Nov 11, 2008
alx222000 (All reviews)
Oh! Edo Rocket is a mix of crazy comedy and serious drama, and like the fireworks that feature so prevelently, it explodes wonderfully.

*Insert synopsis here*

The show doesn't take itself very seriously at all. The show is heavy with humour, and is quite fond of self-reference, as well as some pop culture (Such as the very apt 'Men in Black'). It also has no problems breaking the fourth wall (ie. admitting it's fictional), and you'll regularly see modern conveniences, such as the TVs used to show some flashbacks.
The humour is well executed, and despite the numerous comedy series I've seen, I never really felt this series' humour to be rehashed/stale.

When the show isn't being funny, it's likely going through a fight scene. Yes, I said fight scene, and there are a fair few of them, I won't spoil why. The fights felt pretty standard to me. Decent, but nothing special.

Between the humour and fights, there isn't really a lot of space, so you could be forgiven for thinking that's all the show has, but somehow, they managed to sneak in a serious drama amidst all the craziness, and it gradually grows to take a firm place in the series. Saying anything more would probably spoil it, though. The show does start to slow down near the end, but you'll probably have already decided if you're sticking with it by then.

The artwork is quality as far as I can tell, all standard styling though. A few characters are SD (stumpy), but I don't consider that a problem.

As for sound, well, as usual, I didn't notice much. The OP and EDs weren't anything special, but they felt appropriate. The OP DID annoy me though, as the first few 'riffs' sounded nice, but then it just went silly. I felt kinda cheated.

Summary: In my opinion, this is a great comedy series. There IS some good drama in there, but the comedy is the star. If you're not into comedy anime, I can't say this one would change your mind. If you like comedies, then I see no reason to leave this series off your list.