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SeraphineX Apr 24, 9:10 PM
When you live in the mountains and you own a ceramic toilet: Neutral is the best, not enough heat for you to sweat and not enough cold for you to need extra clothes. :D

Never met a brazilian personally, online they have this reputation of laughing like HUEHUEHUE and that's it. XD I guess the language barrier makes it difficult to relate to other southamericans, even online games have dedicated servers for you guys.

Food is where is at~ I don't actually cook but my sister is a prof chef so I've been eating good food for most of my life. Sanji's word is law!

SeraphineX Apr 23, 10:01 PM
Sorry for the late reply!

Yeah me too, I always like to see weird premises with good execution, so I'm keeping my expectations high for this one. Wanted to read the manga but I decided to wait until it had more chapters.

I remember when I travelled to the mountains, waking up and touching the floor with my bare feet, NEVER AGAIN. Also the toilets feel like you're sitting in a block of ice! I also remember my cousing leaving his cellphone on the floor and finding out the next morning it was full of water inside thanks to the condensation haha.

My people are not very loved, even if we have our own customs and way of talking we're a very friendly and one of a kind! Our food is also top notch compared to other states, they all love to come here and just taste the food.

Shortening words becomes your everyday so you don't really notice you're doing it until someone who's not from here tells you about it. xD
SeraphineX Apr 20, 7:08 PM
Manga is so deceiving! Usually color pages come either on the first chapter or when they get a chance for a cover much later, same thing happened while reading Black Clover, one of the girls looks blonde but on the official color her hair is light pink lol.

Funny that you mention SnK and Haikyuu, they're both done by the same studio and now they're doing that dancing manga everyone is talking about, so it will fun to see how that turns out!

I dislike tropic places but I can't really stand too much cold either, by ideal city would be one with a neutral temperature all around, maybe some light snow here and there.

That's really interesting, people from other parts of my country usually make fun of our way of talking, it's very vulgar but it's quite normal here, they also make fun of the fact that we usually shorten words a lot, mostly the ones that end with R. Say for example para (for) we say pa'. We aso have a very big and thick way of pronouncing the R.

Thanks! I will, probably :')
SeraphineX Apr 17, 7:30 PM
Something tells me he's not the kind to worry about his fans xD. Probably only draws when he's on the mood.

Lol yeah, characters without black hair are specially the hardest to know. Something simliar happened to me when I was reading Horimiya, the girls looks like she's blonde ( but then after reading a couple of chapters I found out her real hair color ( To this day I still think she's blonde.

25° is a walk in the park here, people here are so adapted to the heat that you can see people at 12 p.m. drinking hot coffee in the middle of the sunlight. Electricty here is super cheap, it's subsidized by the goverment, so AC are pretty common, most people like me can't sleep without them, even nights are hot xD. We never have winter, just 10 or 11 months of sun and then 1 or 2 months of some light rain.

Never seen Tropa de Elite, heard is a pretty nice action movie. Some people say Cidade de Deus is the best brazilian movie, it has a lot of violence but I think it has a nice message and I really enjoyed it! Are brazilian dialects so different? We have different dialects here too and we can understand each other just fine. xD

Sanji + Salt Bae = <3 It's my most recent favorite picture.
SeraphineX Apr 15, 8:27 PM
Besides animated stuff, I'm really into Martin Scorsese's and Christopher Nolan's movies, I'm into a lot of genres but mostly psychological, sci-fi stuff. David Fincher's movies are becoming sone of my favorites as well.

Yeah, he's amazing, too bad he doesn't really need to draw for a living so I guess he's not that worried about finishing HxH. I'm reading too much ongoing stuff so even if I loved the anime I decided to stay away from the manga. XD

Sanji's family are really weird, thought they were all blondes until I saw the official coloring and everyone has different color hair. XD They look really weird.

24/25° is pretty, lately the temperature is around that so I've been pretty happy but this joy will end sooner or later and the killer sun will come back. :(

Well he did seem to enjoy carnaval haha, I guess it would be nice to experience at least once. Have you seen the movie Cidade de Deus? Rio seems like a really violent place, althought not that different from my country. Pretty great movie if you haven't seen it, a lot of violence though.
SeraphineX Apr 13, 5:45 PM
Kinda like Independence Day or Alien? What kind of movies are you into?

Lol Togashi just seems like a sad man with all his health problems, there's these "Weekly author notes from Shonen Jump" that get translated sometimes, it's just comments from the authors publishing in the maganize and Togashi's comment are always about his health and basically hating to be alive lol.

