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Jul 14, 2018
A good point to start a ginga eiyuu densetsu (named as logh from now for brevity sake) review is the questioning on why the lives of powerful people are just so fascinating? Where does this amazing interest comes from in seeing generals, emperors, dictators, enacting strings of power, intrigue, tragedy. In following the lives and death of individuals with such ambition, chosen to change the destiny and history of people, societies, worlds. Such allure comes from way more than the facts actually being shown, Rubinsky discussing his plans becomes way more than a character we know barely nothing about, explaining his ambitions, and Job read more
Mar 27, 2018
Patlabor is a classic. The term comes with a lot of responsibility, and believe me, I truly do not like to take or give it lightly, but throughout the years Patlabor has cemented its name as one of the more well recognized and critically praised mecha franchises of the 80s. Managing to stand not that far away in terms of importance and influence, to the likes of Gundam or Macross. Sadly, my experience with it has been nothing short of underwhelming, basically making for a highly frustrating disappointment overall. On this analysis I will attempt to shed some light to what I consider to be read more
Mar 22, 2018
Have you ever experienced a perfect movie? As an avid anime watcher I am always looking for these titles, the one where seemingly everything clicks. Works of such transcendental quality, with impeccable theming and symbolism, that join extremely effective storytelling with gigantic personal and emotional impacts. Shoujo Tsubaki is for me(and for everybody who does not have shit taste) one of those, a piece of fiction without an equal in any media. This review basically is my embarrassing attempt to spread my love for the work, while also trying to prove as flawed, many of the retarded claims made by most of its detractors. Also read more
Jan 15, 2018
First a clarification, this review will be about the series Madoka Magica, its continuations the movie mahou shoujo madoka magica rebellion, and its recap movies (cashgrabs) will not be considered or discussed in this evaluation. And no, this review is not in any segment or paragraph spoiler free, so be warned when reading.

Despite this not being a method I really like to use, I feel obliged to start my analysis exploring the concept that no one can shut up about when discussing this, yes the fact of whether madoka is a deconstruction, or not of the mahou shoujo genre, for it apparently containing an entirely read more
Sep 3, 2017
I will be spoiling pretty much this entire show so be warned.

You know this is not the review I wanted to write. After finishing and loving the first season of honey and clover, I wanted nothing than to watch, and write a review of why Umino Chika did the unthinkable again, and managed to keep the spectacular quality of last season, and her other work, 3-gatsu no lion. Unfortunately, this is not the review I will be writing right now, I will try to portray my honest impression of this season, and how it managed to be an interesting disappointment.

On the positive side, this series read more
Aug 11, 2017
Minor spoilers for honey and clover, so be warned.

After the personal turmoil of an experience that was watching 3-gatsu no lion, I found myself needing more. As I have stated on another review, that you can look for, if you are interest for more in-depth thoughts, 3-gatsu has managed to become one of my favorite pieces of fictions. So it is only natural, that after that I would be looking for the authors other works, at worst to see how she has evolved as writer, at best to get a close experience. On that note, there was another highly regarded work from author umino chika, read more
Jul 18, 2017
What is the worst anime of all times? What are the criterias to even consider, a piece of fiction to such an infamous title? Those are questions I hopefully can end up answering, while giving insight to the colossal mess, that is eva 2.0. Many will take certain approach with some reserves, a worst anime of all times discussion usually is only warranted to a certain type of titles. You probably know them by now, those ultra-trashy, low budget ovas, the likes of mars of destruction, skelter heaven, garzeys wing (at least that is when everybody flipped their shit, whenever I tried to argue shows read more
Jul 12, 2017
I think I wanted memories of not running away

-rei kiriyama

Reviewing one of your favorites shows is hard. I may have already given up in four attempts, when trying to write a coherent review for this. The pressure that comes, with the knowledge of knowing, that what you are writing is not making justice, to the amazing quality the series has in your mind. Coming along with the even worst feeling, the guilty which comes with the though of your flawed attempt turning people off people from the work itself. But as kiryiama, that is quoted here said, I also do not want memories of running read more
Jul 6, 2017
There are going to be some spoilers of the movie in this review, so be warned

Gundam. The name barely requires any introduction, this monstrosity of a franchise, that has been kept itself relevant throughout almost 40 years, and in present times has, as far as I know 3 currently airing series. This film occupies a special place in this monomith, being an attempt to finally get the satisfying and conclusive resolution to elements from 3 previous seasons, especially the legendary rivalry between the franchise most popular and beloved characters, char aznable and amuro ray. The successes and failures of this movie is what I will read more
Jul 2, 2017
Ah kekkai sensen, the show with the sexiest and catchiest ending I have ever seen. Like really just watching those characters partying in the ending song, all their cool outfits and amazing designs, oozing with style is already enough to put a big smile on my face. Hell I would argue this is show is worth it for that alone

In regards to other aspects my endorsement for that show is not as precedent though. The show does contain an intriguing premise, a very unique setting, a strange world where creatures for another dimension coexist with human beings, and where the abnormal can happen at any read more