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Feb 2, 2019
I am surprised by the low score actually. I loved this anime. Despite all the shows I have seen, it has been ages since an anime that would actually move me so much. This one is really great, with all it's great aspects and flaws. Zack's voice actor actually did a splendid job for voicing him! Loved every bit of it. Keep in mind I only watched the anime.

To begin with, the story is rather complex since we have a psychological genre. The two main characters are Ray and Zack. I must admit I loved watching their relationship throughout the whole story. At times I read more
Dec 8, 2018
I usually never watch specials since they are mostly fillers, but depends. This one is kinda weird, captains and guests get asked questions about certain parts of the anime. It was kind of a reminder of the previous parts that took place before.
Nothing special, but the ending was really nice. Loved the characters breaking the 4th wall as if the creators / studio was talking to the viewers.

Other than that, there's nothing of much interest other than silly questions and moments. Unless you want to attend the quiz yourself or something.

TL;DR Watch it while eating, makes a good time killer and stomach killer
Nov 22, 2018
Okay, I'm usually rarely the type to go blindly into series, but this one just popped up in recommended for Goblin Slayer. The synopsis seemed fun, even without romance, which I sometimes like depending on the mood. There have been shows before, shows with very similar premise, and that is even more exciting with the fact on-board - I am the type to search for shows that are similar to the ones I liked very much before, or at least in the way of what I'd like to see in a series I imagine interesting for myself.

I started the first episodes and literally rushed it read more
Apr 17, 2018
Honestly, this is more of a 'in-between' part of the seasons and plot itself rather than the main story. Why? Because it focuses more on the supporting characters from before, who serve under Ainz's supremacy. I don't know why it is getting such low scores tho.

Firstly, I actually enjoyed watching this. This second "season" of Overlord, is rather interesting. Getting to know Supreme One's subordinates and seeing the adventures of the 'unseen' people and beings is quite interesting. There isn't much to say, but watching it was hooking just waiting for the next episode when it was airing, and since it finished airing, I would read more
Feb 6, 2018
Nothing professional; Just expressing my thoughts and impressions after finishing the movie.

To begin with, I was extremely hyped for the movie. Even though it had a separate story from the LN (or so I remember reading about it), I was hoping for some great story developments, considering where the LNs go and develop as I've heard. I wanted to re-watch the original series because it was a blast, it was very well-balanced for me, and triggered a ton of emotions, because of which - I wanted to see even more of the story, it kinda ended on a moment that I knew would develop further, read more
Jan 9, 2018
To begin with, this show is, well, it is not for the average watcher who expects pew pew boom boom kind of action. I, myself, loved the show, but it is because I understood everything that was said and done in it. For other people, it was a hard time understanding it, thus such a low score on MAL. You need some brain to keep up with the show.

The story is very well-knit. I have to admit, it's been a while since I've watched a show that is this well-written. For me, it was a very good time because at times, I even foreseen what read more
Dec 29, 2017
WARNING: Not a professional review.

Let me say this straight. I really dislike how some treat this anime as a cliche. Even if it does remind you of that kind of a plot, you still cannot compare it to other even similar shows.
I never started this anime with high expectations. Do you know why? Because it just felt like another comedy anime with nothing serious and nothing interesting apart the relationships among friends. But it wasn't like that, it was absolutely the OTHER WAY - I found an anime that I was actually searching for, or rather, which met one of my criteria that I read more
Apr 25, 2017
TL;DR at the bottom
Okay, so it's none of the 'professional and long' reviews you see often. Just felt like it would be great to give you a short glimpse on this anime, since I'm that kind of person who needs to be reassured that an anime is worth watching, and that's usually by checking out trailers or reviews (mostly to see if there are any positive reviews, because I mostly watch non-popular anime). Either way, is it worth watching? Yeah, definitely. There are only 4 episodes at the moment and I will update the review once it finishes airing, but for now, jump in as read more
Oct 2, 2016
*review starts with my honest opinion for people who don't want to waste their time. Don't forget to read the overall opinion too. No spoilers so far as I over-read my review. Enjoy, and sorry if any mistakes are visible!*

You know, when I first finished my first anime, I was really into searching for something similar. I bet everybody's first anime was their masterpiece and formed their actual concept of what anime they prefer and strive for to watch. My first anime was called 'Blade and Soul', due to the fact I'm quite a senior player in that game, and was really excited about the read more
Sep 28, 2016
This is only my second review, so bear with the fact, lads. It won't be long, since the anime itself is only 12 episodes, and adapts only 3 volumes of the actual LN, which was quite disappointing for me, since I was hoping to at least see more fights.

Story - 7.
Why? It is cliche, in my opinion. I'm quite a fan of that kind of anime, where you have an MC who is weak, but whoops - he is actually strong. The same happens here - Ikki is the weak beast, who is looked down upon, and our Stella is nothing less than a read more