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May 4, 2019
Mixed Feelings
On one hand, these two episodes are the closing chapters in one of the craziest stories in anime production - and from the staff literally giving up on the show, these final episodes are cathartic, a message to the production staff themselves that they are truly the ones who can write their own happy ending.

And on the other hand, dear Lord this anime is terrible.

Who are these characters? What is this story? What is even happening? I want to rewatch the first 10 episodes to find out but I really don't want to go through that hell again and I have a suspicion that even ...
Jul 24, 2018
How To Get The Most Out of Battle Girl High School:

1. Learn Japanese. About JLPT3-4 should be enough. All that matters is your listening ability.
2. Recognize voice actors. Hopefully you'll see a few popular ones in the cast (Sakura Ayane, Hayami Saori, Toyama Nao, Sugita Tomokazu) as well as liking a few of them (for me, Uchida Maaya and Itou Shizuka).
3. Play the anime during a time when you're not devoting 100% of your attention to it. You could be studying, working, doing research, or playing a game.

If you can do the above, you'll find that your enjoyment of the anime will actually be quite ...
Oct 20, 2016
I think it's safe to say that Aria the Avvenire was truly a miracle of an anime.

First, some history. It's hard to appreciate this incredible ending to the Aria series without a bit of backstory. Aria began as a manga series in 2002 and enjoyed a very successful six-year run following the story of Mizunashi Akari and her dream of becoming a Prima Undine. It was adapted into a three-part anime series: Aria the Animation in 2005, Aria the Natural in 2006, and Aria the Origination in 2008, with both the anime and the manga ending at around the same time. And for seven long ...
Dec 3, 2013
Five seasons of sunshine wrapped up in two little OVAs.

I was very surprised by the way they treated the OVAs. Watching the trailers, I was sure they were going to be heart-wrenching passionate episodes with tear-jerking music and "namida ga ippai" that would trigger an international waterworks show. Yet after watching these episodes, I couldn't help but feel...a bit warm inside. Sure, they were sad, and it leaves a sense of emptiness knowing that if this wonderful series is to continue, Sae and Hiro will no longer be main characters. But they also fill the emptiness with a sort of joy, a sense of satisfaction, ...
Jul 25, 2013
My faith in anime has been restored.

The anime industry is infamously known for doing two things: using extremely cliche story and character molds and pulling off the craziest and most gimmicky ideas that often fail because of bad execution. We as viewers often bemoan these two sins and postulate the dire future of anime. So if I said that this recent anime employed BOTH stock plot and characters as well as a ludicrous setting and theme, you would hardly believe me if I also added that the anime was amazingly well-done and great overall. Instead, you would probably dismiss me as some tasteless, uncultured blight ...
Jul 19, 2013
Toradora! (Anime) add
If I had to describe Toradora! in four words, it would probably be: Stereotypical anime done right.

The story of the romantic struggles and conflicts of a group of high school friends, Toradora! seems to barely stray away from the common cliches of high school romcom anime. From a plot perspective, there's hardly anything exciting about the anime with such a predictable turn of events. The main heroine is a tsundere. Whoa! Never saw that one before! And let's not forget the pivotal culture festival, Christmas, and Valentine's Day scenes that exists in EVERY SINGLE high school romance (looking at you, Shana).

What we as anime viewers ...
Jul 12, 2013
Joshiraku (Anime) add
Yappari wakaranai...Japanese humor

Anime fans out there. Have you noticed how many times the subtitle writer has had to put asterisks around the screen to explain some odd, weird, and convoluted Japanese joke or pun? Manga fans out there. How many times have you had to squint at the fine line between panels to read the direct translation from Japanese, and then sit back and wonder how that was actually funny?

Asian culture spins almost directly counterclockise to Western culture. Asians have different eating, sleeping, working, playing, and ultimately living styles. They have different values, different laws, different mindsets, different beliefs. Undoubtedly, they also find certain things ...
Jun 27, 2013
Mod Edit: Review may contain spoilers.

Kamisama no Memochou is more than just a detective anime featuring not-really-NEETs and a loli mastermind. It's an anime that really takes the time and effort to create a realistic yet fantastic world and populate it with some of the most endearing characters in all of anime. The plots of each mystery is engrossing and exciting; the characters are not at all static, growing and changing as the anime moves forward.

When it comes to good detective animes, this is about as close to perfection as you'll get.

Story (9/10)
Art (8/10)
Sound (9/10)
Jun 26, 2013
Ro-Kyu-Bu! (Anime) add
I'm somewhat perplexed by the number of 6's and 7's this anime is receiving. I was initially reluctant to watch this anime because of the score, but I'm glad I committed in the end.

Ro-kyu-bu is a loli/sports anime with a barebones plot and relatively static characters. While some might consider this points to criticize the anime on, I would like to point to the genre of the piece and remind everyone why we are watching this anime. To learn more about basketball? I should hope not. Sports anime is almost always a terrible representation of the actual sport itself. I will smack anyone who dares ...
May 20, 2013
For an anime with such an evocative title, Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko is actually a fairly...acceptably clean slice-of-life comedy with some really, really bizarre plot twists and characters. A harem-type anime, HenNeko tries to break the archetype by just being extremely weird, but still keeping comedy and romance at a harem-type best. While it may be a bit overly "fuwa fuwa" in both art and character design, Hentai Ouji delivers a compelling and hilarious story of a misunderstood high-school boy and his series of mishaps with the girls around him, all controlled by a mysterious cat statue. Definitely a good anime.

Story (8/10)
Art (9/10)
Sound (7/10)
Character ...

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