Sep 9, 2018
Tomie (Anime) add (All reviews)
garyborken (All reviews)
If you think "Ito Junji: Collection" was not good, well this is worse. Being an BD special OVA of said series, the art and animation is poor even for this series' stander. And it's rushed as hell, lots of monologue from the source material of episode 1 was cut out. Episode 2 was not as noticeable but they still cut out more than a little stuff, which hurts the atmosphere of the story, since those parts really helped building up mood in the manga.

Episode 1, You'd think this being an adaptation of Ito's first story ever, there are lots of place they could have improved. But they didn't. The editing on transition is especially bad...

Episode 2, this was actually the first half of a two parter in the manga... why would they choose to adapt this but not the second half? If you can only do one more episode maybe choose one that's actually stand alone?

Also, somehow they still forced two story into one 22min episode for This. It doesn't have that time limit here! It's an OVA, you can make it how ever long it needed to be.

It's a mess, my local streaming service got this one for some reason, otherwise if I had to pay for the BD to watch this... I would be pissed.

Ito deserves better, Tomie deserves better.