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Watashi no Kawaii Koneko-chan
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SheyCroix Dec 31, 2019 7:38 PM


SheyCroix Mar 31, 2019 9:38 AM
Hey Dan~ Happy B-Day!
razorx009 May 23, 2018 7:07 PM
i tip my hat to you sir,you have accomplished something iv'e endeavored to do congrats,may we never stop watching anime.
Akai_Shuichi Aug 30, 2016 7:52 AM
That's a shame. I can't say I'm having or even had health problems. It was a simple surgery meant to correct myopia and astigmatism so that I could stop using glasses. First day was a problem (couldn't really open my eyes and my eyes were constantly crying while I had to be in a dark room), but that was just about half a day, and since then it's quickly become better and better, and right now I'm really glad I don't need glasses anymore... I couldn't even read subs on tv before (and I had a lot of trouble reading them on the computer). Hopefully you're better from your health issues. Luckily, I'm kinda immune to stress, I remember I once did a stress test and the doctor was kinda "damn, stress yourself a little bit, you're way too relaxed!".

Well, they had to have at least SOME decent filler after all that worthless crap. I won't say it's a fantastic filler, but it's a filler that doesn't feel that much like filler (even if it slows down the fight with Kaguya). If I remember correctly, you were going through some really annoying filler right now... I can understand wanting to stall it indefinitely, but if you're almost through that (I don't remember where exactly you're at), I'd recommend against it... I mean, if you went through the worst part already, might as well keep on going.
Can't blame you about thinking the manga ended ages ago... but sadly that wasn't the case. They've been going with an arc where Quincys are the bad guys. They act like Nazi, actually kill a couple of characters (which is pretty ironic, considering they're shinigami and should be dead already), and becomes pretty ridiculous overall. I still need to finish reading that, but I think I'll read that soon... maybe this weekend.
Like I said, I probably agree with Fujitora being the best, I just think he's kinda... like a new generation. So until I talked to you, I never even thought about him when thinking about the admirals, in my mind I always compared the original 3 (where I definitely preferred Aokiji).

Point taken, it might not even be a fair love for the character, but at least that's what they "vote" for (let's say it's like people voting in politics just to follow a trend, without having any idea what they're really voting for... or even worst, knowing is bad, but preferring to follow the trend), and the character wins popularity, to the point it has a big group of followers. And considering how the head works, I'm sure they end up convinced about the idea (at least some of them).

I think I read somewhere that both the manga and the anime were pretty well received (and I don't think you get 99 episodes being just regular). The anime was pretty well done, and from what I understand it was really faithful to the manga, so I haven't lost hope there yet.
About Yowamushi, it seems pretty clear from your comments that I won't be watching that anytime soon. I don't think I even need it for any challenge right now (sports maybe, but considering it's the "others" category, I can probably fill that with other things... I don't have nearly as much watched as you). Shame on that. Like I said, going with such a sport was actually interesting.
I've been dreaming about that Major 2nd adaption since the day I watched Message. I would be glad watching Major at least until the day Goro days as an old man sorrounded by his kids, grandchildren and whatever. I ended up caring about Goro, so I'd love to watch an anime about his kids (and Satoru's, it seems).

Nah, Diamond no Ace is "okayish" at best. I mean, really nice animation as you can expect in a collaboration work by Productions I.G. and Madhouse and the games are not bad at all, but the characters, while they're not necessarily annoying (no cowards or depressive guys), they're not memorable at all. There personalities feel... almost fake, and while in terms of game they're developing a lot (becoming better players), I see very little character development. I initially saw some comparisons with Major, and I can say those are laughable. It's a shounen without much personality... but all of that said, it's not boring... just "okay"... which makes 75+51 episodes a bit too much.

