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Jun 17, 2021
After finishing High-Rise Invasion, I have a lot of mixed feelings.

The plot itself is actually pretty good and I found myself extremely intrigued by it. The Masks were all stunning, with most of them based on horror tropes that were pretty easily identifiable, and I enjoyed the aspect of it. The idea of the dystopian world was intriguing and, for me, brand new and I really enjoyed it. I found a majority of the characters relatable in a way and found myself binge watching it with ease. The psychological horror was very apt, and although it pulled from some overused tropes, it was still enjoyable. read more
Jun 16, 2021
Chargeman Ken.... Oh, Chargeman Ken. Probably one of the few anime everyone can cohesively say is the worst anime ever made. But oh, that's the charm of the entire anime.

I first discovered Chargeman Ken by this video by Kenny Lauderdale that a friend sent to me — (this is not sponsored in any way) — and I watched this in disbelief. Surely there can't be an anime as bad as Kenny's saying. It can't be as lazy, thrown together and hash tag as anyone is saying in the comments. It just couldn't be.

So I went with a few episodes Kenny highlighted in the video read more
Jun 10, 2021
I ended up stumbling upon this as a dare with some friends. From the generation who found it funny to prank and dare one another to watch Boku no Pico, it's pretty much no surprise that when we met up again, we ended up daring each other to watch yet more hentai.

There isn't really much to say about this series. It's exactly what it says on the tin. Rape gets legalized. As a hentai, I've seen quite a few around over the years and to be honest, it's pretty bland. It exists purely to fuel the ideal of rape fantasies with a terrible script, pretty read more
Apr 7, 2021
Oh where, oh where do I begin with Yami Shibai season 8. I've been following this anime since I found it during season 6 and I've binged through it quite a few times and I'm just so disappointed.

The first 3 seasons are astounding, truly something that made me shiver and look over my shoulder and now.... Season 8 is the weak, heat tinted wind that blows through the garden on an extremely hot day and merely taunts you with the expectation of coolness whilst slowly cooking you faster.

I didn't expect too much from this season — since season 4, Yami Shibai has been slowly declining read more
Mar 15, 2019
As a massive fan of Takashi Miike, I was surprised I hadn't ever heard of the manga for One Missed Call. Being one of my first Miike movies, I've always had a small soft spot for the franchise, so upon finding the manga series, I immediately rushed into it.

My average manga score was finally starting to increase and look better, sigh.

This was pretty much an insult to Takashi Miike's franchise. An insult is pretty much putting it nicely.

The artwork just seemed lazy with two of the characters in the second volume looking so similar you couldn't tell them apart. The story followed the film read more
Mar 15, 2019
Line (Manga) add (All reviews)
Line is a manga written by Yua Kotegawa and following school student Chiko as she finds a cellphone. Tormented by someone on the end of the line, Chiko is sent on a mission around her city to save people from committing suicide.

This is a really intriguing manga with a solid concept. It's unique and I've never stumbled across anything like this before. The story was executed perfectly across its four chapters and I'm glad that it was as short as it was. Extending this manga would have caused repetition throughout it and Kotegawa managed to toe the line between repetition and plot point perfectly. Everything read more
Mar 15, 2019
Jisatsu Circle is an adaptation of the Suicide Club film released in 2002 written and directed by Sion Sono. The manga was originally meant to follow the film, however, Sono asked Usamaru Furuya to put his own spin on the story, giving the franchise a fresh makeover and a new plotline.

Having not watched the original film, reading Jisatsu Circle was my first look into this franchise and I was a little hesitant. It took me a while to decide if I would read the manga or watch the film first and I finally decided on the manga as it was a somewhat 'alternate universe' to read more
Mar 15, 2019
Watched for MyAnimeList's Anime Watching Challenge 2019 - Watch an award-winning anime

As someone who grew up partially deaf, Koe no Katachi is a manga series that has held my heart ever since I first discovered it. Shoko has always been a character I've been able to somewhat relate to and look up to in a way. When the anime movie was first announced, I wasn't so keen on the idea. I didn't think they'd be able to fully create the same effect that the manga has, the same beautiful scenes and facial expressions that really capture the full heart of this story.

I'm so glad I read more
Mar 15, 2019
Watched for MyAnimeList's Anime Watching Challenge 2019 - Watch an anime Featured in an article from 2018 onward

Perfect Blue is an anime film known throughout the horror community for being a twisted psychological journey. Released in the 90s, Perfect Blue had a lot to try and stand up to in the years of psychological thrillers being released month after month. It had to make a name for itself and stand out among many similar genre movies and shows.

And it did it perfectly.

Perfect Blue is a stunning thriller that delves into the psyche of idol life. It's a dark and twisting journey that leaves you confused read more
Mar 15, 2019
Read for MyAnimeList's Manga Reading Challenge 2019 - Read a manga that started serialization before 2015

Bakune Young was recommended to me by numerous people on the basis that it was similar to Ichi the Killer (1998). Both feature sadistic main characters who go on a bloody rampage so it seemed plausible I would enjoy Bakune Young based off that.

A long story short: I didn't.

Whilst Ichi the Killer is methodical, planned and gruesome, Bakune Young is just a mash up of everything possible, a pure blood bath with nuclear war somehow thrown in. The plot is all over the place - there are ninja, police, the read more