Jul 11, 2014
doesntwearabra (All reviews)
This manga definitely deserves a review because I want to warn anyone else before they suffer through what I've just been through. Yes, you read it right.
I dropped this manga on page 65 (somewhere around chapter three) Here's why:

SLIGHT SPOILERS, YOU WILL LIVE WITH IT: This is manga disgusted me right from the beginning because it introduced rape and "indirect" incest as just an everyday common occurrence--I get how some people DO NOT mind these aspects, but everyone normal DOES. Anyway: putting rape in a story also means putting the trauma and the pain that comes along with it. A person doesn't get raped on a day to day basis by a family member/father figure and says it's "A-OK" with a smile and a bit of doki-doki when THE MAIN CHARACTER KNOWS IT'S WRONG. Come on now. Be realistic. Rape and incest are serious occurrences and frankly I'm disturbed and insulted by such carelessness. OVERALL: 2/10

As for the Characters:
Reo: Typical airhead main character who gets fooled into almost everything. Oh, did I mention he doesn't care about getting raped and it being by his GUARDIAN and FATHER FIGURE uncle? Yeah.
Shuuji: The uncle/guardian/father figure to Reo. I dropped this manga about two thirds through, so correct me if I'm wrong, but he's a stoic, strict, and brute-like man who ditched Reo's mom for Reo.
Kenta: (wow, this character... smh) Reo's bff and bubbly next door neighbor who knows more than Reo thinks. This character has been close with Reo for TWO YEARS and yet he somehow develops a VERY twisted side. (To be completely honest, it seems like that was a "trump card" the author pulled when the story wasn't getting popular. It's a typical move to desperately get more views and add a "twist" that "the audience will never see coming." Please. We all saw that coming.) CHARACTERS: 2/10

Like I said before, I dropped this manga. The last straw was when the story went from bad to worse. Not only was the incest and rape thrown in just for the sake of views, there was completely UNECESSARY ANGST thrown in as well (trying not to spoil any details). I've read plenty of angst--as we all have--so we all know when angst is good and when it's just "What? What was the point of doing that?" Those exact thoughts ran through my mind while reading this story and I figured, again, it was for the sake of attracting more attention. This story was so "not-promising," it's clear to me that the author just added all these aspects into the mix just to make the story "more popular." It was unrealistic on top of that (hmm sound familiar?) which created negative occurrence after negative occurrence until you get a completely FLAT plot line. This story was so crappy it made me wanna self harm. STORY: 2/10

The Art:
The only reason why I didn't stop after (precisely) page 10--the art is fabulous. It's perfectly drawn with the right amount of details. The author took into consideration matching the characters personality with the characters image which is a BIG thumbs up from me. Simply beautiful.
The art is one of the prettiest I've seen in an angst-manga. ART: 9/10

Was I Satisfied?:
It's been so long since I've been forced to drop a manga, I surprised myself when I had to take a step back from the manga and rub my eyes before closing the tab for good. I honestly HATE quitting mangas, (as you can see by my tiny list of dropped mangas) but this one pushed me to my breaking point. Consider that. ENJOYMENT: 2/10