Jul 22, 2016
brad2491 (All reviews)
This really couldn't be more perfect. This easily gets a 10 out of 10. The art is absolutely beautiful, the mosaic censorship is not excessive, the story is good, and the ending is good.

I've seen a lot of brain washing hentai, this one really isn't that unique: personality erased and replaced through brain washing and sex drive increased 1000%. It's pretty common in sci-fi hentai, but, this one is just great.

The plot is also Gundam like, which is awesome: space colonies vs the earth. Weapons reminded me of GITS lol It's really interesting, but, there is so much fucking, that you probably won't care too much on your first view.

Almost every scene is a fairly rough gangbang scene. The entire Sagant crew gather and fuck the two women into a sloppy mess. The art is gorgeous, but, the animation is not for everyone, as this is a Teruaki Murakami hentai, so wandering camera, and extremely fast thrusting.

However, the animation is nothing like Dark Love for instance: fast forward type look.

I am a big fan of his strange hentai style though, so there is nothing bad to be said about this hentai.