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Jul 14, 2009
I watched this anime only because it is one of my favorite types of anime....reverse harem or shoujo. It also said it had action and romance. Too bad the romance, and action failed big time. The only signs of romance is when the girl blushes when talking to one of the hot guys.

I have to say the story and enjoyment was worse than anything. The only reason I watched it until the end was to see if the main female protaganist was going to actually find love between one of her companions and that also let me down. The action wasn't all that great either. read more
May 14, 2009
This is a pretty decent anime. You have this boy ninja who has to protect his neighbor (a clumsy, childish, loving girl who he grew up with) because of this promise made by his family a long time ago. He first appears nerdy but when he has to fulfill his duty he turns into this nice looking serious ninja. The story pretty much revolves around his duty to protect his childhood friend/neighbor. Throughout this process, they (main character and other characters) face new challenges, meet new friends, and feelings grow. So all in all it was good filled with some comedy, a touch of romance, read more
Mar 22, 2009
I thought Busou Renkin wasn't something I wanted to watch just by reading the description. But since I like Bleach, I said "why not give this a shot". I did and I was very pleased with this anime. It can relate to Bleach and Shakugan no Shana in several ways. In Busou Renkin, you have this boy (Mutou Kazuki) who has died trying to save this girl (Tokiko) who saved him by giving him the power of this kakugane. As I predicted, he wants to save everyone with this new power and protect the ones he loves.

Of course he struggles and gets stubborn at some read more
Mar 21, 2009
I can't believe I haven't written a review about my favorite anime of all time. Well here it is. Fruits basket is a great anime to watch if you are into romance/comedy/drama. Not only does it have a nice storyline but it has great characters. I am sure that you will have a favorite character in this series because each one is special in there own way. Here are three main reasons Fruits basket is my favorite anime.

1. The main character (Tohru Honda) is so likable. She is caring, puts others people's feelings before her own, works hard, and doesn't judge by appearances (you will read more
Mar 21, 2009
I have to admit when I first watched Elfen Lied, I dropped it after watching the first 10 minutes of the episode. The violence and bloodshed threw me off guard as I am used to more laid back anime. But then I read that is was really popular and wanted to go ahead and finish it and see what it was all about. Of course the violence, bloodshed, and nudity was still in it but the story was so strong and I was very interested in what the outcome of this show would be.

Story 10: The story gets a 10 because it is the main read more
Mar 18, 2009
Special A is a good story about two rivals (boy and girl) who slowly start to develop feelings for each other. There is much more to this story than that but this is the main focus. I really enjoyed watching it even though I think since the main focus is the developing relationship between Kei Takishima(male main character) and Hikari (female main character), that the show should have focused on them mostly.

I got a little discouraged seeing that they really didn't have more kei and Hikari episodes but the ones that did focus on them was great. But basically you have a story about read more
Mar 17, 2009
This is my first review that I am making about any anime because this specific anime (School Days) has to have a review. It was such a compelling story and had a lot of drama. It started out as the normal love triangle. Itou Makoto has a crush on Katsura (A girl from the same school who rides the same train with him). Then he gets help from Saionji Sekai who hooks them up and even she falls for him.

Well the anime gets more crazy as each episode draws near and I can say there are quite some surprises. Itou Makoto (main character) draws read more