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Sep 8, 2017
At first it felt interestingly mysterious, weird characters with lots of mysterious potential on a crazy mysterious setting.. but it is devolving into a cliche based high school show where most characters just brag how mighty they are and there's no action whatsoever, also last episodes feel like fillers.. and there's only one more left to end so.. its a lot of potential created to fish for a second season but is not delivering much.. so It will likely drag on and become boring or be canceled without giving us all the development it deserves. Time will tell and we wait for it.. Update review read more
Jul 13, 2015
Golden time was a pleasant surprise after seeing mixed reviews, why is it so good? first it is a seinen show and skips most clichés and naive feelings to focus on relationships from an adult standpoint, so there are people dating other's ex's, breaking up and starting over and overall far more mature relations between the characters, doesn't drag the emotional uncertainties for too long and it develops at a decent pace, even for 26 episodes it doesn't feel dragged on, it simply takes some time to develop the characters and their connections, and the relationships are the focus here, not much air time is read more
Jul 24, 2009
As stated several times One outs is a baseball version of Kaiji, for the people who don't know Kaiji its all about extremely complicated bets, with a little glimpse into the darker nature of men.

The strategies used in the game are extremely convoluted and cannot be easily figured out, the viewer only figures out when the show gives enough clues and thats the main appeal of the show. The episodes also end with cliffhangers to make you watch the next episode, this is common in most sports/shonens but in this case the focus is so big on the gambling the cliffhangers are poorly written and read more
Jul 13, 2009
Venus wars is to me a classic, Its not very very good but I watched it many years ago and by the standart back then it was quite good.
Probably not the best choice for younger fans who cant stomach the outdated animation but it is a fine example of 80's sci fi anime.

Its a decent quick watch, and a peek into the 80's, the golden era of anime, and by this I mean it's better than 90% of modern animes easily...
Oct 19, 2008
A good watch for any occasion, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode provides some originality bringing back the open imagination to the anime, instead of the usual school plots or mechs it feels refreshing to come up with a different sci fi.
Being a remake it was a good option since the old OVA didnt fulfill half the potential of the plot.
The animation is very good in the fight scenes preventing the show from falling into boring, the plot itself is interesting and featuring only 13 episodes they are quite enjoyable.
The end leaves promises of more to come, and it wont hurt to get another season, some shows read more
Mar 27, 2008
Kekkaishi is a decent shonen show. All the usual elements are there, a simple minded young hero, the cute girl from the neighbourhood, their hate/love relation and lots of monsters to make them evolve and become powerfull saving the day.
What makes it decent? the techniques they use are interesting and the enemies vary as well, plenty of original monsters and the usual undisclosed romance do a good job entertaining, topped with funny gags and cliches that worked out quite good, becomes very silly for moments but also has the dramatic scenes building up momentum for the end.
Its not completely original or a must see but read more
Dec 19, 2007
Night Head Genesis is a show about people with psychic powers and the origin of that energy. It start with the story of the two brothers and their own problems being accepted in society due to their psychic power, evolves into a story about fighting to save the world from a supposed cataclysm and this unveils an elaborate plot about the world, nature, the growing psychic energy and its two sides, the good and the evil.
The theory is well explained and based on common scientific knowledge with a spiritual touch, the energy of all living things, animal, plants and humans is evolving and granting read more
Dec 5, 2007
Salaryman Kintaro tells the story of a former bike gang leader entering society as a businessman, starting from bellow his charismatic personality quickly creates bonds of respect and admiration with co-workers and important figures in the bureaucratic world. Honest, straightforward and always true to his nature he dashes through his career raising fast and steady.
His personality clashes with several individuals and the few who don't sympathize with his nature in a corrupt bureaucratic world create many obstacles he needs to face.
The story is about morals and how a single man can raise through hard work in a field hes inexperienced, features some comic read more
Oct 24, 2007
I started watching bokurano thinking it would have a good story and some cool fights but that proved to be partially wrong, it has a good story but the fights, not really good. I still enjoyed it but its quite different from the story summaries, previews, etc.
At start the story seems lame and rushed, just a little excuse to put some kids fighting for earth in some big robots, the fights are quite dull as well and the animation is quite average with some bad parts even but thats mostly at the start.
I'm glad I kept watching it because it gets much better, the story read more
Oct 21, 2007
Jin-Rou (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jin Roh.. how can I explain it? as expected from this superb director you get a masterpiece movie, why?
Everything fits together to create this unique experience, you start by watching the background story, the development of the events, and when you reach the end everything is unveiled. The story seems good, nothing exceptional, but this is just part of the experience. Expertly guiding the viewer through the events leads to the extraordinary climax at the end, releasing all the bottled up emotions carefully placed in your mind through the characters. Only at the end you will understand what is all about and understand how amazing read more