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Apr 5, 2018
Violet Evergarden has been hyped to the max for the past year so there was a lot of anticipation built up for this show. This may have turned people away once it started because while audiences unfamiliar with the source material (like myself) were expecting something a little less slice of life and a little more action/war oriented, they were thrown off by the plot of the show being a little tamer than originally expected. I am not sure why they were expecting that since it was Kyoto Animation after all that animated this series and 99 percent of what they do is slice of read more
Mar 7, 2018
B: The Beginning had a lot of hype being the follow up ONA of Devilman Crybaby on netflix which was a smash hit. It had a lot to live up to and I was curious to see if netflix would start a trend of licensing good quality shows. I saw it the moment it aired and binged it in under six hours. So it obviously held my attention, but did it live up to the hype or did it crash and burn? Fortunately and unfortunately, neither.

Animation: B: The Beginning is an original anime produced by the master of CGI vehicles itself, Production I.G. (Ghost in read more
Feb 26, 2018
I was very cautious about starting Eureka Seven because I generally don't like original anime based in the futuristic apocalyptic setting with the inclusion of giant robots and the potential end of the world looming. This includes shows like neon genesis evangelion and guilty crown (there were giant robots in it and voids are even more ridiculous) just to name a few. Both shows that while enjoyable at rare instances, spent the majority of their running time focusing on minor details and never explaining in depth about anything that was going on behind the scenes, hoping that if it sounded vague enough, it could be read more
Feb 4, 2018
What do you get when a drunk person watches a masterpiece like fate/zero and tries to recreate it? Ponder no more because fate/apocrypha comes along to answer that question. I love the fate franchise, and have given a 10 to every other tv fate series so far that I have seen (unlimited blade works, zero, and even deen/stay night). I really wanted to do the same here, but fate/apocrypha just wouldn't let me. This series could have been great but the writing of the show was either done by drunkards or by lazy people wanting to get paid for minimum effort.

As to my earlier read more
Jan 10, 2018
This will be my first review. Deltora Quest is an anime adapted from the eight book series Deltora Quest, written by Emily Rodda. I grew up reading all of her books (multiple Deltora Quest series, Rowan of Rin, etc.). They were a fantastic read, sucking you into a mysterious world with more interesting characters. However, this adaptation fails to capture the books essence.

I will start with the plot. A mysterious, powerful being named the shadow lord breaks the peace in the land of Deltora by sneaking a servant in to break apart the magical Belt of Deltora, a belt of seven Powerful gems which read more