I'm currently reading Vagabond and Berserk which are amazing but sadly they go on hiatus too often :(. That's why I haven't read the HxH manga.

My favorite OP character is Zoro! The moment where he took the beating from the robot Kuma to save everyone was probably the most badass moment in OP. I'm really liking Sanji a lot with this last in the manga, they finally revealed his past.

I was also born in a seaside city and I have this trauma too, I actually stepped on glass one time so I don't walk on the beach barefooted xD. My city is usually pretty hot all year, sometimes with temps of 43 or 44° but in the last couple of weeks the weather has been pretty nice.

Are you living in the mountains now or just in a regular city? My cousin lived in Rio for 10 years or so, seemed like a great city, also the carnavals seem pretty fun.
SeraphineX Apr 12, 12:32 PM
Yep, those flashbacks. Really liked those. The movie Arrival is probably one of my favorite movies in the last couple of years, it's about aliens landing on Earth, but it's not your typical humanity has to fight aliens kind of movie, it deals with languague and the struggles of trying to communicate with the aliens, it's great.

Yeah, it's good and he also has the ending already set in stone so if something happened to him his assistants would probably finish the manga, hopefully the same could be said about Berserk's and Hunter x Hunter authors, lazy bastards. xD

You really need to check it out, there's some arcs after Ace's Death that are not that good and they're really slow but overall is really enjoyable.

The cross thing is just a catholic thing, afterall is a religious holiday here. xD People also love to go to the beach during these holidays here, it's in their blood, I'm not much of a beach fan though, I hate the sand.

Accepted. :D
SeraphineX Apr 10, 7:28 PM

Yeah, it's nice to see what's happening in the rest of the of the world for a change. I remember with the flashback scene everyone was lost because in the last page of the flashback the guy talks about Armin and Mikasa, the power he had probably connects time in a similar way to the movie Arrival.

The One Piece author told in an interview a while ago that the story was 65% done, hope it's true. One Piece is amazing but I don't want to wait another 15 years for the ending.

Seems like you celebrate like the americans, we don't really celebrate it that way, it's more of a religious holiday so we get the whole week off, people like to go to the beach during this period. There's also specifics days during it where you can only eat fish and not any other type of meat. And on wednesday there's this mass called Wednesday of Ashes where they paint a cross with ashes on your forehead, it's kinda weird lol.

I've never seen an easter egg in person.
SeraphineX Apr 9, 7:21 PM
Awesome! Follow your dreams! XD

I want to see Gran Torino and also I'm very excited about but I'm not even sure if they'll reach the sports festival, I don't really remember the order of the arcs or how long they were. Hopefully we'll see that guy because his wind power seems awesome.

I had to read multiple translations and reddit comments to figure out what was going on lol, I think I'm still not 100% sure about everything but I have a pretty good grasp. I enjoyed the past flashbacks but this latests chapters not so much, as of chapter 92 things are happening 3 or 4 years after they reached the ocean. Marley (The bad guys) lost the collosal titan so another country decided to declare war to them because they thought Marley was weakened, what we're seeing is just a part of the war with this new country.

Well, SnK is pretty popular so I guess the magazine asked him to drag it out, same thing happened to Dragon Ball, or maybe he's just bad at judging length lol.

It's alright, real life can be busy. ^_^

I'm free till next monday since we're celebrating Holy Week (Thanks for the free week Jesus) all this week, do they celebrate it in Brazil as well?
SeraphineX Apr 6, 8:42 AM
Nice, japanese seems really intimidating so good luck with that! Knowing kanji could help you a lot if you want to read raw manga lol.

That's amazing, I think it was only recently (4/5 years more or less) where I thought my english improved a lot. Never cared about english growing up, I was actually pretty bad at it, I think it was around age 13 where it started to grow on me. xD I heard about the game recently, I think it was a video talking about the good combo system or something. Will check it out.

I want to see the big 3 animated! Their powers seem really interesting, also I can't wait to see All Might's fight with All for One.

Yeah, is not that good compared to the anime lol. Also the quality of the images doesn't help, there's also the problem with the crappy translations. My guess would be that we will get a third season in 1 or 2 years hopefully!

I haven't heard about the 20 volume claim but I think the ending is relative close, since from what we know Eren is going to die in 4 or 5 years in the story.

SeraphineX Apr 5, 7:43 PM
Continent fellows :D. Yours is pretty good too, are you a self-learner too?

You knew english at a young age or you just recently played it? XD Looking back, I wonder how I managed to beat so many games without reading a thing. I remember a SK game but I think it was a fighting game? Is it the same?

Don't make me talk about my endless to watch/read list, seasonal anime takes enough of my time XD. At this point I just stop adding stuff to my list haha.

