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Inu x Boku SS
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Recorder to Randoseru Do♪
Recorder to Randoseru Do♪
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Area no Kishi
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Keroro Gunsou
Keroro Gunsou
Jan 28, 2008 9:57 PM
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Yuria 100 Shiki
Yuria 100 Shiki
Jan 28, 2008 9:54 PM
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Shirt Jul 19, 2011 2:07 PM
The initial translation of Tales of Vesperia is done! 8D There's still much of the verification process to be finished but it's more than halfway done and the screenshots and video clips are more than a treat to watch.
Shirt Jun 8, 2011 3:49 AM
lol Still haven't beaten Final Fantasy XIII. I think I'm just to lazy to continue. I'll jump back at it today. Recently, I beat one of the bosses I had a lot of trouble with. Now I'm in some realm/colorful black hole that's got all these maze-like paths. Similar to the framework of the stage when you first return back to Racoo-Cocoon.. City. *ahem*

*smack*! Damn mosquitoes!! >XO

The games I'm looking forward to are Saints Row the Third. I love to laugh and that game has never let me down. (*btw I never played that game over Live. Single/Co-op pwnz) Tomb Raider is going to be simply smashing. Catherine is coming out next month. And Soul Calibur V is next year. (Not to excited about V because it doesn't look very new and inspiring at all.) Ahaha yeah, Final Fantasy games are extremely hard to ignore. Save for ones on PC and Handhelds. I could give a rats ass about them.

Fighting games aren't really my thing either but I couldn't pass up the anime goodness of it. It took me a while but I finally cracked and got it. xD Street Fighter was like that too. I bought it for Makoto and Ibuki. Marvel, I bought because Chris Redfield was in it. Funny enough, I don't play him. I became a servant of Doctor Doom. lol

Shirt Jun 7, 2011 8:41 PM
Really? I hate that game. I mean it's still fun to 'look' at but there's to many cons that outweigh the fun factor of it all. Dx I feel so reluctant going back to it.

Recently, I bought Blazblue CS. It's not as bad as I thought it was. Makoto is freaking addctive! A big fluffy squirrel tail? Underboob? I was bound to buy it eventually. And then the lovely loli Platinum the Trinity. :>

Hee~ Aside from obvious reasons for wanting the game, it's just fun to pull off long combos and play with friends. Any games you looking forward to this year aside from the Tales series that were shown at E3?
Shirt Jun 3, 2011 10:38 AM
Tales of Xilia! omgimsogettingaps3nao
Shirt May 16, 2011 12:22 PM
Yeah, comboing wasn't really my thing until after a few playthroughs. I started it with Judith- learning all her artes and then figuring out how to make some awesome combos with them. They were incredibly fun but hard to do. She starts off slow and then looses all sense when she gets in the air. Yuri: "Your using to many Artes!" Judith: "But it feels so GOOD!!" LOL

Edge's sprint would look hilarious on other characters. lmao I could imagine Reimi high jumping though. And Lymle rolling like Karol. xD And maybe Faize riding a hoverboard. XD

I'm not a fan of the Wii to much anymore because there's no achievements. *spoiled* If it's coming to the PS3, then there's possibly hope for the Xbox. If you get your hands on it first (mostly likely you will, sadly) be sure to put up a review on your site. I'd love to see what you have to say about it.
Shirt May 15, 2011 10:50 AM
Yeah the straight line thing caught my eye. I don't know if he was just really freaking good or modding or playing with a team of four. Those battle situations were too in sync. But fantastic to see anyway. Were all the moves legit at least? They looked like a lot of fun if I haven't said that already. D:

Wow, so I'm not missing out on anything in the international version. That's good to hear. I still don't own a PS3. Alternate costumes would have been great for that game. I got tired of looking at Edge real quick. lol I at least wanted to run around as Reimi.

