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Mar 13, 2015
Ten Count (Manga) add
Preliminary (18/51 chp)
I don't normally put up a review for yaoi manga unless they really strike a chord with me. At a mere 3 volumes, Ten Count is not normally a series I would review, however, something about it stands out from the crowd.

The manga is about the relationship between a mysophobic secretary, Shirotane (whose condition is so out of hand he can't ride on the train, eat in a restaurant or pick up something someone else has touched) and a child psychiatrist, Kurose. As someone who has struggled with a disorder, I found Shirotane to be represented really well - being both reluctant to change (there's ...
Feb 16, 2015
Love Stage!! (Manga) add
Preliminary (25/40 chp)
It always interests me to see what's newly 'hot' in the yaoi/shonen-ai world, especially those few that are hand-picked to be adapted into anime. Love Stage! is not exactly what I would call a GREAT yaoi, however, it is interesting, entertaining and refreshing enough to earn a good mark. If this is the future of yaoi, then count me on-board.

While the plot sounds as cookie cutter as it gets, the manga manages to subvert some tropes. While the seme (Ryouma) pursues the relationship, Izumi (the uke) ends up taking advantage of his unrequited love, asking him for favors, knowing he won't be turned down. Izumi ...
Apr 26, 2011
Season One of Sailor Moon encompasses the best and worst of the entire Sailor Moon franchise.

Sailor Moon introduces us to Usagi at her most comedic: she is not only the heroine but the comic relief of her own show. Over the course of the season we are introduced to Luna, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and finally Sailor Venus and Artemis.

As others have mentioned, it is the characters, their relationships with one another which really holds the show together. Other shoujo such as Card Captor Sakura, handled the monster of the week nature in a more fun and varied way, but few anime ...
Feb 19, 2011
Kimi wa Pet (Manga) add
Kimi wa Pet or Tramps Like Us is the manga equivalent of a nice bowl of soup.

It's a dramedy revolving around the relationships of Sumire, a successful reporter whose tough exterior hides many insecurities, Takeshi (Momo), a young man Sumire picks up off the street who, in return becomes her 'pet' and finally Hasumi, Sumire's first love who becomes her boyfriend after her breakup in the beginning of the story.

What makes this manga work is the chemistry between all of the characters, from the love triangles to the bitchy co-workers, to Sumire's domineering family.

As a single woman in a tough work environment, Sumire puts ...
Jan 6, 2011
Preliminary (35/? chp)
The Tyrant who Fell in Love in an entertaining romp sure to give you some laughs and leave you with a grin on your face. It features a pairing I've never been able to resist; an older, tsundere uke (Tatsumi) and a more reserved seme (Morinaga) who pursues the relationship. If you're a fan of the Egoist couple of Junjou Romantica, you're likely to enjoy this couple.

So we have Tatsumi Souichi, a self-proclaimed gay-hater whose two favorite people in the world...are gay. He's a classic tsundere; loud, brash, hot-headed but also a bit shy and easily flustered. I think what makes this 'walking personality disorder' ...
Nov 18, 2010
Let Dai (Manga) add
Let Dai is a classic case of 'much better than it sounds'. It's easy to look it over, dismissing it as one of those mangas that romanticize abusive relationships between a violent seme and a docile, spineless uke. Yet to pass it up on those grounds would be to look over a powerful manga about being young, being different, about love and family.

The story revolves around the relationship between Jaehee and Dai, two boys who feel an immediate attraction to each other when they first meet. Their first meeting also ends in Jaehee being brutally beaten by Dai's gang. What immediately sets the story apart ...
Oct 3, 2010
Boku no Pico (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
On the surface of things, Boku No Pico is nothing more than a very well animated shota with lots of sex scenes. But it's what lies beneath, what goes unsaid that makes this a somewhat disturbing OVA, more so than the following two episodes that also feature Pico.

There is no romanticism in this OVA, which is odd, considering the content. Mokkun, a somewhat bland character, sees Pico and ends up having sex with the underaged boy. He brings Pico around slowly, taking him out for ice cream, giving him blowjobs in the car, then finally bringing him around to his apartment. What creeps me out ...
Oct 3, 2010
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
Cowboy Bebop is, in effect, an episodic, slice of life sort of series revolving around our Space Cowboys (and girls) Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed. This review is here to tackle some points about the series I feel are worth mentioning, as I know it's all been said before.

Now Cowboy Bebop has it all; great characters with good backstories, smooth animation, amazing music and lots of humor. So why don't I love it? Quite simply, Cowboy Bebop was a frustrating experience for me! I watched the series on and off over a couple of months, far longer than it normally takes for me to finish ...
Jul 8, 2010
Clover (Manga) add
Clover is a dark, poignant little fairytale.

It holds a special place in my heart, being a big vinatge CLAMP fan. Though technically an unfinished work (CLAMP claims that two further volumes were planned to complete the story) I personally hope they never complete the story. There's something about the jumps in time and the incomplete nature of the 4 volumes available that I prefer to think of it as a completed whole. It just works; and this is why Clover has recently been re-released in Omnibus form by Dark Horse.

Concerning art and pacing, Clover is one of the most beautiful manga I have ever ...
Jun 21, 2010
Preliminary (75/78 chp)
Next time you hear someone complaining about yaoi being filled with nothing but effeminate whiny boys, please, as a personal favor to me, introduce them to Embracing Love (Haru wo Daiteita).

I've been around the yaoi block over the years of my obsession and I've seen it all. The good, the bad, the doujinshis, the one-shots. And this series is one of the best. It combines everything that we love in yaoi; beautiful men, drama, romance and sex. More importantly, it does it does it all masterfully.

The only way I can accurately describe Embracing Love is to call it a Yaoi Soap Opera. And I mean ...

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