Same thing happened to me, spanish subs were too slow so I decided to make the switch, I don't regret it tho, I think it has helped me understand a learn english and enjoy anime at the same time.

I've read both too and enjoyed the tournament arc but I think the next arcs are even better. My only complain is that the OP/ED weren't as good as the S1 OP/ED. I'm not that excited for Shingeki no Kyojin, the episode was good but I'm kinda bummed about the 13 episodes thing, at least Hero Academia is going to get 25 episodes.

I haven't really found the first person that doesn't dislike the art in the manga haha, it's not good per se but I don't think is sooo bad like many people claim. Obviously if you compare it to the anime there's no competition. I think they can finish the arc in 13 episodes, but too bad that the current arc is not going to get animated ;_;, the latests manga translations aren't that good so it's hard to keep up sometimes with what's happening.

The ending creeped me out too, I was actually talking about it just now with someone else haha, the song was really disturbing.
SeraphineX Apr 2, 6:24 PM
Couldn't notice you weren't a native english speaker. :O Where are you from?

Something similar happened to me, my cousin owned Ocarina of Time and I got it from him for a few days, couldn't figure out anything so I gave up XD. English was an alien languague to me back then. If you ever got to the last level of BK, you surely remember that big board like looked like a Mario Party board and it had all sort of questions about the game, not knowing english at the time made this section hell on earth, finally managed to beat it by trial and error after a week. xD

Too many games to play and not enough time to play. ಥ_ಥ this made me laugh a lot, a nice Donkey Kong throwback :D

Guess you don't enjoy Crunchyroll/Horriblesubs a lot then? Haha. My first few years watching anime were spanish translated, spanish fansubs tend to add karaoke, so when I made the switch to english anime the lack of karaoke hit me hard, specially when is a song you really like. :(

Did you enjoy Hero Academia and AoT? I watched Hero Academia and think I'll watch AoT tomorrow, I'm already digging the dinosaurs and whales from the AoT opening lol.
SeraphineX Apr 1, 4:36 PM
I agree, long live technology ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ.

A Link to The Past has been pretty enjoyable, too bad I suck at games where you don't really have a defined direction to go to, so I get lost easily, that's probably my only complain haha. If your computer is able to handle it you could emulate games like I'm doing, it's pretty easy to emulate the Game Cube and Wii.

I was a big fan of the pokemon franchise growing up but I haven't played any of the games from the DS onward, never had a DS/3DS :P. But hopefully I'll get to them via emulation in due time. I was also a big fan of the Star Fox franchise and Banjoo Kaoozie from N64, that's why I'm really excited for Yooka-Laylee (same creators of BK).

I'm not a very patient person, but idk with movies/anime is different, I never had the urge to watch raws. xD I haven't even watched the Your Name movie because I'm waiting for that awesome bluray quality to watch on my TV. ♥_♥
SeraphineX Mar 30, 10:31 AM
I share the feeling... The nice part about my boring new job is that I start at 2pm, mornings are more productive than evenings in my case. I have been using the time for some studying and light gaming.

I have this group of friends that I met from MAL and I'm the oldest, they often joke about how I'm a grandpa ¬¬, but really 15-16 years old kids grew up in a totally different era than us, we actually got to experience the world before the internet and smartphones, sometimes I miss those times.

The fanart of Nier has been a great selling point for me, it also seems to be one of those games with great plot and fun gameplay so I really want to play it. I also got into Overwatch recently but sadly I don't have an internet connection right now, so my Overwatch fever will have to wait. :(

I was never a Zelda fan growing up, mostly because I never owned any of them. But recently I finished Ocarina of Time and was hooked! I'm going for A Link to The Past next. I'm also eagerly waiting for Breath of the Wild to be playable via Wii U emulation, it shouldn't be that long. :D

Oh yes the trilogy movies, only the first one is avaliable in good quality, so I'm waiting for the other 2 to be out to enjoy them one after the other. ♥
SeraphineX Mar 29, 10:34 PM
Real life is hard isn't? ;--; You end up giving up a lot of time for your hobbies so it's a matter of having priorities. :P I usually watch around 15 a season, but this next one I'll try to go for 10 or so. Good luck with your job hunt.

Not much of a fan of single player RPGs but I did play a lot of MMO in my younger years (it feels weird to say this, I'm only 23 lol). What are the last games you tried? I'm really interested in Nier Automata right now and maybe the new Zelda, but that'll have to wait. :P

I really recommend you to check out Monogatari, if you're into series with a lot of dialogue and crazy moments, it's definitely a unique experience.