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Oct 22, 2015
Shitcom (Anime) add (All reviews)
Shitcom isn't very good. There was no way it was going to be. What really interests me is the intention behind shitcom. Was Takena trying to express his view on modern relationships? Was he simply trying to create something controversial that would put his name out there? Was he trying to create something controversial and use this allegory as a means of getting folks that recognize it to check out his other work? For the quality of Shitcom that doesn't really matter. Shitcom is disgusting. It makes for a terrible viewing experience. No matter how convoluted your phrasing is you can't escape from that. You read more
Oct 19, 2015
My biggest takeaway from watching TK's works has been that his mantra is "love is fake, murder is real". Rest assured-enjoying a nice evening at the park did not go extremely well for the couple depicted here. This desperately needed SOME music as the drawn out drama building mixed with silence simply didn't produce an engaging viewing experience. It featured a mundane and predictable cliche horror story. It was violent enough to earn a decent rating but the poor animation made the main character completely unrelatable and unsympathetic and her naive actions didn't help. It's worth watching if you're into gore and have a few read more
Oct 11, 2015
Kurayami Santa had a really cool concept behind it-using retro animation and an artistic approach to tell a narrative in several three minute episodes. That sounds great right? It looked good and it sounded good but the realization of the show couldn't live up to the idea of the show. The story of the show focused on the wrongdoings on humanity. The final episode (also the best one) concluded this narrative with a satisfying ending with a cool moral message and a neat one liner from Santa. So how come the show still didn't work? Well-the story wasn't well executed. Most of the dialogues and read more
Jan 6, 2014
Society is obsessed with labeling things and producing like-minded offspring, and I can only venture to guess those labels are an even bigger part of culture in Japan from what I've come to "learn" of it (for instance bias against outsiders is a strong motive during the whole series) which makes the main character shitting on all of those labels that much more interesting. Like Aku No Hana (which is something Mushishi fans should enjoy) it's quite subtle in its narration and displays an interesting point of view on morality. Although it uses supernatural forces the outcomes of its stories are somewhat realistic in the read more
Jul 9, 2013
I love Aku No Hana.

But I didn't enjoy it very much.

Does it sound like contradiction? Let me explain it.

If you were to ask a stranger what do they associate with Anime, they would either answer with silence or label it as "disturbing japanese stuff". Which, when you think about it, isn't necessarily that far from the truth. No one will be shocked by the fact an anime protagonist is a 14 year old girl with big breasts and pink hair. Japanese culture is different, things like that are just accepted. And Anime takes full advantage of the fact that those who don't watch don't care.

And read more