021 2:45 AM
Even causality. Over everything. The fate of man kind rests upon his shoulders. If he wills it. The world follows.

1997 is very very very good in my opinion. The music, the voice acting. Mmm. I am a very happy gentlemen when it comes to Berserk 1997.

My favourite arc is literally the Falcon Of The Millennium Empire Arc, so people who say it declined after the Golden Age are either 12. Or too immature to handle the eclipse. Or like you said Griffith simps.

Honestly. Puck is a mixed bag for me. I like Puck. Though I prefer him in the conviction and lost children's arc compared to now. I still think he is needed but with the other members of Guts group its whatever. I still like him but nowhere near like I love Guts.

I am currently watching One Piece and its pretty good. Same with Naruto earlier in the year. They are both pretty good. Though anime and manga fans want to feel like their taste is superior. I could go on and on and on, why X is bad, because I often have very valid reasoning for feeling said way. Same when there is a positive experience.

That was very well worded. " The concept of Berserk itself is what's important to you " and that is true very true. Berserk is the very best thing for me as it changed my life around so immensely.

Nah Berserk is mid tier. Lol

What did you think of the most recent chapter?
TertiaryCoot Dec 29, 2021 2:00 AM
My friend and I made so many memes about Pippin. Shit like he was the ruler of the universe and controls everything. Very good during the slow start of Berserk 1997.

The eclipse...

I love Judeau as well. Very upsetting that he never told Casca how he felt.

I can respect everyone's opinion whenever it comes to peak fiction. But doesn't mean I won't hard disagree with them and prove them wrong ( Sometimes ) The big 3 definitely aren't mid. They are big for a reason. The CGI in Attack On Titan is so fucking bad. God. Literally gives me flashbacks from Berserk 2016. There will be shortcomings in everything ever. One pixel could be off and then that will count as a shortcoming. However Attack On Titans are so fucking obvious it hurts.

Oh I absolutely hate 2016 and 2017. Very painful to look at. But. The music. OH THE MUSIC. Slaps everytime. It is only on my favourites for the fact of showing Berserk is my personal favourite thing. Not anime, not manga, not song, thing. Though the animation was terrible throughout the entire thing.

Also how did you come to find my profile?
TertiaryCoot Dec 29, 2021 12:55 AM
Nah your all good lol.

Pippin is literally the reason I ended up loving Berserk so much. Not even just loyal just so fucking cool.

Attack On Titan fans are some of the worst fans I have ever seen over a community. Very very very bad. I personally am not looking forward to it, I hate it when I see someone say peak fiction on something like Attack On Titan. Very annoying lol. But there will be so many flaws to point out so I can't wait for that bit.

Though I used to be an anime only lol. Then Berserk happened. Berserk literally changed everything for me and anime.
TertiaryCoot Dec 29, 2021 12:29 AM
Hey thanks for the friend request!

Of course I have Pippin in my favourites.
TarikOnPC Dec 28, 2021 6:02 AM
he he
crissoopshii Dec 27, 2021 11:23 AM
exactly! the racism against romani people is insane here, people use slurs like it's nothing and absolutely have no second thoughts when they start talking about the community in the most horrific manner... what's worse is no matter what way you're trying to talk to them about how wrong that is and how inhumane, they will get aggressive or just pretend like they're listening. it's literally rooted in their brains that these people are trying to steal and hurt them, but they never stop and wonder how they got to this point or what the implemented system is doing to romani people. my country is very homophobic and it's so sad that in this day and age people are terrified to come out and be themselves in their own country.

i relate a lot to what you said about the burnout gifted kid haha. i used to love writing and i wanted to become a writer, but i was (and still am) a big perfectionist, so it felt really overwhelming with all the ideas in my head and everything i had planned out. i felt like everything i wrote and liked was not appreciated by my teacher and in contests, but everything i despised was , so i gave up on my dream. i also thought about psychology in middle school but not too much; in 11th grade i thought about it again after having it as subject a year prior. my teacher was amazing and she really made me believe in myself, so now i'm studying psychology in uni. i'm really enjoying it and i think i can really leave my mark on the world ( i have specific research i want to conduct). even now, my biggest fear is writing an academic paper... it was a relief to figure out i have adhd and that it plays a big part in it, but i still can't seem to find a way to make the process easier. i hope you can find your way and figure yourself out! you have all the time in the world, you should remember that. society makes us forget it too often.

the anime community is still very much behind on human decency. most people in comment sections are incels, men who have 12-year old anime girls body pillows and the most homophobic people you'll ever meet. i wish we could get rid of them in some way- people talk about how the anime fans that embarrass us are the stereotypical my hero fans and people with intense anime merch, but i have to disagree. the actual toxicity stems from gross people like this who think of themselves as the gods of anime who give good anime low ratings because it doesn't have enough fanservice and female sexualization. i despise everything about them.

