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Mar 29, 2016
The first thing I've noticed about this anime is the beautiful scenery. Okay, it's moe too, but so is 90% of other slice of life stuff.

Non Non Biyori focuses on lives of four girls who go to the same school, their families and friends. Okay, that's nothing new. We've seen that a thousand times before. But NNB has something that other similar shows don't have. It has... "it". Some charm that makes it enjoyable. I can't describe it; you'd have to watch it to see for yourself.

The girls are all of different age. Yet they all go to the same class because they live in read more
Oct 21, 2015
1) This show has "Yuri" in its title, it's comedy, and it's slice of life
2) I like yuri, I like comedy and I like slice of life
3) Well, the third step is obvious, isn't it? I just had to give this a shot.
4) .......

Okay, maybe some things don't mix after all. Yuri and slice of life don't make a fusion as good as I hoped it would.

First of all, I found this show boring. Nothing really happens in it. Okay, some of my favorite anime don't have much going on (it is slice of life after all), but when an anime doesn't have much going read more
Oct 8, 2015
While browsing titles for something with a high school setting, I stumbled upon Girl's High... Six high school girls and their misadventures, plus some ecchi? There was no reason for me not to give this a chance.

Each one of the six MCs has her own personality: there's an immature one (make it two, actually), a petite one, a shy one, a mature one, and one that wants to be an actress. I must say that I liked each and every one of them; there was no MC that I hated. I really liked how the characters were created (which includes their designs), as well as read more
Oct 5, 2015
Do you like girl-on-girl hentai? And you don't mind censored p**sy? Then give this a chance, if you already haven't.

I've always hated censored hentai. If I watch hentai, I want to see everything. But this is just so good-looking, so beautiful, so pleasant to watch, I didn't even mind the pixilated vaginas... well, not much. I still would've rated it higher if it wasn't censored.

Not only it looks very nice, it's a very warm and touching story. Basically, we have (only) two characters: Mai and Reo, high school girls, and they're not just lovers, no siree: they truly love each other.

The story, of course, read more
Aug 28, 2015
Ever since I've seen Azumanga, I've been on a quest to find some slice of life comedy with cute girls that I'll like as much as my favorite anime. After a few failed attempts, I have finally found something I got hooked on after the first episode. Ichigo Mashimaro!

I do like moe and cute-girls-doing-cute-things, but I don't like each and every anime that has those. It has to be done properly. And this is, at least in my opinion, done properly. Cute-girls-doing-cute-things at its best.

We have five protagonists: four 10 and 11 year old girls who go to school and face everyday situations typical for read more
Aug 21, 2015
Wow, I think some of my brain cells died after watching this.

The main reason I picked this hentai is the fact that it's uncensored (I really hate pixilated genitals). The second reason is that it doesn't have any stuff I don't like such as rape, tentacles, BDSM etc.

Unfortunately, just because it's uncensored and doesn't have any twisted stuff in it, doesn't automatically mean I'm going to like it. On the contrary, I hated this hentai.

Okay, I know you shouldn't expect much from a story in hentai, but you certainly can do better than this. The story is shallow, unoriginal, unconvincing and so unbearably stupid. Basically, read more
Jul 21, 2015
Hmmm... I'm not sure what should I think of this anime.

I stumbled upon Yuyushiki searching for something similar to my high school/SoL/comedy favorite, Azumanga Daioh. So I gave this a shot. And I watched the whole thing through. Does that mean I liked it? Well... let's say I did, but...

We have three high school friends: Yukari, Yuzuko and Yui. Yui is mature and rational (well, most of the time), but the other two are everything but that; they're silly, random and pretty weird. They talk about most random things, that sometimes lead to pretty banal conversations.

Okay, so what did I like about Yuyushiki? First, it's read more
Jul 12, 2015
What was lacking in the main show, was shown here.

Like I said in my Kanokon review: I watched it mainly for the ecchi scenes and boobs, but I didn't actually get to see much nudity. So the Specials gave me what I wanted to see. And I'm thankful for that.

The story is almost totally absent. Kanokon Specials, basically, consists of 12 minisodes, with the average length of two minutes, and they contain short segments filled with eroticism. One of them, for instance, has Chizuru picking a Valentine Day's gift for Kouta, the other features mostly static images, and some other minisodes feature other characters, such read more
Jul 11, 2015
Kanokon (Anime) add (All reviews)
I won't lie to you, I watched this primarily for the ecchi scenes and fanservice. So, did I get what I wanted?

I read some people's comments and reviews about Kanokon being borderline hentai, with lots of nudity, so I was intrigued. Well... can't say I was satisfied.

First, expect most of the ecchi harem stereotypes here. We have a main character who's pretty bland, and has two hot chicks throwing themselves at his feet. Does he react? No, of course not. He's constantly embarrassed by them shoving their boobs in his face. Additionally, the two chicks are yokais - one has fox powers, and the other read more
Jul 8, 2015
Cute and visually pleasing. That's my first impression of this anime.

So, the main character is some fusion of Twilight Sparkle and Sabrina, set in a Harry Potter-esque world (even the Sorcerer's Stone is mentioned). There is also a fair share of action, as well as some comedy. All that packed in 26 minutes.

The other characters are also interesting, especially Sucy. The overall atmosphere is nice.

The story is simple but very effective. It's fast-paced (well, they did have only 26 minutes to tell everything they wanted), almost every scene is important and relevant to the story, and the climax is just epic. If you like this read more