To be honest, Gintama was barely an 8 (I gave it a 7.5 in my MAL tags, and 7.4 would be a 7), but in the end I opted for going with the 8 because the 201 episodes didn't feel like a burden I had to finish or something like that, had some really good moments of comedy, the serious arcs were actually really good shounens and most of all, Gintoki ended up being an even better character I initially thought. Really loved him as a character. He had a great combination of goofiness and seriousness... and while "goofy", he's not stupid at all... I never felt he was retarded or something like that, which I actually appreciated a lot, and even if he's a bit of a kid in the inside, you do feel he's an adult, especially from his relationship with Kagura and Shinpachi. And well, I do think almost the whole cast was likeable, which was no easy feat (pretty big cast of course), so I ended up remembering more the good stuff than the bad stuff. Bad stuff would be the fact that it certainly starts slow (not easy to get hooked into it) and it can be inconsistent. It's not even close to being as good as the MAL ranking suggest, but I honestly felt it was fun. While it's not saying that much, it was better than what I expected. Season 2 (which I'm almost done with) is probably a bit worse for me, though it does have a fantastic arc (which amounts for something like 6 episodes). Will probably be a high 7.

Can't say I liked Chi's Sweet Home... at all. I mean, I guess it did what it tried to do, which is pretty much showing a cute cat doing cute cat things... but I don't really like that. I don't like anime that's just about being cute and I didn't feel Chi's Sweet Home had any other message behind... And I don't even really like that kind of cute. At the very least, it was really, really helpful for the Anime Watching Challenge Club, and with 3 minutes per episodes, it was quick and easy to watch.
I think I did like Trinity Blood... though being neutral to it would be a better statement. I didn't really "liked it" very much, but I didn't "dislike it" either. I did like Abel as a character, but it's not like he's gonna be a memorable character or something like that, and I did like the concept, OST and animation. Sadly, like I said before, the story was complete mess and it ended in pretty much nothing.

Can't say I'm completely surprised. For starters, I think you do enjoy that kind of anime more than me, and I didn't really like Erika either (even if Kyouya was even worse)... I'd much rather have an unusual route where she ends up ditching Kyouya... I probably didn't like Erika probably because of the development of her relationship and feelings more than anything else. As an original concept, I did like the character... which almost ended up playing against the series in the long haul.

Haven't watched Yamada-kun, but I did have a couple of friends who did and ended up enjoying it. At the time I remember I didn't watch it because I thought it was going to be bad, but I was told it was actually fairly good. Maybe one day I end up watching it.

I think I said this before... but I think I'm not brave enough to try the Scum Challenge, I fill it if I happen to watch something for one reason or another, but I don't think I'll ever dedicate myself to it. A bit too much for me.

I think I'll just watch that the day I actually watch the movie. Hopefully we get another good movie. Being One Piece, I do have some expectations.

I did watch Saenai Heroine no Sodattekata, and my opinion is pretty much the same. It was nice, some funny moments, but nothing great. I thought the Sorairo Days (TTGL) at the end was a nice detail.

I didn't watch Shinmai Maou no Testament, but a friend did show me some of the most borderline hentai scenes. His opinion was actually similar to yours... not the kind of things I'd choose to watch... and I don't think I need it for any challenge, so I'll probably just ignore it. Not missing anything really.

While it's been a while since I last wrote you, I actually haven't watch anything new I think... I finished Trinity Blood and Gintama (and almost done with Gintama') while also beginning Diamond no Ace, but I haven't watched any short series recently... Oh wait, I did watch Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa, which I didn't really enjoy and the rest would be those horrible shorts by Keiichi Tanaami and a couple by Kouji Morimoto. Also, stars are alligning for me to watch Tales of Melodies, which I know you love, and I am wary because I didn't really enjoy Memories... but there's a couple of challenges asking me to watch it and it's not long, so I might end up watching it... not sure when though. After finishing Gintama I'll be so close to finishing the Top 100 Challenge that I might just go all-in for it (big reason I'm actually watching Diamond no Ace, which is the biggest remaining stone besides Gintama... right now the single biggest, as I only have about 75 Gintama episodes remaining). Even with 9 points, in terms of points, the Top 100 is strategically horrible if you're aiming for points (even if it's 9 points, it much easier to win 9 points aiming for other easier challenges), it would be a nice badge to have.
riho88riho Aug 25, 2016 8:01 AM
Congratz on achieving 150+ points!
Anime Watching Challenges Club

Job well done! o.o I'ma have to keep coming up with new ideas for higher points if ya keep up this pace hahaha <3
Akai_Shuichi Aug 19, 2016 7:28 PM
Took me some time to reply this time. I went through surgery in the eyes (nothing big, just laser surgery so that I don't need to use glasses anymore) and I couldn't use a pc screen for a while, and reading a big text like this one was particularly difficult.