on that topic, i watched stars align this year, and it felt like a breath of fresh air. you're telling me anime can be INCLUSIVE and SPECIFIC? that we can have non binary characters that talk about their struggles with gender, healthy discussions about sexuality and more??? in an anime about middle school students playing tennis?? wow. i still hate the fact that we probably won't get season 2 because of lack of funds though :(((
because i’m writing this in parts, i just had to get back to you rn after finishing takt op. destiny aka the biggest disappointment this season. in my last text i old you how excited i was about it but it ended up going downhill and making no sense throughout the last few episodes... basically the whole anime was promoting a game about to come out and people kind of 'deduced' a big spoiler for the ending which ended up being true. so it's basically a 'go play the game if you wanna know more, the anime doesn't have to be great' kind of situation. i'm pretty bummed about it :/

yeah, i'm waiting for the last ep of komi to see how they'll wrap it up, but it wasn't anything special. honestly the side characters beside takano and najimi threw me off a lot.

wow i'm so impressed!! you should teach me how to do that sometime, i'd love to personalize my little profile but i'm not good with code haha.

what??? i didn't know the cardcaptor would be so inclusive! i'll let you know how i feel once i see more of it :)

yes!! studios like mappa make amazing animation and anime overall, but their employees are extremely overworked and it's actually really concerning, especially because they get payed like... nothing. in general artists are treated like garbage and people think that just because their labour isn't portrayed as difficult or mentally draining (like other highly praised jobs), they can use that to their advantage and exploit their work...

I LOVE CRYSTAL SNOW SO MUCH!!! it's such a beautiful, poetic song... it literally feels like snow falling to the ground <3 i'm so happy you're enjoying the playlist! glad i could help haha <333 will be back with reviews for the song you gave me.

i ALSO am enjoying our convo but i take so long because whenever it comes to writing a lot i get anxious and keep putting it down haha. i hope you don't mind.

lmk how i'm not a robot goes ;).

everything you said is so true! i first of all hope people stop stalking him to try and find out who he is. there is this one disgusting website (forgot the name) with a lot of sick people who live through hating on people like corpse and trying to hurt them. there is this one guy they made a whole thread about to prove that he is corpse, an average looking guy who was just minding his business. they analyzed bits of corpse's apartment from videos, his location.... and then proceeded to absolutely shit on this person's appearance and posting him all over twitter, something along the lines of ''this is the hot man little girls are simping for?" (but imagine it 100 times worse, i was slightly nice).

me too! in 2022 i made it a goal to include more non-fiction from inspiring people, like people of colour who are talking about their struggles, historical events with a big impact, things that can help me be more aware and understand the world better. i think it's really important to listen and consume stuff directly from the source and not just in books written by white people who would never be able to portray the truth.

i also hope you've had a great christmas!! any big goals for 2022? my other ones are to bake things that are more difficult, try to fit in workout more in my routine (although it's not the same as it was before i went to uni), eat healthy and buy clothes that fit my style more!!

take care and i'll be waiting for your text!
Cosmictimespace Dec 24, 2021 7:01 PM
Indeed! Did you hear Berserk made it to The New York Times?
gl4ss Dec 24, 2021 5:57 PM
right! ooo i haven’t tried oven break. i saw it was a running game so i wasn’t very interested.
my favorite solos change all the time but i’ve always loved let me in, one and only, and new! i love the edily mv, it’s so cute! ugh same. i’d say 1/3 is probably my favorite. i love all their songs, especially sonatine and valentine girl!
literally😔 it feels like bp hasn’t had a comeback in a long time.
pls i’m not ready😀🤚
Kingofglory77 Dec 23, 2021 10:17 AM
Hmm chainsaw man looks interesting
energumene Dec 23, 2021 5:08 AM
it really is crazy how they put these children in such vulnerable positions, especially with the voracity that kpop stans have always displayed. nothing about it sits right with me, really, but i also can't help but wanna cheer them on, y'know? that being said, there's so much about the industry that i despise that it's been hard for me to really connect with it these days. the music still bangs though.

oh, yeah, absolutely. it's really important to maintain your interior world and have your own opinions about things because it's really easy to get swayed one way or another. especially now because EVERYONE sees themselves as critics and it's so easy to share your opinion everywhere and make everyone see it online. that said, a trusted friend's recommendation is always nice to listen to from time to time. but obviously, your own taste that you've curated will always be more special and important.

it's really easy to get discouraged in choosing a path, i think. life takes so many different directions and you can change your mind so fast because it's so easy to lose passion and feel like you're going nowhere. i can definitely understand not feeling motivated, especially if you're not 100% sure you want to go through with something... the important thing is trusting yourself and your decisions. i dunno if i'm certain i'll even choose between one of those two careers, but right now that's what i'm focused on. but yeah, there's so many cool creatures down there... even if they are a bit scary sometimes. it was either marine biology or entomology and i figured crustaceans are pretty much sea bugs so... best of both worlds!
i think the thing i like most about MAL is how it's not technically a social media site... so you don't HAVE to interact with anyone if you don't want to. in that way, it feels really relaxing to be on here.
Kingofglory77 Dec 22, 2021 4:18 PM
Yes! Did you watch both seasons?