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Apr 26, 2018
"Fate extra last encore is made so it can be viewed by newcomers and old fans alike" - says the lying mushroom.

So Nasu lied again, in other words bears still shit in the woods. This is the guy who said that the tsukihime remake is still undergoing while playing bloodborne while getting others to write for him. Nasu's word hold as much weight as toilet paper, and you can use it as such. But there is a more important issue we need to tackle, and that is why does this exist?

As a long term fate franchise viewer, I am up to date with the most ...
Feb 8, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Emmmmmmmmmmmm, friendship and camaraderie are good and all, but are you sure you are not using the wrong series to do it Nagai?

So Railgun S1, what to say about it, the fact Nagai butchered Kamachi's script?
The fact Nagai portrayed the series wrong?
The fact the anime can be considered non-canon because how much it conflicts with Kamachi?
Or the fact that the theme Nagai is advertising is horribly incompatible?

When you are doing an adaptation, you can change insignificant details but the core should remain the same. But with Nagai, the core is completely changed.

Nagai failed to understand how academy city is, especially shown with his villain, Therestina. ...
Jan 2, 2018
All hail Marisbilly Animusphere! Visionary of Clocktower, unrecognized genius within 12 lords, the ONLY magus smart enough to realize you can't research the root if the world goes kaboom.

What a year it have been, from Sakurai to end with Meteo, from the urban sin-filled Shinjuku to the mysterious Salem. Another harsh year pasted for Chaldea crew while they deal with issues while wiping the clock tower's butt.

By the way the Clock Tower F***ed up again, not that this is news, since within the three pillars of Mages, Clock Tower is at pretty much the bottom of the barrel, with an intelligent lord ratio of 2/12. ...
Jul 26, 2017
Garden of Avalon, also called GoA is a series of short story focused on TM's version of King Arthur mythology. Personally I consider it one of the more interesting works Nasu had wrote, the story is told through Merlin's flash back from the moment Arturia pulls Caliburn to her eventual death after FSN.

GoA is written as a way to re-conciliate the differences between FSN, FHA, and FZ, since Gen's FZ managed to attract a lot of hate on Arturia and conflicted with plot points in FSN. As a result Nasu actually had to move his ass to release GoA to fix this issue, clarifying once ...
Jul 25, 2017
Mixed Feelings
[Spoiler Warning]

Which is the worst TM work?

hard to say, some might say FA, others might say FP fragment. Personally, after looking over the romance and horrible horrible writing of both, I conclude, that FA is slightly worse than FP fragment.

FP fragment, is the reboot of FP timeline, written by Sakurai, Nasu's right hand women. Having a female write a female protagonist seem like a good idea, but Sakurai have one serious problem.

Mainly her mary-sue tendencies and her terrible grammar skills, oh god.

I am not a man who is picky about grammar and writing skills, but when the audience is having trouble understanding what you are ...
Jun 2, 2017
Preliminary (91/148 eps)
"Arc-V is the best YGO since Mugen" - Me, 2015

Oh Arc-V how did you go so wrong, you promised me so much, yet you failed to deliver. I really need to learn from Sagume to stop from praising so much until you were done.

YGO Arc-V is one of the most spectacular failure within YGO history, it is one of the best example on how to mess up what you promised to your audience. So let us dissect it carefully to see how it fails.

Arc-V plot began with Yuya's story in the Standard world, at this point, the story was like a mystery, we followed ...
Jan 23, 2017
Fate/Zero (Anime) add
Fate zero, a fun show, it is the kind of show where the first time you see it, you are awed by the entire sight of a marvellous castle, but when you look closely you discover the whole thing was built with toilet paper.

What I'm saying is, it is a fun pretentious show, sasuga Gen, the previously most overworked writer in the medium. Pissing on Gen aside, it is a fun show if you purposefully ignore some of the "small" problems like the bullshit debate of king's banquet, the edgy misused philosophy of the train track problem and the fact for a "battle royal" ...
Jan 23, 2017
Mixed Feelings
With the FGO china server having their new year draw, I thought "Hey why don't I write a review for the FGO anime, maybe the karma of introducing new wallets, I mean, fans to the franchise would allow me to draw the Okita that I always wanted."

So here it is, Fate/infinity crisis. Or that is pretty much what it is.

First of all, since the anime is nothing but advertisement and a celebration/mourning of the death of doctor Roman, I will be talking spoilers for the game. If you are just going to watch the OVA, I gave it a 5, it is average, ...
Oct 17, 2016
In a classroom of Isekai anime, Re:zero would be the edgy kid who screams "F*ck the man" while having no idea what its talking about.

Ah, yes, Re:zero.

"Read the source, it explains everything!" They said.

"Subaru totally grows and matures and is realistic!" They said.

"You just hate him because you like Gary-stu!" They said.

Oct 16, 2016
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
[Spoiler Warning]

Go to another world stories are easy to write, it is an undead horse that will keep having people ride it, hit it, mock it, praise it. At this point even "subversions" have become its own cliche.

So anyway, Re:zero, a show that is pretty bad, which was basically torture porn for 2-cour. A lot of people already shat on the anime so I may as well do it for the source.

At the time of writing, I have finished all the LN and gotten into the next arc of the WN, and ohhhhhhhhhh god is it horrible.

Plot - 3

First of all, the writing is ...

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