Y'know I haven't heard anything about Tales of Graces lately. Is it already out? I don't see much hype over the title. Or was it always like that for Tales games. (Is the fanbase even that big?)
Shirt May 10, 2011 9:10 AM
Oh and I saw that you were playing Star Ocean the International version on your website. I remember coming across that title when I was researching stuff on Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope. PS3 has so many good things about its JRPGs. T_T But in the international version, it has perks right? Isn't it another version of SO4? Or is it something completely new. D:

I saw the cover and noticed more anime versions of Reimi <3 and Edge along with the rest of the cast. Or is that just the promotional art. (Then again, I remember seeing videos a while back with the character icons drawn in instead of 3D renditions, like the ones in SO4.)

lol so much to talk about!
Shirt May 10, 2011 8:52 AM
Violent Pain was too fun. You get to see the enemy slide all over the ground. I remember doing that to Poseidon and Zagi a lot. The REAL Vesperia has a lot of great stuff. The MAD video was insane. Judith completely blew Marvel vs Capcom out of the water with her 65 hit combo!! I mean, that's another thing I love about the game- you can play it like a traditional fighting game!! Got damn, that mess was fun to watch. Even Karol is cool now.

The section during the night battle where Karol was throwing those glowing orbs was awesome. It looked pretty on the field too. (Mostly because of the time of day the battle took place) <-heythatrhymes!

AhhHHH!!! >< Frustration and Jealousy comes back with a vengeance. DX For now, all I can do is go back and try doing some fun stuff with Judith to satisfy my cravings. Or Soul Calibur. And yeah, that game doesn't have everything I'd want but I try to make the best of it with what they have. I had to start modding to get more loli-like characters! :9
Shirt May 9, 2011 7:58 AM
I don't think I'll ever go back and try to seriously conquer that game. Though Mericle and Reimi make it extremely tempting. Haha, I only recently found out about Reimi's amazing jiggle physics. Those developers.. They pay attention to the smallest [yet most important] things! XD Aya was pretty, I'll give her that. Komachi on the other hand.. SHE was beautiful. I wish she had an alternate costume. I'd absolutely love to see her in a Yukata. D'X

Y'know.. Tidal wave was good but I always spammed Meteor Storm (which slowed down the game magnificently) or Crimson Flare (amazing to look at a flaming column of death). With Meteor Storm, I had an ability that would let her move right after casting on random (I think it was Randomize lol) and she would double-cast Meteor Storm or sometimes even Quad-cast that mess and WOOOOOOooo... that shit was devastating on both the opponent AND my 360 Elite. lol

RavenxRita ew! Rita would be JUST FINE with the sex-toy of hers. Heck she could share with Estelle. <3 Ohh~ naauuuughhhtttyyyyy... (lol Courage the Cowardly Dog line)

Thanks for the PSP ammo. I'll look for it on ebay when I get some cash to blow. iPod Touch games just don't cut it. The only one I've enjoyed was Espgaluda II and Don Don Pachi Resurrection. You should try 'em out if you haven't already (assuming you have a touch).

Oh and if your a Soul Calibur fan, here's a treat I made for myself and other otaku out there. I make them a lot.
Shirt May 8, 2011 9:37 AM
Quick question. Do you know if you need a Japanese PSP to play good anime games? I've been wanting to invest in one for a long time now and I wanted to know if there were any good games on the handheld device. Or rather if there is a certain one I should get if I wanted to play JRPGs like the ones I favor now.
Shirt May 7, 2011 3:18 AM
lmfao The BT's are a sooo gaaaayyyy! I don't even think I cracked a quarter of 'em. After I stepped on Faizack, I stopped playing SO4. I didn't hit up the EX Dungeons or anything yet. I think that was around the time I bought MagnaCarta 2 or Rita Mordio- I meant Tales of Vesperia. D:

I should go back and Plat those games. I only went through them once after all. The story is mostly forgotten to me (save for Infinite Undiscovery which I remember pretty well) so I'd get the first-time experience all over again. *joy*

Out of all these JRPGs we just mentioned, who's your favorite character? I'll make it easy on us by busting it into male/female categories. XD Rita is a no-brainer for me. Tsundere, yuri action, loli?, and Uber pwnage is unmistakable win. (Faina was an NPC so I can't pick her. >< Reimi gets an honorable mention) Yuri takes the best male fo- DAMMIT! I feel so biased now.. They're both from Vesperia. Dx
Shirt May 7, 2011 1:44 AM
Infinite Undiscovery was an amazing game. I don't know why people downgraded it so much when I asked them about it but when I played it despite the opposition, it actually moved me a great deal. Especially when Faina-RAEG!!!! (omg you have no idea..)