I also recently updated myself with One Piece, though I'm still a bit behind in the manga, and I also caught up with Naruto and Dragon Ball Super (just before my surgery). Naruto is still filled with filler, but I do admit the recent filler is actually pretty decent. They're actually giving a bit more depth to the older history of Naruto (Kaguya and the Sage of the Six Paths) which I actually felt the manga lacked. It's a filler that doesn't really feel like one because it adds depth to the story. Speaking about Bleach, seems the manga is already over. I'm somehow still following so hopefully I'll put an end to it soon (because of my eyes is kinda bothersome to read it right now).
It's hard to like Akainu, and I do admit Fujitora might also be my favorite admiral, though I kinda consider him a case apart. Akainu is no longer just an admiral, but when I talk about admirals, I can't help but think about Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru... and among those my favorite is Aokiji.

Well, Shinji also has a lot of favorites, doesn't he? (ok, I'm actually insulting Griffith here). I think Griffith earns his favorites on a different way. He's meant to be hated, but he has a lot of development through the Golden Age, which makes him popular on a different way than Guts. Again, charisma is just one factor. I named Shinji because I don't think even the people who consider him a good character would call him a charismatic character, they'd argue he's one of their favorites because of development (even if I think he doesn't really develop... at all).

I guess your last paragraph is what matters the most here. It doesn't really matter. Both of them are great, there's no real need to name one better than the other. Enjoying both is free. In the end, I'll also probably have Planete a bit higher on my ranking, but just a bit, though it's mainly because, as I feared, Uchuu Kyoudai ended in... basically nothing. I'd love to see a second season there. Hopefully it happens one day.

I'm still slowly working on that collection. I've mostly seen the shorter stuff for now and I can say they're not really good, but yeah, they're not terrible, not even close to other directors.

It's a shame about Yowamushi Pedal. I won't say I was extremely interested, but at least I was curious about it. At the very least, I don't think I'll watch it anytime soon, maybe unless some challenge really forced me to (and I don't see that happening anytime soon).

I only know the obvious about Diamond no Ace: It's about baseball and it's pretty popular, but after reading the synopsis and a couple of reviews, I can't say I'm really looking forward to it... I'm afraid I might not like it that much... and my baseball anime bar is sky high considering I've watched the whole Major franchise and Cross Game this year.
The one and only reason I haven't watched Nana yet is because I'm perfectly aware it doesn't finish and even the manga was left unfinished (I believe the author now dedicates to fashion, which in Japan was a huge selling point for her manga).

What else... I'm picking up the pace with Gintama... which will most likely be something between a high 7 or low 8 (if there were no episodes left right now, I'd give it a high 7), watched Chi's Sweet Home because of various challenges but it's definitely not my kind of thing at all, I watched Hidamari Sketch which was above average for a cute girls doing cute things anime, though that's not saying much from me, watched Antique, which was bad, but I thoight it'd be worse, currently watching Trinity Blood which looks great, I like Abel as a character, but the story is quite a mess... and that'd be a summary of my last couple of days. While I couldn't use a computer, the TV hasn't been a problem, and because I haven't been working, I've actually had a very decent amount of time to watch anime this week.

I once considered the scum challenge, but I think I'll pass from thaat one. I'm not brave enough for that. I suffered enough with some creators, but at least those are 5 minutes long shorts... horrible movies -Super Kid was it?- is a bit too much for me. I need to keep whatever sanity I have left.

As always, I'm not sure what my future plans with anime are... I'll probably decide what to watch next moments after finishing something.
Akai_Shuichi Aug 9, 2016 9:32 AM
No problem at all, as you probably already know. And you just happened to write when I had some time to write back.

