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Jul 22, 2016
This really couldn't be more perfect. This easily gets a 10 out of 10. The art is absolutely beautiful, the mosaic censorship is not excessive, the story is good, and the ending is good.

I've seen a lot of brain washing hentai, this one really isn't that unique: personality erased and replaced through brain washing and sex drive increased 1000%. It's pretty common in sci-fi hentai, but, this one is just great.

The plot is also Gundam like, which is awesome: space colonies vs the earth. Weapons reminded me of GITS lol It's really interesting, but, there is so much fucking, that you probably won't care ...
Jul 20, 2016
I'm writing a review purely because there isn't one and everything deserves a fair review when it has a pretty mediocre score.

First, look at the age of the show. It first aired in 2002 and it had not one, not two, but three episodes. That's saying a lot really.

Hentai reflect the anime of the time, this is no exception. Hentai now resemble what's popular in anime. The same is true of older anime. Back in 2002, Midnight Sleazy Train was not poorly drawn nor animated.

It takes a common theme and expands on it. Train pervert, saves railroad business via groping talent. There's ...
Jul 15, 2016
First off, yes, Berserk is not a great anime, it's a classic. It's got a unique style, a unique story, and an amazing sound track.

But, be honest, the anime was no where near as good as the manga. I rarely, rarely say that as well.

Berserk (the anime) has been one of the most impactful anime I have seen. The soundtrack paired with the medieval imagery of Berserk, was just so good. It was instantly one of my favorite anime, though, it was definitely flawed.

After I finished the anime, I bought volume 1. of the manga, and was shocked. Volume 1. alone was ...
Jul 13, 2016
Well...I have to give this a kind of low rating, it should probably get a lower rating. It does have some redeeming qualities. If it was an anime rather than a hentai, it would get a 3 rather than a 4.

It's the same concept as Death Note. What he writes in his note book happens, but, it's weak in that the sex scenes appear normal. If you weren't told this was all written in a supernatural notebook, and that's why it's happening, you would never guess really.

The women don't appear hypnotized, the backgrounds never change, no supernatural aura. Nothing special in that way; ...
Jul 13, 2016
We're trapped in a haunted elementary school in another dimension! Not the worst plot, but, certainly not the best. The whole time I watched it though, I was saying, "...reminds me of that move..." you know which one i'm talking about...

I appreciate gore, really I do, I watched this exactly for that reason, but, I can happily say, I need more than gore to not be bored out of my mind. My favorite episode was episode 3. The whole time watching up til that episode, I felt like, "is this going to speed up, or is this going to be how every episode is...?"

If ...
Jul 13, 2016
Kuttsukiboshi (Anime) add
In a nutshell Kuttsukiboshi is:

yuri love story

convenient telekinetic power


that's pretty much it

Jul 13, 2016
The second stage is a continuation first. The story has a great deal of finality though with the "2nd stage" though.

Gantz is a classic and if you watched it when it came out you know why, if you watch new anime and you're just seeing it now, I hope you see how great it is.

Gantz is many things in one and while being many things in one it manages to be balanced. It's about equal parts scifi, action, and psychological. The most impactful part of the anime was the psychological element, and how true to life the anime was.

It was true to ...
Jul 11, 2016
A hypnosis app just appears on this guys phone and he can do whatever he wants now. It sounds stupid on paper to a lot of people, I'm sure.

Try and put your head around the hypnotizing phone app and the story, and I hope you can appreciate it, like I did. It should be easy for most, especially if you're male.

As a hypnosis hentai, this hentai still has a creepy tone; imo, it's not really vanilla. The single fact that the sex is involuntary makes this not vanilla.

If there is no other reason to watch it though, it's for hentai itself. The ...
Jul 11, 2016
Bible Black (Anime) add
Why...why is this rated so low...? It makes me quite sad.

This was one of my first hentai actually, or what I remember being my first quality hentai. This is like my standard for all hentai, "hmm, that was pretty good...still sucks compared to Bible Black". There is nothing better than Bible Black.

Bible Black is perfect because it simply has everything. It has a solid story, somewhat simple, but a plot doesn't need to be so complex to be good.

The characters also have a fair amount of sophistication. I became invested in the characters like I would in an anime.

The magic in the ...
Jul 11, 2016
What you need to know:

Nice smooth flowing animation (for the most part)

Lots of cum, drool, and ***** juice

Futanari (in one episode)



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