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Apr 28, 2019
A bit of a foreword: At the time of writing, only six chapters are available through fan scanlations. Kodansha is publishing it digitally in English fortunately, and hopefully they continue to, so seek those out if you want to read. The review is somewhat short. But it’s only for the first 29 chapters. Through this review, I just wanted to introduce others because this doesn’t to seem be very popular.

This is one of the better-planned and well-written “transported to another world” manga (not exactly isekai, though they too are included in any comparisons I make). No doubt about it. Fan of that genre? Go ahead read more
Sep 26, 2018
Originally, I’d written a review upwards of 2000 words. A rant basically. I have tried to get my feelings on this ‘0’ in as little a word count as possible and it still is long. Heavy spoilers in the review. And a suggestion: Don’t watch. Erase SG0’s existence from your memory.

So if you were like me when you first heard of this, or maybe you read the synopsis somewhere, and thought that they’d cover the dystopic setting of SG’s future and got all excited, well, the staff of this anime basically slapped you in your face and said ‘F*** you’. With a grin. If you read more
Sep 22, 2018
Right at the outset, let me say this. Its Major, but don't expect the first season of Major here in '2nd'. And oh, spoilers in the review.

TL;DR - Its a great anime, but if you hold high expectations of this like i did, then maybe you might be slightly disappointed. However, it's still worth the watch and i have high expectations of subsequent seasons. If you're a fan of Major, definitely go ahead and watch. If you like sports anime in general, give it a chance, see if you like it. I'm sure subsequent seasons will be really good and this might be important for read more
Jul 6, 2018
The first part benefited, i believe, from having only 13 episodes. This sequel suffered from it. Not in the sense that it was rushed, but in the one that they had too much time. (i gave the first season a 9 btw) Over the course of the review, i try to contrast what made the first season great and this season suck, and to anyone who hasn't watched it, i definitely recommend the first. The second maybe only for completion's sake.
To use the cliched phrase, as much as i hate it, the original K 'showed' and didn't tell. Much of the enjoyment i derived from read more
Jul 4, 2018
K (Anime) add (All reviews)
So, uh, i just glanced over all the reviews and while there are a few good ones, most seem to be saying the plot is incoherent or slow and characters don't get time to shine. Suffice it to say, as i watched the anime i didn't feel most of these emotions. Though there was that sense of intrigue that few other shows have managed to instill in me till now. I won't be going too deep about any particular element, just scratch the surface of what i believe have been, quite unfortunately, poorly understood or appreciated. I definitely recommend watching the anime though.
Now, i actually read more