Not sure if my opinion on Foxy would change with a rewatch, but yeah, Nebulandia was mediocre as a whole, Foxy is not the only one to blame there.
I still need to update myself with One Piece and pretty much everything I'm following. Between challenges and things I actually want to watch, I've pretty much forgotten about One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Super and a couple other stuff. Not really looking forward to updating with them, but maybe I will after I'm done with Uchuu Kyoudai.
Norowareta Seiken was really good also... Zoro is fantastic, so having a movie dedicated to him was bound to be good. My favorite is still Dead End no Bouken because, as I told you before, is just great for the adventure feeling which is something so characteristic in One Piece, but Norowareta Seiken was really good. Also, the last movie was really good also (ok, technically second-to-last). I think it's the first time they actually showed how much damage Aokiji sustained in his battle with Akainu, and was pretty cool to see him there and having an ex-admiral as an enemy.

Of course, I do think about the whole package also. There's nothing better than a character that has both things (Reinhard and Yang, for example), but I do tend to think about it a little bit. Griffith is actually a prime example of a character with, ironically, little charisma but great development. Of course, he has all the charisma in the world in terms of the story, but he's a character that's pretty much meant to be hated by the audience, hence, he has little to no charisma in the terms I'm speaking of.

I'll get to Uchuu Kyoudai on more detail when I finish, but I can say I'm absolutely loving it. For me it's actually a hard choice between Uchuu Kyoudai and Planetes, and I definitely love Planetes. And all of that said, they actually have a different feel. Though, while you did tell me it was a nice series to watch weekly, in this later episodes I have to wonder about that. I understand the series was about to catch-up with the manga at the time, so they shortened the episodes quite a bit by adding a small recap every episode and that annoying Hibito rabbit at the end. I don't care much about that because I'm not waiting a week per episode, but I think those things would've been a problem for me had I watched it weekly.

Like I told you, yeah, it doesn't really fit at all. That's an opening that would be great for almost the complete opposite, for a relaxing slice of life, for a thought provoking series... most definitely not something like JoJo.

I've only watched the first one, though I did download the second one. I watched it as I was finishing the OVA-per-Day challenge, and since then I haven't really watched any OVA. I kinda haven't found a chance to watch the sequel, but I eventually will. I probably won't take another OVA difficulty precisely because I don't even know what to watch. I might take another movie difficulty because there's a lot to watch there, but I don't think I'll pick up OVAs or Specials again.

I've barely done anything on the Creator Challenges. I do have a couple that are close to finished (which includes Rapparu and Urobuchi Gen) and I finished Taku Furukawa and Tadanari Okamoto, but I'm still missing a lot. I actually recently watched a couple of shorts of Kouji Morimoto. Most of those are relatively easy to finish (the challenge is usually surviving because of how bad they are, but in terms of length it's quick).

