May 13, 2018
comiclove (All reviews)
This is eleven minutes. Whether or not that eleven minutes is worth time out of your day is what I'm here to tell you about. Let's dig in, shall we?

Story (4) - Mabuchi and Mira go to a bathhouse because of Water Issues. Mira asks her friends why she’s called a ‘piece of junk.’ She gets answers, and goes home. That’s it. The interactions are cute and all, but come on.

Art (6) - Same things I’ve said for the actual anime: Pretty competent artwork (character design, setting), but ruined by fanservice (a lot of it).

Sound (6) - Nothing notable can be said about the music in my opinion, but it was just fine.

Character (5) - I feel like the characterization for the characters here was dumbed down more than necessary for an episode revolving around bathhouse antics. Perhaps I’m nitpicking, but like…...come on, Mira, you had like twelve episodes to get used to it + ask questions before.

Enjoyment/Overall (4/5) - This was cute, I guess. Not quite my cup of tea though. This is only for hardcore fans.