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Feb 23, 2023
Riding Bean (Anime) add
The animation, the music, the voice acting and the action, this OVA has it all. Too bad Kenichi Sonoda and Toshiba EMI had a falling out so there were no more episodes.

Based on Bean's fast and smooth driving skills, it's obvious that they get away again in the end. His sunglasses flying off when he angrily ate those walnuts back at the mansion when his car was insulted was hilarious.

I never saw The Warriors but I loved the reference at the end.

The part where Rally throws her magazine while keeping one in the chamber to kill the henchman taking Chelsea hostage was badass.

I wonder ...
Jan 15, 2023
I love how wholesome this is and the ending was so sweet. I would recommend this for you wholesome vanilla lovers like me out there. I feel like Mika, Asato and Aki's mom know those 2 were literally fucking the whole time. I hope they managed to clean the succubus outfit before returning it. Kouta just pulled one of the smoothest confessions ever in their 1st time. Kouta totally watched porn if he managed to easily undo Aki's bra. I'm surprised there wasn't a scene where Aki cooks for Kouta and he praises her cooking.

I love the colors and designs of Aki's panties, it kinda ...
Dec 11, 2021
Hero Killer (Manga) add
This oneshot is underrated and needs more love. This has potential to be a serialized manga.

It's like Batman with Shioso's commissioner Gordon being the rookie cop Akari and if this gets serialized, Shioso would be considered both a fugitive, a vigilante or even a hero with the public having split opinions on him. He might go Mystogan with a mask to hide his identity and even fake having a twin brother.

I feel like in the earlier chapters in a hypothetical serialized manga, Akari would usually get involved in some trouble due to her association with Shioso and in later chapters the rookie cop Akari will ...
Oct 14, 2021
Honestly this sequel was way better than Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The Animation. I mean the first one was good but this was better. it was cuter and more wholesome than the first one and Takuya didn't have to be injured. Also they both had kids in the end unlike the first one where they're only married. I love the callback to the first one where Mio's skirt gets lifted by a little boy but this time it's Ryou and Takuya's son. Getting Ryou pregnant to stop the arranged marriage is a chad move from Takuya.

It's cute how in the end Takuya calls ...
Aug 18, 2021
This hentai was short and sweet. I love the cute wholesome relationship between 2 childhood friend sadomasochists, one who is a tsundere and the other one is a pervert. Kiriha's pet hedgehog Shuu is cute. Kiriha's ahegao faces were cute and priceless in this hentai. I also like the fact that despite Kiriha wearing a revealing maid suit which displays her sadomasochistic personality, her pink striped panties displays her soft tsundere side. The funniest parts of the hentai were when Eishun's dick acted sentient when being crushed by Kiriha's foot and when Eishun's mom catches him and Kiriha naked in bed together. The music and ...
Aug 18, 2021
I love how the side stories are connected to the main story with Ruma taking pictures of those different pairs fucking for fap material only for it to be destroyed which was the funniest scene ever from the hentai. The way Ruma flew off from Hime's stomach and how her camera explodes when Hime accidentally stepped on it. Ruma's facial expressions where her camera was destroyed was hilariously priceless.

I love Ruma's revealing attire and her bra and panties and the way they are designed which fits her character. I also love how the music perfectly matches the mood of the scene. Okada is lucky to ...
Aug 17, 2021
Cleavage (Anime) add
I never saw Bible Black nor Discipline due to the dark content. After reading Cleavage's premise and actually watching it, I realized that this was the lightest h-anime that this studio ever made.

I love the English voice acting and the sex scenes were done well. Ileana Castro has a sexier moan than Mitzi Shanks even though I also like hers as well. My favorite sex scenes were the computer lab lunchtime one, Yuuto and Erika's first time at the music room, Yuuto and Sayaka's first time at the art room, & the big three way at the end. I'm happy to see Erika and Sayaka ...
Aug 16, 2021
I love how Takuya and Suzuna from Jinkou Shoujo: Henshin Sex Android cameoed at the restaurant, implying that they're dating already. I love how Otonashi defended Mie for the restaurant incident that Yuri did even though she rightfully ratted him out at the end of the 1st series.

I'm surprised that the teacher didn't fight him off and retreated instead she actually let Mie do her. I'm also surprised Mie didn't go inside Yuri at the three-way at the end but her hatred of men is now slowly disappearing thanks to Mie, he even let her do Fujisawa more than him after going inside her.

Even though ...
Aug 3, 2021
This was a nice and wholesome hentai. That was sweet from Mio to become a nurse in order to be closer to Takuya and it's implied that she liked her job and she's very skilled too. Mio's fashion sense changed throughout the years, from striped panties to lacy panties. Mio has enough to fuck without her nurse hat falling off. Since Mio's a virgin, I was surprised that blood didn't come out of her pussy during her first time with Takuya. Takuya's lucky to have a childhood friend later turned wife who secretly gives him some additional special services. Once Takuya recovered, he decided to ...
Aug 3, 2021
This hentai was very wholesome. The BGM really fit the mood in different scenarios. The English dub overall was fitting and hilarious and Tsutomu's English VA sounds similar to Austin Tindle.

Between Mai and Kozue, I'd say my favorite girl is Mai. I like Mai's expressions and lines in this hentai. I also like how Mai's carpets match her drapes. I'm happy that Mai and Kozue kissed during the big three way. Kozue and Tsutomu are lucky to taste Mai's breast milk. Mai and Kozue have really sexy panties and I'm surprised Mai wears a strapless bra. Kozue's bikini is so small (not that I ...

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