Ah, Sakura Trick, I was really surprised when I saw it. Still love it. I haven't seen anything new I think since we last talk, just some progress with Gintama and Uchuu Kyoudai. I was skiing this weekend so I barely watched anime last week.
It's a shame Yowamushi Pedal is not good so far, even for a sports anime fan like you. Because it was an unusual sports for an anime I was kinda looking forward to it. Haikyuu was also a bit of a disappointment, so I'm kinda having second thoughts with Diamond no Ace, which was a plan of mine as I want to finish the Top 100 Challenge, and Diamond no Ace will be my biggest remaining challenge after I'm done with Gintama (I think the only things I've got left are Gintama things, JoJo Diamond, Nana, Shouwa Genroku, Diamond no Ace S2 and half of Nichijou).
I didn't really like Ookami Shoujo at all, to be honest. Both main characters annoyed me, and while it does happen a lot in shoujos, I think the way the relationship worked was almost insulting to women. Kaichou wa Maid-sama had a bit of that also, for example, but I thought characters in Kaichou wa Maid-sama were far more likeable and it wasn't as extreme as in Ookami Shoujo. I haven't watched Ao Haru Ride, but I did watch Sukitte Ii na Yo and I thought it was a really nice simple romance. I liked the characters and their relationship was nice. I also liked the opening or ending (I don't remember which it was) quite a lot, as it is a theme from a deceased composer and singer I liked.
Peinuzumaki95 Aug 7, 2016 4:20 PM
I've been fine I haven't seen a lot of titles this year, been catching up some tv drama's . Starting tomorrow I'm getting a major internet upgrade going from 6mbps down to 24 so I'll start batch hunting pretty soon again.
Peinuzumaki95 Aug 7, 2016 8:52 AM
Hey how have you been? It's been quite awhile since we last talked How's the anime watching going?
Akai_Shuichi Jul 31, 2016 8:20 AM
Ah, yes, Nebulandia was probably the worst among the Specials. I actually didn't like Foxy before, so I already didn't expect much from it. When it changed from the Foxy thing I thought it was going to get better, but it was still pretty mediocre at best.
I have to admit it wasn't so bad for me going through the challenge. Contrary to you, I actually started almost from Scratch (I had only watched Strong World, its OVA and Episode of Sabo before), so maybe for pure nostalgia factor, it was nice going through episodes from the 90s to modern One Piece in one short go (in relation to the series). The very first episodes with just Nami, Zoro and Luffy (One Piece Recap), Episode of Nami for Arlong Park, Episode of Chopper just after the Grand Line, Episode of Alabasta (and the prologue) and Episode of Merry... That felt quite nice, and like I told you before, It kinda reminded me a bit why I loved One Piece in the first place. Also, going through every movie was not bad at all. Like you once told me, they were surprisingly good for a shounen. Except maybe a couple of them, they had some originality... as a matter of fact, Movie 6 was EXTREMELY original. It was not my favorite movie (though I liked it a lot), but it was very original from the art, animation style and even how it tackled the story. Would've been my favorite movie, but it didn't really solved the main problem it posed (which was trying to break the "nakama" bonds of the crew"). Even if it didn't have a satisfactory ending, I really appreciated it tried to be so original.

While I do agree about liking the cynical Hikigaya, I didn't mind the change because I think it wasn't just a random change, but one I felt went according to the story written. It was simply impossible to keep status quo for ever with the triangle, and that was bound to explode sooner or later.
About Yui, I actually prefer Yuki as a character. I did like her a lot in S1, and I still liked him in S2, but even if I actually prefer Yuki, that doesn't change the fact that Yui was the "MVP" of S2. I always try not to blind myself to the "favorite" girl. When talking about characters, I always try to divide them into two things: charisma and development (not sure if I've told you this already... I sometimes feel I'm like an old man repeating himself over and over). Charisma is basically how likeable a character can be just by his written personality (which includes way the act, look, expressions, interactions, etc). Usually the harem anime lives from charisma alone, trying to make likeable girls without much personality, but that's not the only case, and I do think charisma alone can make a character. Akagi and Toua are great example of characters with little to no development but live from charisma alone, and succeed from that. They're fantastic, they don't have much development, and it doesn't really matter. Of course, charisma is a mostly subjective matter, though there are clearly some tendencies (I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like Toua, for example). Development, of course, is how does a character grow through the series. Joe Yabuki, for example, is a character that tends to win people over time more than it does over first impressions. Also, the very Yui Yuigahama was a character I didn't really like in S1 out of first impressions, but her development made me like her a lot more, and even if I still prefer Yuki, now I wouldn't be mad if he ends up with Yui.

I think I could've also managed to watch Uchuu Kyoudai weekly, but it's always better to watch completed things, as I get to choose the pace in which I watch it.
I don't think I can relate that much to Mutta, as he and his situation is very different from mine (except for age I guess, though I'm a bit younger than him), but I do think he's a great character, and like you said, characters are humane. I'm still enjoying the series a lot, I loved the episodes about Makabe and Serika's past (Makabe's being more of the heartwarming type while Serika's being more of a heartbreaking one) and now I'm about to begin a new arc. At this point, I think the only thing I won't like is the ending (I'm aware the anime story is kept unfinished), which will be a shame because I'm not so sure if we'll ever get another season.

