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giraffesyo Sep 23, 2013 1:04 PM
Yeah L is awesome. I'm getting a picture done right now of L playing chess with my OC. :D
MickeyHuntr Sep 8, 2013 10:05 PM
Yaa ^^
HeroFR Aug 24, 2013 3:07 AM
When i hear this im jealous *o*
It's true Café are very good in france :3

I play a lot of RPG and horror games :3 I even have a youtube channel for gaming but its in french x') When i was kid i finished all pokemon *o*

I draw manga sometimes but i'm bad x)
I like to live in France despite iwant live in Japan :D

It doesnt matter i like anwsers quesitons :3

(sorry for the late answers)

GuffyTheWeird Aug 19, 2013 3:23 AM
Hey :)
HeroFR Aug 18, 2013 5:46 PM
Nice to meet you too. I'm a teenager who discover manga 5 years ago. I like seinen and shojo manga (total opposite). I like playing games and go out with friends like everyone in world x). Living in France is actually cool but not for who loves manga or asian culture because France isn't very friendly with this culture ans it's really bad :). But at all France is awesome for a couple of things and you what about USA ? :D
HeroFR Aug 18, 2013 5:22 PM
Hello :D
hkimmy17 May 31, 2013 11:18 PM
Hi sorry for the uber late reply!
Haven't logged on in literally years, guess I've been busy growing up :(
I miss being a highschool girl and skipping school the next day cuz I stayed up too late reading mangas! wawawa

Anyways, how have you been? Any manga reccomendations?
abdul18 Jul 5, 2012 6:14 AM
hey! long time no see! how are you?
twenty8grace Jun 14, 2012 5:40 PM
^_^ ahaha~ good luck! ;D

Ahaha.. XD i don't find you scary since i'm also doing that to some of my characters xDD they always have a horrible past. =DD

Yes, i'm a Filipino xD (my username states so, too xD it means 'happyArtist' btw xD)
Ohh... The "it's more fun in the philippines" pictures? Ahaha xD well... Every country has good and bad things =]

I usually read manga series on the web, but recently.. I've been into collecting manga series and place them in my bookshelves xD it's a bit helpful everytime i have a "manga-making art block" , or if i can't find a panel that differs from the other pages, or even where the shaded and screentoned parts are if i'm currently shading mine xD it's really handy xD
But i do prefer readin online since i'm poor and i'm still a student.. So i have no money ;3;
twenty8grace Jun 12, 2012 9:44 PM
;3; nyahaha.. not yet.. i'm not that good yet. i have to practice more and more !
i'm only 15 xD i don't know how to self-publish =)))
oohh thank you TTuTT i haven't finish even a single series because ,
first, i'm gonna prepare for a plot. then, while it's still fresh, i'm gonna go do it. after a while,i always have a better storyline popping on my head, better than what i'm currently making, then, after a while, i'll get lazy and bored.. then, i'll switch to the new one. rinse, repeat. xD

yes, i do that, too! XD when i'm making a character profile (like their outfits, hair styles, designs etc..) , i scribble on a sheet of paper with the "movements" and "lines" they're doing and saying XD after a while, i'll look at my scribbles ... full of character expressions XD

oh.. and, after having a solid plot and an ending, every night, i dream of it. xD before i go to sleep, i'm like, making an AMV from the scenes of my characters in anime form xDD

=) i was still young when i watched special A.. so i was a bit.. contented ..? xD

favorite clothing store? ahaha.. i don't have one XD i'm not into shopping, and i'm not picky with whatever i'm wearing.. so.. i guess i don't have a favorite XD (i don't even know the brand i'm wearing =DD) . but if you're asking for my favorite mall stall/store, i'd say it's national bookstore, fullybooked and booksale xD
twenty8grace Jun 10, 2012 9:15 PM

i thought so too. i've watched that a loong long time ago so i can barely remember xD but i think he has some kind of long pony-tailed hair in his back XD

