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Mar 13, 2018
This show broke me.

Let's gloss over all the amazing qualities about the world building, characters, story, or just how impossibly engrossing and endearing it is right from the first minute, because everyone and their mom has probably already raved about that. There's no doubt this show's got charm, and lots of it. Only those kinds of show can make me sit down and binge-watch them without wanting to do something else.

Instead, I'll head right to the reason I feel compelled to not only rate this 10/10 (a rating I reserve for only the best), and not only add this to my favorites, and NOT ONLY read more
Mar 12, 2018
This is a couple years after my viewing, but I thought I should say something anyways. The reason it's even coming up is because the show was mentioned somewhere and got me thinking about how I don't even remember finishing it, and I was wondering if I had dropped it. Coming here, I see that I actually did, in fact, drop it, and all of its sequels, about half way through.

Why did I drop it? Because it is boring. Unbearably boring.

I guess I should have seen it coming, since it's an ecchi. So there's going to be big anime tiddies and gratuitous fanservice. But the read more
Aug 3, 2017
Apparently, this ONA is forgettable. Because I literally don't remember watching it. I just kinda randomly caught it on YouTube as a 25-minute compilation, and then when I went to MAL after finishing to log in to give it a score--I thought 5/10 summed up my feelings about it--I see the same exact 5/10 staring me back in the face.

I mean, I never liked Lucky Star that much, but to completely forget about watching a whole thing? Wow. I'm dumbfounded right now. Apparently, I watched this at some point in the past. And I remember none of it. But physical records disagree with my memory, read more
Aug 4, 2016
To this day, it continues to shock me that after two amazing masterpieces rivalling the likes of Cory in the House, that they would drop the ball this hard.

I mean, aliens? Aliens that can become electricity and travel through telephone wires? Are you fucking kidding me? My suspension of disbelief was shattered into a million pieces by this disappointing blemish on the series.

Everything else was perfect. The story sent me on a rollercoaster of laughing and crying, the art inspired me to take up painting again, the sound made my ears flow in a sea of pure bliss. But then they had to go and read more
Apr 30, 2015
In this anime, you get to watch a overly-enthusiastic school girl sleep with you while acting like a 5-year-old. Making nasily "ehee" noises with this face: =^_^=.

Thus begins a 50-minute mystery journey that ends with a stunning revelation: Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is a prequel to Bleach, and a sequel to the movie Inception.

Hear me out...

First of all, you can, and DO, teleport. Very often. Maybe you're a camera wearing a human disguise, maybe you're a wizard! Who wouldn't want to sleep with a wizard!? Maybe that's why she thinks she's five, you put a spell on her, you dirty old man, read more
Apr 7, 2015
This show is, without a doubt, the most pure, unadulterated bullshit I have ever watched, with a story more contrived than Bleach, ten times the asspull of Naruto and One Piece combined, and characters more obnoxious than even Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

If it were not for the way it was delivered, and the obvious satire on ridiculous anime tropes that this show embodies, it would be one of the worst anime of all time.

However, because of its deliberate flaws, it is actually enjoyable, despite being a borderline cliche bore-fest.

In other words, it's so bad it's good.

Story: 1/10
Art: 7/10
Sound: 7/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Also, I liked the little nods read more
Apr 5, 2015
The story is fantastic. There are flaws in the logic, but they aren't glaring enough to detract from suspension of disbelief or overall enjoyment.

The first arc (episodes 1 - 26) is the best, it does a great job setting up the rules, and hooking the viewer. The plans, plots, and mind games are all brilliant. They did an excellent job executing the scenes, character reactions, etc. Everything felt natural.

However, the second arc (27 - 37) was not as good. The most glaring issue, in particular, was the terrible character development. One is an angsty teenager / I have a dark and tortured past cliche, read more