Aug 18, 2021
I love how the side stories are connected to the main story with Ruma taking pictures of those different pairs fucking for fap material only for it to be destroyed which was the funniest scene ever from the hentai. The way Ruma flew off from Hime's stomach and how her camera explodes when Hime accidentally stepped on it. Ruma's facial expressions where her camera was destroyed was hilariously priceless.

I love Ruma's revealing attire and her bra and panties and the way they are designed which fits her character. I also love how the music perfectly matches the mood of the scene. Okada is lucky to fill all of Ruma's 3 holes unlike the others who only went for the mouth and pussy. I'm also impressed by the fact that Okada has sheer fucking willpower to not fap about Ruma even at home and has enough energy to fuck Ruma senseless without stopping to the point she begged for him to stop. Man, Okada has a lot of cum stored inside him, he could probably be enough to feed Ruma. It was never addressed what Ruma is, whether she was a humanoid monster or alien, even with Okada at the end with his energy and his enormous amounts of cum in his dick. Too bad Ruma never described how Okada's cum tasted like. I also noticed that the first guy who Ruma fucked pulled out before he came in her pussy, so that doesn't count.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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