=)) well.. sort of xD the writer and the artist of my own manga =)) that's right, drama ! <3 romance + drama + tragedy (optional) - comedy = the only formula that could make me cry. =))
that's a great idea! =DD
hmm.. i'm currently doing a series called "beautiful lie" wth 9 volumes XD (yes, i'm a bit dreamy xD i don't really have the courage to say that i could finish this serious though)
i'm currently making chapter 4 =3 (loong long way to go xD)
i place my artworks on deviantart :
some of my WIPs are placed here :
the story is something like this : (taken from the summary that i've created some time ago. =D)
"beautiful Lie (or BeauLie for short), is basically a story of romantic randomness and mushy hilarious acts from the newly created class D, a section for those with psychological difficulties, and has transferees from other schools.
our protagonist, SHOHEI NAGASE, is a seemingly normal high school student, with an extraordinary mouth that only blurts out lies, and the only person (so far) who can distinguish his lies from the truth is HAYANO ICHIHARA, the girl with gloomy aura and a 'do-not-talk-to-me' atmosphere that surrounds her. everything she says is the truth and only the truth, which is always the main reason why people avoid her.

join the two along with their four other classmates who are yet to be discovered as they try to survive high school with the glaring eyes of normal students, and as they change themselves for the better."

my fave manga titles so far would be : hanatsuki hime , akagami no shirayuki hime , mugen spiral , ojousama wa oyome sama, the king's pawnshop, zettai kareshi , a fairy tale for you and atsu atsu trattoria .. and a lot of others XD yours?
good books..? the ordinary ones ? xD i don't read much of fiction books ^^;
the first anime i've watched is moncolle knights, but i didn't know that yet. i thought it was just an ordinary cartoon from a local artist =)) (didn't know that anime existed yet XD) how about yours?
special A was one of my favorites XD it was placed on my top ten favorites and ranked the first, but then i got to know more titles.. and it suddenly got down xD
but i personally think it was worth the watch =3
what about you? any opinions regarding it ?

twenty8grace Jun 7, 2012 7:49 PM
Laura-chan, desu ne? ^_^ ohh.. Ahaha thank you? It actually means "happyArtist" =]

Yeah, that's right! Okayasu foreveeer <3 <3 and the best thing that i liked about okayasu is that he's a smarty pants xD (i think that's kinda rude for him but i heard it describes him well xDD) remember when he pretended that he'd be msae's sidekick just to know sae's real intentions?? He was sooo cool back then! XD and when he let touji hide from a tree, he made sae speak all her true and evil intentions so that touji can hear! QoQ he was really a smart and.. Cool >////<

ahaha.. I forgot the ending since i'vr watched that a really long time ago already xD but could still remember their strong feelings for each other <3 (and i could still reminisce my love for them everytime i hear the word "fushigi yuugi" <3 <3

Ahaha bokura ga ita was a really great story , yeah xD and it's so romantic <3 the ups and downs were its great points, ne? =] it made the story look realistic for a couple xD

Ahaha me too! The manga i'm making is purely romance comedy and drama x"D

Ok then, thank you for the recommendation! *searches marmalade boy*

No, please do! I looove reading long yet interesting blocks of texts xD were discussing a really interesting topic xD

Drawing, readin manga, surfing the net.. Bust mostly, i spend my spare time making my own manga xD how about you?

Other genres.. Let's see.. I love houjo romance, aside from that, i want drama, but not too tragic and no betrayal. I like comedy.. Oh! Amd mystery, too! Sometimes, psychological .. I also read josei somtimes..
How about yours? =]
twenty8grace Jun 2, 2012 8:07 PM
=DDD reaaaalyyyy??? XD that's greaaat! I see.. We have n extremely high anime compatibility! XD
Nice to meet you too! =DD

Yes, yes! KAIRI OKAYASUUUU <3<3 <3 that's right! I want them to end up together so baaaadly =3= xD

Ohohho.. I'd LOVE to! =D
I'm sayahi =] you could call me whatever nickname you can come up with that OuO
I sooooo love peach girl <3 (my top one fave)
bokura ga ita too, And fushigi yuugi =]
My fave characters would be okayasu kairi, switch kun and narita hayato =3

How about you? What's your fave titles and characters? =]
Are you also a romantic shoujo fanatic? =3

P.s. I like your username xD i'm more addicted to manga..xD but
abdul18 Mar 18, 2012 2:48 AM
hello! can u recommend a good romance manga...
ChibiHime Mar 16, 2012 4:48 AM
I've finished the anime. It was really good and amazing. I don't plan on touching the manga for a long while though coz it's been on hiatus for ages and that would just suck on my part. I really dislike having to wait so long so a manga that might not even finish so yea... :/