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Aug 5, 2018
Mixed Feelings
"Jack" is somewhat intriguing, even if it's not necessary at all for the Tokyo Ghoul mythos. The plot and art are decent enough to carry how paper-thin the characterization is. If you want more details, read on.

[Story - 6]

The story follows a ghoul case pursued by the then-teenaged Kishou Arima, the Reaper of the CCG in the main series. He is accompanied by a 'classmate', Taishi Fura, a tertiary character in the main series and arguably the actual protagonist of this miniseries.

The mystery in this story is pretty predictable, but the build-up towards it makes the climax as depressing as what the original TG pumped ...
Jul 25, 2018
Death Note (Manga) add
As a modern classic that also helped me get into the medium of manga and anime, I hold Death Note in warm regard. This naturally led to me deciding to reread the entire manga when I got back into said mediums two or so years ago by purchasing the Black Editions. While I still enjoyed myself, I found myself developing new opinions and feelings regarding this title.

[Story - 7]

In case if you don't know what this manga is about, here's the elevator pitch: A high-school kid finds a notebook that can kill people, and decides to become a god with it. From there, he is ...
May 20, 2018
A cute one-shot that just fills you with good feelings. That's it, really, but read on if you want to see just why.

Story (7) - The main two, Shiro and Kojiro (along with his good friend Saburouta), go to a small town renown for its water-themed entertainment. They partake in it as part of a small vacation, and encounter a cranky old woman. They find out that she used to be a rather popular dancer, but has since fallen out of grace due to her old age. Despite a promise to see the two with a new 'dance' when they visit again, she passes away; ...
May 13, 2018
Mixed Feelings
This is eleven minutes. Whether or not that eleven minutes is worth time out of your day is what I'm here to tell you about. Let's dig in, shall we?

Story (4) - Mabuchi and Mira go to a bathhouse because of Water Issues. Mira asks her friends why she’s called a ‘piece of junk.’ She gets answers, and goes home. That’s it. The interactions are cute and all, but come on.

Art (6) - Same things I’ve said for the actual anime: Pretty competent artwork (character design, setting), but ruined by fanservice (a lot of it).

Sound (6) - Nothing notable can be said about the music ...
May 13, 2018
Dimension W (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Dimension W
This show looks very........Twenty-Tens Anime, if that makes sense. As in, too sleek, or too 'cool.' To a point, this is true, but once you decide to really give it a shot, it doesn't let down. It's not as uber-unique as some people have said, but not as horrid as said by others. A solid story, competent characterization, and good work in the art + sound departments makes it worth the ride.

[Story - 7]

Our story follows Kyouma Mabuchi, a soldier turned repo-man in a sci-fi world revolving around a fourth dimension and its energies fueling new advancements on earth. This setting might not be ...
May 7, 2018
Since the total runtime for this entry is about half an hour, let's make this a quick one!

Story (6) - These are just cute skits spinning off of situations and characters in the original series (whether it be the anime or manga). Nothing significant is really added, but just for fun!

Art (8) - Looks as good as the original anime. Nothing to add.

Sound (8) - Same thing as the Art. The music's stellar as per the norm.

Character (6) - Like the comments for the Story here, nothing substantial is added here. Just silly situations based off of established character traits

Enjoyment/Overall (7) - These specials were ...
Apr 15, 2018
I'm keeping this one brief since my review for the main title can be easily applied here. Let's go!

Story (4) - It's more of Shinichi Akiyama But In University, really. If you've read the first 'Roots of A', or even just the first volume or so of Liar Game, you already know what to expect: extraneous plot twists and themes of trust & doubt. However, the poor pacing in the main LG is not to be found here, and thankfully so since this is a 30-page oneshot. This comes at the cost of a fairly obvious plot twist that I saw miles away.

Art (4) - ...
Apr 15, 2018
Liar Game (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This manga has reminded me to not put too much stock into MAL's rankings for popularity + scoring. Perhaps I walked in with expectations that were just too high, but this didn't even live up to its premise all that well. While the characterization and artwork were competent enough to keep me coming back, the story itself is pretty shoddy. Let's dig in and see just why I feel this way!

[Story - 4]

The basic premise is that an overly honest girl gets a pro conman to help her out in an underground tournament of games revolving around deception. This is all fine and dandy, since ...
Mar 29, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I was genuinely interested in BAA:LO after the....interesting read-through of its predecessor. This was mainly because I heard that LO was better in terms of story, character, art, action, etc. etc. However, does it /really/ live up to the hype I was fed? Read on to find out.

[Story - 3]

I should probably begin by touching on That Retcon: Yeah, this story basically edits out like the last chapter or so of the original story because it wouldn't exist otherwise. While I am still critical of how rushed the original ending was, I was glad that some of the concepts (Ketheres the Space City, Figure Four ...
Feb 26, 2018
Banana Fish (Manga) add
I was spurred on to read this after hearing about MAPPA's plans to adapt this earlier this year. I'm glad I did because this was a hell of a ride. It's certainly aged a bit in terms of the art and whatnot (hence the updating), but goddamn, the story and characters are timeless in their beauty.

[Story - 8]

While we start off with the pursuit of what 'Banana Fish' actually is, it's really a story centered around the push-and-pull between teenage hoodlums and their overbearing adult counterparts on both sides of the law. Considering this is set in 80's NYC, this lends itself to a ...

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