Jan 6, 2011
blushjoy (All reviews)
The Tyrant who Fell in Love in an entertaining romp sure to give you some laughs and leave you with a grin on your face. It features a pairing I've never been able to resist; an older, tsundere uke (Tatsumi) and a more reserved seme (Morinaga) who pursues the relationship. If you're a fan of the Egoist couple of Junjou Romantica, you're likely to enjoy this couple.

So we have Tatsumi Souichi, a self-proclaimed gay-hater whose two favorite people in the world...are gay. He's a classic tsundere; loud, brash, hot-headed but also a bit shy and easily flustered. I think what makes this 'walking personality disorder' of a guy so loveable is that despite his gay hating ways, it really doesn't matter to him if you're gay or not. He still adores his little brother and cares about his only friend, Morinaga, even after he confessed to his unrequited love for him. He has denial down to an art form but is unflinchingly loyal to those he loves. He wears his heart on his sleeves; what you see is what you get.

On the other hand there's Morinaga, who's harbored an unrequited love for Tatsumi for five years. At first glance he's a bit pathetic, mooning over a hopeless love, reserved, quiet, polite. Unlike Tatsumi, he's got a few layers to his personality. He can be sneaky and manipulative and he has a tendency to overthink things. He pursues the romance with Tatsumi, pushing, pulling, dragging and coercing him into a relationship.

What makes it all work is the dynamics between the two; I can't say I ever feel bad for either one. They get what's coming to them and they honestly deserve one another. Tatsumi relentlessly abuses Morigina, physically and verbally, treating him like his assistant even outside of the university. Morinaga, who runs after Tatsumi while being perfectly aware of the man's considerable flaws, manipulates and tricks his straight friend into sex and breaks down his walls of denial.

The story...beyond what relates directly to the boys' personal lives there's not much plot outside of the relationship. I mean, Tatsumi is doing scientific experiments and Morinaga assists him and stuff, I guess? It's hardly the focus, but to be honest, at seven volumes, the chemistry is still there and it;s still as fun as it was in the beginning. The author doesn't just throw in a few sex scenes and suddenly it's all roses and everyone is in love and happy. No, Tatsumi's going gay kicking and screaming every relentless step of the way.

The art is good, though it's easy to get mixed up between characters since the designs aren't all that distinct. Morinaga and Tatsumi are very cute, I definitely dig the glasses and long hair. The sex scenes are smutty but not porny and I must say they're quite hot. If I must nitpick, it's that because of the nature of the relationship and Tatsumi's role of not exactly participating in the sex limits the variety of positions and fun things that can happen. Still the author manages to be creative and mix things up.

The Tyrant who Fell in Love is a nice little dramedy, and I'd recommend to any yaoi fan for a good laugh. The boys are funny, hot and likeable and the story is entertaining. It's a nice light read, nothing life changing or amazing, but enjoyable nonetheless.