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ktulu007 May 27, 1:21 PM
There are a lot of ways they could have gone for a competent ending, but they didn't use any of them. So, we just have to look at it as a lesson in what not to do with a narrative.
ktulu007 May 26, 1:29 PM
I think she'd have more to be honest. I've noticed that male characters can get by with being OP a lot more easily. It's like how Marvel sometimes decides Wolverine is basically invincible and can regenerate like Majin Buu or how DC comes out and says "Batman can beat anyone with a week to prepare."

They would never take a female character and transform her into an OP one in that same manner unless they also turned her evil and made the struggle the heroes having to beat her. IE The Dark Phoenix saga & House of M.
ktulu007 May 21, 4:21 PM
That's true. When a character has so many bad moments, people really lose sympathy for them. You have to be careful to not go too far.
ktulu007 May 19, 1:21 PM
Yeah, she's definitely not a sympathetic antagonist. In theory, she could be since what she ultimately wants is to punish the world that drove her creator to destruction, but she's not a complex or well enough developed character for it to work.

I'm not surprised the series has fans, to be honest. I've seen much worse anime with more rabid fanbases. Like Evangelion, Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Sword Art Online.
ktulu007 May 18, 3:13 PM
Except it's not really a weakness because he still beats flying enemies with the titular one punch while they pose no real threat.

Yeah, the ending of Re:Creators is still nonsense, but my point is they could have pulled off an OP antagonist if they'd put some more effort into it. They just needed an antagonist more like Saitama/ Superman/ Goku/ Ainz Ooal Gown.

Problem is, the writers didn't actually think through how to make it work, they just forced it and acted like it was perfectly fine, hoping no one would notice the major plot holes.
ktulu007 May 18, 2:12 PM
I don't know if you can say Saitama really has any weaknesses when he literally beats every enemy with basically no effort. Altair had to put in some effort to take out her opponents, even though she was definitively OP.
ktulu007 May 18, 11:50 AM
That's why I used Supes as my example. Paragon characters tend to be pretty inherently likable, even when bad writers really mess them up people still tend to love the character.

And there are plenty of super over-powered characters that people still love. Saitama in One Punch Man being a prominent example. I think they could have gotten by with her being OP if she was an established character and had redeeming features.
ktulu007 May 17, 11:13 PM
They really should have known it wouldn't hold up. They needed to either have her lose or make her a well established character whose entire spiel was being OP and tweak her motivations to go with it.
ktulu007 May 17, 1:42 PM
If I wanted to subvert expectations by letting the antagonist have what they want, I wouldn't use a fanfiction character for it. I'd use an analog for a character like Superman who's already over-powered. I'd have them basically be suffering from madness because, at their core they're still a paragon character, but bad writing from more recent authors has been driving them in a darker direction.

You could have the character win in battle and have it be accepted. And you could have them get what they want by having a new writer take over who really loves their pure, paragon status. Thereby fixing the character and saving the world that way.

Since the character is already OP, acceptance wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue.
Since the character is established, their popularity makes a lot more sense.
Plus it would let me do some mini ranting about the tendency of trash writers to take good, simple characters and make them garbage in the name of being darker and edgier.
ktulu007 May 17, 2:54 AM
I think the writers wanted to be subversive by "letting the villain win" but they didn't have enough skill to think of a way for her to win beyond breaking the series' own premise and making her a total Mary Sue that the heroes can only beat by giving what she wants.
ktulu007 Apr 22, 1:50 AM
It would make some sense in the context of main characters that people "love to hate" but the premise of the series is that the characters who come to our world are ones people legitimately love. And in that context not only does Altair not make sense since she's basically just someone's fanfic OC but her beating all these "beloved" characters without any backlash doesn't make sense even if you grant the idea that she's super beloved too.

To use an example, I love Fate (the character in my avatar) but if they did a crossover special where she beats the ever loving crap out of a bunch of other characters I love, for the sake of example let's say Utena, Sailor Mercury, Samus, Homura, Regina, Ellis, Nadie, Honoka & Nagisa, I would be really unhappy with it. Both because the crossover was making Fate too over-powered and because I don't want to see those other characters brutally beaten.
ktulu007 Mar 24, 12:22 PM
I mean, I did expect them to write her creator into the story and beat her that way. I just knew it was going to be stupid and not hold up. Like, the moment the main dude started talking about adding his own character I predicted the way the fight was going to end.

But it's also a case where the obvious twist doesn't work in universe. The writers needed to spend more time actually thinking things through.
ktulu007 Mar 23, 11:31 PM
It would make more sense for the acceptance to be her downfall since all those anime fans would be expecting their heroes to rally together and beat her.
ktulu007 Mar 23, 7:48 AM
At the very least if you're going to have an over-powered fanfic character as the main villain, don't make acceptance a big part of the premise. Fans have trouble accepting a character like Wesley Crusher because he comes off as a bit of a Mary Sue. They'd never accept that character, especially when they're fighting characters they supposedly know and love.
ktulu007 Mar 23, 1:09 AM
It definitely felt like something that wasn't thought through properly. The writer, concept creator or director thought it would be "cool" to have an antagonist from fanfiction because then "they could give her any powers they wanted" but they never stopped to think of whether or not it made sense with how the real world works.

It's rather like SAO and the way it has characters react to being trapped in a game that could kill them. Makes no sense based on how humans actually act but the writer, in that case, thought it would be "cool."