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Jan 16, 2011
Shiki (Anime) add (All reviews)
Shiki is an old-fashioned vampire story with a lot of bite. If you were looking for angsty, romantic and sympathetic bloodsuckers, you may wish to look elsewhere, as this is very much a traditional horror story with nightmarish figures prowling outside (hopefully) your window. Shiki relies mainly on pyschological fright with limited but effective use of violence, but squeamish watchers should be aware that there are nevertheless scenes of intense violence, particularly towards the end of the show. For instance, the operating table scene is one of the most twisted and cruel scenes I've personally ever witnessed.

One of the interesting features of the show's story read more
Jan 2, 2011
Mai-HiME for me was quite an emotional rollercoaster, which blended action, comedy and high school romance elements quite successfully in a modern fantasy setting. The story starts in a cliched fashion but unfolds in a steadily darker, compelling manner. Unfortunately, the use of certain unconvincing plot devices and a sudden mood shift in the climax lessened my enjoyment. I wouldn't say the ending was awful, but the preceding drama deserved a better resolution.

The show largely succeeds in emotionally involving the audience through the quality of the characters. In particular, the protagonist Mai is just extremely likable and human. Admittedly, she has rather tsundere moments from read more
Dec 23, 2008
First of all, this is a continuation of Hokuto No Ken with a time gap in between, so you would probably want to look at that before this. But, as this is not a plot-based show, it does make sense without having seen the original.

The first half of the story was actually pretty enjoyable, even if very standard. Heroic Rebels overthrow the Evil Emprire, but it's done well and had some suspenseful moments and likeable characters. Falco is one of the more impressive adversaries for Ken and their final duel was good fun. If the story ended at that point, I would have given the read more