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Aug 12, 2014
Background: As a hardcore yaoi fan (when I first picked up this work,) I never paid any interest to mangas with a main focus on the storyline rather than the sex/relationship (i.e. this manga precisely.) But as soon as I started, I was amazed with the creativity and immediately got sucked into the plot. When I finished, the only thing I could do was sit back and slowly clap while smiling, "Miyamoto Kano, you've done it again."

STORY: Nemueru Tsuki is about a young man who revisits an old, family-owned home to solve the mystery as to why the men of his family are cursed to read more
Jul 14, 2014
Let me first start off by saying (1) this masterpiece can not be fully appreciated by being read only one time. (2) The content is too mature for a younger audience, and I personally believe that people like me who give this a whopping 10/10 can relate to the realistic struggles portrayed throughout the story--drugs, sex, & violence. (3) This is one of those beautiful mangas where if you've never lost anyone dear to you, you wont understand it; you wont understand the tears, the numbness, the reactions, the flashbacks, the memories, the love....none of it.
Now with that said, I will try to give read more
Jul 11, 2014
This manga definitely deserves a review because I want to warn anyone else before they suffer through what I've just been through. Yes, you read it right.
I dropped this manga on page 65 (somewhere around chapter three) Here's why:

SLIGHT SPOILERS, YOU WILL LIVE WITH IT: This is manga disgusted me right from the beginning because it introduced rape and "indirect" incest as just an everyday common occurrence--I get how some people DO NOT mind these aspects, but everyone normal DOES. Anyway: putting rape in a story also means putting the trauma and the pain that comes along with it. A person doesn't get raped on read more