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Feb 13, 2010
Being an obscure title from the 80s, I didn't have high hopes for this series, however, I found myself pleasantly surprised.


In the future, Humanity has reached out into space and colonised two other planets. The story begins on the most recently colonised planet, as it falls under attack by alien forces. The civilian population proceeds to evactuate and amidst the chaos of battle, the training ship Janus takes flight across the galaxy. It's crew number just over a dozen, most of whom are children.

Essentially, this is a story about 13 children, their travels across the galaxy, and the effect they have on the war. It's read more
Feb 23, 2009
8 months and countless shows since watching Love Hina, I've gotten hold of the specials, and it's review time.


It's Love Hina, and it's christmas time, so we have to have some holiday romance.

The story is nice, especially the end, though I found too much of it to be predictable. Relationships move a bit, but I didn't really gain any new perspective on any of the characters.


read more
Dec 19, 2008
Note: This series is a spin-off from another show called City Hunter, and uses many of it's characters. All I did before watching this series is read the synopsis for City Hunter, and I've had no problems following the story. It still may be preferable to watch City Hunter first though.

Angel Heart starts by following professional assassin (trained from a child), Glass Heart, as she attempts to escape from her life of killing, by ending her own. But after a heart transplant, and a couple of years sleep, she's good as new. The new heart brings it's owner's spirit with it, and refuses to let read more
Dec 2, 2008
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, follows classmates Haruka and Yuuto. Haruka being the popular daughter of a an extremely wealthy and powerful family. Yuuto being......some guy.

The story picks up as Yuuto accidentally discovers that Haruka is a closet otaku, and, not believing it to be a flaw (though others do), he promises to keep it a secret from their schoolmates.
Actually, I didn't think otaku were quite so ostracised in Japan as is shown, but perhaps it's true of private schools. Anyway....

What follows is your typical high-school romantic-comedy fare, but with some storylines having the otaku twist (eg. going to a convention) or the rich-girl twist. There read more
Nov 29, 2008
Moekan follows Takahiro, a strict, seemingly-cold guy, who is in charge of a facility for training combat-maid androids. The story begins with the arrival of a new recruit, Rinia, an older model android, with a clumsy streak. We then watch as the two interact.

Due to it's shortness, the series shoves the story and character development along, and it feels like everything's going just a bit too fast, leaving the impression that they forgot to mention a few bits.

Also, some of the story elements don't quite make sense, for instance, the company that Takahiro works for makes two completely contradictory actions. This would make sense if read more
Nov 19, 2008
Kurenai is about a young girl, Murasaki, on the run from her families' strict traditions, and Shinkurou, a poor student, who also has the job of settling disputes (usually violently), hired to be her bodyguard. (You'd think a dangerous job like that would have decent pay, but whatever)

The series mostly follows daily life, as Shinkurou learns how to deal with Murasaki, goes to school, and takes a few other jobs. While Murasaki learns about life, and how to have fun, with help from Shinkurou, and the other inhabitants of the apartments where they live.

All the characters are interesting in their way, and each fits into read more
Nov 18, 2008
NOTE: I wrote this review quite some time ago, and it doesn't meet my current standards, however since there are no other reviews here, it may be somewhat informative.


Story: Nerd-glasses wearing student one second, handsome & mysterious ninja the next, Mamoru comes from a family of ninjas. Their purpose is to secretly protect the Konnyaku family, whom they have always lived next door to. Mamoru's particular mission is to protect the daughter, Yuna, and he has done so since he was small. This is made more difficult thanks to Yuna being a clumsy airhead who always manages to land herself into far-more-than-your-average amount of trouble. read more
Nov 17, 2008
Happy Seven is your average magical-girl anime, with an above-average amount of magical girls.

Note: I don't know anything about the seven lucky gods, so I can't say anything about how well the legend is implemented.

Okay, quick run-through the basic points:
Mysterious power under the school,
a club made of seven magical girls, one magical guy and a couple of support girls, that goes around fighting monsters that possess people, and also help people be a bit happier in general,
a couple of evil characters scheming in the background,
and one girl the club helps that might just be special.

The show focuses on the special girl, Amano, as she stumbles read more
Nov 11, 2008
Oh! Edo Rocket is a mix of crazy comedy and serious drama, and like the fireworks that feature so prevelently, it explodes wonderfully.

*Insert synopsis here*

The show doesn't take itself very seriously at all. The show is heavy with humour, and is quite fond of self-reference, as well as some pop culture (Such as the very apt 'Men in Black'). It also has no problems breaking the fourth wall (ie. admitting it's fictional), and you'll regularly see modern conveniences, such as the TVs used to show some flashbacks.
The humour is well executed, and despite the numerous comedy series I've seen, I never really felt this series' read more
Oct 16, 2008
No other reviews? Okay, I'll write one then.

Platonic Chain is essentially a look at the many different possibilities about how personal information (Such as video records of EVERYWHERE you've been for the last few years, voice recordings, personality profiles, and more) could be used if it was accessible to the public, though this series is a light one, and the uses it shows are all relatively harmless.

It really is an interesting idea, and there are some really creative, even amusing uses on display, though I won't spoil them.

Unfortunately, the series does have a number of drawbacks. The first thing you'll notice is the animation, which read more