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May 13, 2018
“My time with the five leaves was nourishment for the soul. “don’t care about the past, enjoy the present” The man in front of me is yaichi-dono, the one who taught me that”

Althought Saraiya Goyou is set in the Edo period, it does not attempt to capture the ‘historical’ realism of the background premise. That much is obvious from its odd artwork and animation style. Neither does it aim at being an action samurai anime. Instead, it’s more of a character-centric seinen drama with a strong attention to detail on the characters, their motivations, expressions, actions etc. Perhaps that is why it ...
Jul 17, 2015
The world of psycho pass is a cyber-punk dystopian future police society which is based on a mass surveillance ‘big brother’ like Sibyl system with its ruthless crime and mind control system. Since this spoiler free review has been written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with the world of Psycho-Pass, it will not delve too deeply on the background or the world.

Psycho-Pass 2 picks up 1.5 years after the events of the first season. Akane Tsunemori, the protagonist who (much like the director of the show) was an unimpressive rookie in the first season is no longer the same scared greenhorn, but ...
Nov 1, 2014
To dismiss, or to even think of Ping Pong: The Animation as another sports anime would be a gross error of judgement. Ping Pong: The Animation is not about sports. It is not about Ping Pong. Not really. It is a profoundly human story; a look at the lives, passions, and motivations of characters that sound and act so real that you can’t help think of them as real flesh and blood, people with feelings, emotions and souls of their own.

No. Ping Pong is not about sports, or THE sport, or the ‘athletes’. It is not about winning or losing. It is against the very ...
Jul 12, 2014
"once the rain stops and real tears can be shed, I will put down roots. Until then, with the rain by my side, I will continue to drift like the clouds"

Mushishi Zoku Sho continues the episodic chronicles of Ginko, the white-haired, laid back, chain-smoking, wandering ‘Mushishi’ (Loose TL: Mushi-master). For the fans of the much praised 2006 series, Zoku Sho is, in every technical and aesthetic sense, true to its predecessor. The studio behind it (Artland), and the staff is the same, and there have been no dramatic stylistic changes, making Zoku sho, except in its more enhanced visuals and polished presentation, the direct continuation ...
May 6, 2013
This review is dedicated to Noboru Ishiguro, the legendary director of SDF Macross, Megazone 23, Legend of Galactic heroes, and the founder of Artland, the studio responsible for modern hits such as Mushishi and Katekyo Hitman REBORN!!, who died of lung infection last year in March 2012 at the age of 73. 'Pattenrai!! Minami no Shima no Mizu Monogatari' (or 'Yoichi Hatta - the father of Chianan Canal') was his last directorial work.

‘Pattenrai!!’ is based on the true story of Yoichi Hatta, a Japanese civil engineer who designed the Chianan Canal and Wushantou Reservoir in Japanese occupied Taiwan before the second World War, changing ...
Apr 4, 2013
"Be brave and fight with all your strength son. You have nothing to be afraid of"

When modern anime connoisseurs make their own lists of the most influential anime classics, they miss the name of Horus: Prince of the Sun. This one movie was groundbreaking in many ways. At the time it was released in 1968, animation projects were led more by the parochial philosophy of production companies wanting to market safe animations for as wide an audience as possible. Although Hols could not completely break free from the reins of the production company, it was one of the first instances where the artists attempted to ...
Nov 24, 2011
“The master of life always lives his destiny as he chooses...”

Ex-SAS, Archeologist, part time lecturer, traveler, historian, Insurance agent; Taichi Hiragi Keaton is a Jack of all trades and a “master of life”. He is simple, intelligent, humble, and a moralistic goody-two shoes infused with the love of life and the possibilities it brings.

The show itself is an exact mirror reflection of its main character; a “Jack-of-all-trades” in that it touches a wide variety of genres and themes, from slice-of-life, romance, mystery to historical, war drama, thriller. It dips into almost everything an anime of its premise possibly can. And the result is ...
Level E (Anime) add (All reviews)
Apr 6, 2011
"This planet is full of liars"
"But it gets us a lot of cash"

Shounen anime has continued to experience an unabated spike in recent years, and shounen comedy, specifically, has had quite a few entries recently with more coming up every season. Many of these titles have not been all that great, so when Level E was first announced many people, myself including, were skeptical and expectations weren’t all that high. But after finishing the anime I must say it not only exceeded my expectations but it also turned out to be a pleasant surprise; I mean, the kind of pleasant surprise that makes you feel ...
Nov 26, 2010
Spiral Labyrinth is the last release related to Legend of the Galactic heroes, and, like the first prequel gaiden series ('A hundred Billion Lights; Hundred Billion stars'), is made up of various story arcs that flesh out the background of the main characters and some supporting characters of the main series as well.

These ‘side stories’ were conceived in both written and anime form after the main series, and they contain a significant amount of foreshadowing and allusions to future events and important characters from the main series that are only named or shown in passing. These references would likely not be appreciated by those ...
Feb 8, 2010
"I'd rather be a pig than a fascist"

Miyazaki movies can broadly fall in 2 or 3 categories; some of them are driven by their uncanny and bizarre plot (princess mononoke, spirited away etc). And then there are some where the direction almost completely overshadows the plot-line. Like Totoro, Porco Rosso falls in the latter category. From the opening scene to ending, this movie is all about direction, direction and direction.

The movie, set in the 1930’s, starts on a deserted island which acts as a hideout for the famous war-veteran turned bounty hunter ace pilot known as porco rosso (scarlet pig) who, we soon learn, ...