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Nov 15, 2019
Can people stop pretending this work consists of three movies? Like the mere existence of 3 entries, with movie slapped somewhere in the description embarrasses me. What we actually have is a regular seasonal anime, that has the regular episode and tv structure.

Anyway, treat this as a little recommendation and follow up on some of my thoughts about the continuing legend of the galactic heroes anime. This season we have the continuing story of fabulous bishounes playing politics in space, while something that looks more cartoony than wars in Star Wars plays on the background.

There are the usual flaws here. A lot of the read more
Nov 5, 2019
In my continuous questions of why cashgrab sequels keep being made, we arrive at another Psycho Pass movie. Perhaps a little introduction on my philosophy about the subject is needed. Continuations have a specific purpose, since they should not only tell what happens next. Your work should feel whole regardless of future events, with no worth in simply showing what happened next, everything and nothing are both valid retorts when thinking about the future in fiction. So when writing a sequel, it is important to expand on why it’s different, maybe on the setting, tone, characters you are following, to generally excuse the different read more
Oct 22, 2019
Can dead franchises tell new tales? That is the question I sought to answer, or if you prefer my perspective, when coming back to Psycho Pass, after many years. Do we have a team ready to bring some new life to this world, or are we looking for the second coming of Psycho Pass 2, the one that killed the series for several years?

First, it is important to establish why the series was so relevant in the first place, the place where people’s fond memories of the series always came from. The quality of its first season was on its boldness, in presenting tough read more
Sep 28, 2019
Finally we have it, the new anime about loud teenagers with cool swords fighting the ultimate evil. Another shonen jump work which I ultimately like, but have a hard time describing the experience as not frustrating. So let’s get to that.

The animation and presentation are definitely a plus, containing beautiful 3d backgrounds, that are seamlessly implemented (for the most part). The composition and usage of color are great, setting the mood really well, making for a good ominous spooky atmosphere, which in turn, really brings to life the more melancholic tragic aspects of the story. Those only come into play when we finally see the read more
Jul 28, 2019
You know, I will be relentless when writing this review, but I do feel compassion for Araki’s situation when writing this story. Coming out of his enormous success with previous Jojo’s parts, having a huge follow up by fans, and probably being laurelled by praise of his editors, it would be simple for him to accommodate. To stop trying, challenging himself and coming with ways for improvement. This movement is something Araki does not fall into, though to the expense of failing hard the ceiling of his own works above him.

The general premise of a Jojo part, is no brainers for anyone familiar with the read more
Jul 14, 2018
A good point to start a ginga eiyuu densetsu (named as logh from now for brevity sake) review is the questioning on why the lives of powerful people are just so fascinating? Where does this amazing interest comes from in seeing generals, emperors, dictators, enacting strings of power, intrigue, tragedy. In following the lives and death of individuals with such ambition, chosen to change the destiny and history of people, societies, worlds. Such allure comes from way more than the facts actually being shown, Rubinsky discussing his plans becomes way more than a character we know barely nothing about, explaining his ambitions, and Job read more
Mar 27, 2018
Patlabor is a classic. The term comes with a lot of responsibility, and believe me, I truly do not like to take or give it lightly, but throughout the years Patlabor has cemented its name as one of the more well recognized and critically praised mecha franchises of the 80s. Managing to stand not that far away in terms of importance and influence, to the likes of Gundam or Macross. Sadly, my experience with it has been nothing short of underwhelming, basically making for a highly frustrating disappointment overall. On this analysis I will attempt to shed some light to what I consider to be read more
Mar 22, 2018
Have you ever experienced a perfect movie? As an avid anime watcher I am always looking for these titles, the one where seemingly everything clicks. Works of such transcendental quality, with impeccable theming and symbolism, that join extremely effective storytelling with gigantic personal and emotional impacts. Shoujo Tsubaki is for me(and for everybody who does not have shit taste) one of those, a piece of fiction without an equal in any media. This review basically is my embarrassing attempt to spread my love for the work, while also trying to prove as flawed, many of the retarded claims made by most of its detractors. Also read more
Jan 15, 2018
First a clarification, this review will be about the series Madoka Magica, its continuations the movie mahou shoujo madoka magica rebellion, and its recap movies (cashgrabs) will not be considered or discussed in this evaluation. And no, this review is not in any segment or paragraph spoiler free, so be warned when reading.

Despite this not being a method I really like to use, I feel obliged to start my analysis exploring the concept that no one can shut up about when discussing this, yes the fact of whether madoka is a deconstruction, or not of the mahou shoujo genre, for it apparently containing an entirely read more
Sep 3, 2017
I will be spoiling pretty much this entire show so be warned.

You know this is not the review I wanted to write. After finishing and loving the first season of honey and clover, I wanted nothing than to watch, and write a review of why Umino Chika did the unthinkable again, and managed to keep the spectacular quality of last season, and her other work, 3-gatsu no lion. Unfortunately, this is not the review I will be writing right now, I will try to portray my honest impression of this season, and how it managed to be an interesting disappointment.

On the positive side, this series read more