*ahem* After mustering the courage to play again (and seeing how cool Capelle's voice got) I pressed on into the story feeling pretty good because I was playing a cool main character for a change. (He bitched out when he got laid though. Lucky fucker..) My favorite place in the game was the kingdom where is was always snowing. The song "Pure Alabaster" was so deep and thought provoking. It only reminded me more of Faina and how much I missed her. T_T I'd often find myself sitting there in the highest tower with Capelle looking to the skies. ;_;

Oohh.. sorry about that. I just loved that game (and Faina, bless her beautiful soul.) *heartbreak*


MagnaCarta 2 was pretty legit. I enjoyed it. The fighting system was hella fun. I bought all the DLC before actually buying the game and lemme tell you, that mess was exhilarating. Soooo funny to beat enemies with the joke weapons. XD Made the bosses much easier too. Celestine and Zephie were my favorite characters to play as. OH AND RUE!! She was epic loli badassery. Reminds me of Tohru from A-Channel now that I think about it. xD

Star Ocean 4 was breathtaking. I'd never seen such incredible visuals before in my entire life. The game was beautiful and chock full of anime goodness. Laughs to be had around every corner and Reimi.. oh Reimi.. How jealous you get when I level up Mericle three times more than you~ <3 They also had nice "jiggle" physics. :D Only downside was the dubbing. But you get used to it. (Mainly Lymle) -_-"

lol At the Japanese fail. At least you can look at it. :D Hmm.. Platinum'n something sounds pretty cool compared to the nameless title on the Xbox. :]
Shirt Apr 30, 2011 4:37 PM
Aww.. the gameplay is what keeps me going. I know that fun is guaranteed with Vesperia so I always play. The second Atelier game didn't float quite so well with me and I never finished it. I was attached to the characters from the first game. I will give it a try but it will not be my reason for purchasing a PS3 as you already know what that is. xD It'd make a nice addition to a collection of games I can't play on the 360.

What does it mean to Platinum?
Shirt Apr 28, 2011 12:00 AM
Oh no way! That's great. Though I'm sure the firmware is past that version. It'd be to good to be true if it weren't. D: (Now that I think about it, selling modded PS3s online can get you a fine.. >>")

Tales of Grace F was something I was looking at. Though it's shininess dimmed when I heard Vesperia was pushed back into a dark corner because of it. If I can score me a PS3, I'll surely pick it up to satisfy my cravings. Speaking of which, I've only played one Atelier game and it was Atelier Iris for the PS2. I fell in love with it right a way and so I'm a fan of the series now. I didn't know they had games on the Playstation 3, though. I took a look at some of the screenshots for Totori and it looks just as good as Vesperia. :D

With it being a sequel and all, I figure I should probably play the first one. lol Luckily, it's been made for the states too. *happy* It's not easy finding some good JRPG these days. I take it you've played the first part to Totori, which was Rorona if I'm not mistaken. How was it? (Compared to say, Vesperia or Lost Odyssey.)
Shirt Apr 26, 2011 3:15 AM
I lost count how many playthroughs I've done. I know I've got about 300+ hours logged though. xD The game is still badass to me too. I just got Yuri's black bunny ears today. Sweet~

And for the PS3, I was asking about the modded console. lol I live walking distance to a GameStop. XD I've never bought a modded console, nor do I possess the knowledge to do it myself. Plus I'm a buy once, never again kinda person. *Elite 360 ftw*