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May 20, 2022
What even is this special? Over 70% of the run time is abridged version of the first half of Part 4 aka "Lupin III (2015)" Thus the actual original content lack any time to develop and is rushed near the end.

And I have to say, by this point when you say "Count Cagliostro" in a Lupin III story, nobody is gonna realize you are referencing the original Arsene Lupin story, everyone's gonna assume you are talking about the one from "Castle of Cagliostro", it's already a bad choice and the special also didn't do a job stating that case.

With so little actual run time, how ...
Apr 23, 2020
Preliminary (12/12 eps)
I never thought I would ever see a new installment of "Stand Alone Complex" in this life time, not with all the original cast and Kenji Kamiyama back on both the writing and the director's sit. Yet here it is.

Though there are still changes, both visual and the music.
The absent of Origa and Yoko Kanno really shows how much they played into the identity of SACs. But with the former sadly passed away a few yeas ago, and the latter basically retired from the anime industry by now, it really can't be help.

However, even knowing that, the music is still just underwhelming, especially ...
Dec 25, 2018
Preliminary (18/34 chp)
I don't get why in the hell a manga adaptation of an existing show could be so unfaithful to a point that could enrages fans of the show.

The author of the manga clearly favors Rin Setsu A (or Lin Xue Ya if you prefer the Chinese pronunciation) and changed a lot of the minor details to no only add some more screen time for him, but make him look way better than he was in the actual show, in which he was just a few steps away from being a horrible person.

Lots of moments that was meant to let other characters shine in the ...
Sep 9, 2018
If you think "Ito Junji: Collection" was not good, well this is worse. Being an BD special OVA of said series, the art and animation is poor even for this series' stander. And it's rushed as hell, lots of monologue from the source material of episode 1 was cut out. Episode 2 was not as noticeable but they still cut out more than a little stuff, which hurts the atmosphere of the story, since those parts really helped building up mood in the manga.

Episode 1, You'd think this being an adaptation of Ito's first story ever, there are lots of place they could have improved. ...
Feb 27, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
So far (Episode 6 ) I'm pretty disappointed with "Ito Junji Collection" for two reasons:

Firstly, the pacing is not very good, I think it has a lot to do with their decision to force two stories into every 22mins episode, therefor a lot of minor points got cut out, which hurt the atmosphere building drastically.

Then the art varies form passable to just bad, I don't know how much budged they had making this show but it doesn't seem to be much. And the overall color palette is too bright, not moody enough.

Needless to say this doesn't do justice to Ito's work.
May 27, 2017
This film just came out last week in my country.

Kamiyama Kenji has always been a very special director to me. His S.A.C. series is by far the best take on the Ghost in the Shell IP in my opinion, it's one of, if not THE one all time favorite anime of mine. I always hope this guy could get more attention and get more things done.

However "Hirune Hime" is kind of underwhelming. It's not really a bad film but the pacing is weird, the narrative is kind of childish, and the dialogue said too much.

In parts it kind reminds me of some of Kon Satoshi's ...
Mar 12, 2016
Mixed Feelings
The story is all over the place. After the second watch I kind of get the narrative and it's not linear at all, it really hurts my brain... My best attempt of telling what time did a certain scene happen is by checking whether Green's girlfriend (or maybe ex) has the ring he gave her.

And some of the side-story really has noting to do with the plot,for example: the entirety of Logan's plot line can be cut out easily.

In the end I kind of get what the director/writers wanted to do with this film. And I don't really like what they wanted to say. ...