While I haven't watched the OVAs, even without your opinion beforehand, I think I would've bet they'd be better in terms of pacing. I mean, just by episode numbers. Startdust Crusaders, as a whole, felt like it was way, way too long. At least I expect Diamond to be a better arc. Hopefully I'm not wrong.... Oh, and I did love the Pat Metheny ending from S2. One of the most relaxing ending I've heard on anime ever... it really didn't go too well with JoJo, but whatever, I loved the theme.

I was lucky this time with the Logicoma, and I even found the Tachikoma from Laughing Man pretty fast. After a couple of days, I'm finally done wit hthe GitS challenge, though I didn't watch nothing new really, as all I had left were the two long specials, a cople Tachikoma/Logicoma specials, Alternative Architecture (I guess I did watch one extra small arc here) and the SSS 3D movie, which I watched with 3D glasses and all, so it was actually a pretty nice experience, even though I'm not really that fan of 3D. It was okay for once in a while.

Yokohama is definitely not as good as Aria, but it's nice. It's just two episodes, and it was a nice watch for letter Y.

I also finished my Movie and OVA per day challenges, though I began them again... but just for easy, at least in OVAs. I wouldn't have done it, but because I still had a couple remaining OVAs in the Alpha challenge, I used the per day challenge as a way to complete it, now I'm done with the Alpha OVAs completely and I'm currently 9/10 in the Easy OVA-per-Day Challenge with the tenth OVA currently paused while I write this (a Megami Tensei OVA which is not really good). I'm definitely not picking a new difficulty there after I'm finish with this one. I may think about it in movies because it is kind of a why to force myself to watch some of the movies I have pending. Not sure yet... for now I'm 7/10 (I think) in Easy (again, started the challenge again to complete the Alpha stuff), and I'll see what I do there. In Specials I'm still 28/40 so I still got left almost 2 weeks there.
I've only watched Cross Games, but that Adachi Mitsuru is one of the few Creator Collections I really want. It'll take a while though,of course.

Other than what I've already said, I haven't watched much more. I've been trying to focus a bit more on Gintama and Uchuu Kyoudai. Not sure what I'll watch next for now.
Akai_Shuichi Jul 27, 2016 10:25 AM
Sorry I took so long with my response, but I've been writing and working a lot, so I just had no energy to write a good response until now.

That's exactly what I enjoyed about that special. I don't know if Oda put a hand there or not, but it went in pretty well. Doesn't feel like just a cheap filler or something like that. Like I said, it's not fantastic, but it's still quite enjoyable. Couldn't check this last couple of days... did you watch the childhood special already? For me it was pretty mediocre... wouldn't call it bad either, just mediocre. Maybe too long and too much of a recap feeling on an arc that was still relatively fresh when I watched the special.

About characters, I specified that it probably meant more for you, but of course, I do think characters are extremely important in storytelling for anyone. To extreme degrees, I do think they can make or break a show by themselves, though I do think it's more probable for a character to make (or break) a show for you than for me, for example. On the contrary, I can't say I wouldn't care about settting or story... I tend to not care much about animation (unless we're talking about something full of action, maybe) or genre. Animation is usually a plus for me, and very rarely something that might increase or decrease my opinion on something. Genre?.... I don't even think about those, those are just a consequence of the story, and they can be pretty subjective at times. I do think the setting is something important, and lots of times in relation to the characters, and the story for me is extremely important.

Contrary to your Rokka no Yuusha rating which surprised me (as I already told you, for being a 2, basically), I can't say I'm that surprised about your opinion on Yahari S2. I can definitely agree Hikigaya changes a lot, and though I wouldn't really say he's very sociable, he is more sociable than before, but it's not like he became the center of the party or something like that. I also agree that it lost comedy elements, but I don't think the dialogues between characters were bad, and I think the evolution of Hikigaya and the relationship between characters was kinda expected considering the relationship that was starting build from the very first moment. I actually thought Yui took a step up, as I didn't really like it in S1, but showed a lot of improvement in S2, precisely because helps the situation not to become stoic. I understand that you and many others who relate with Hikigaya (he has some traits that are pretty common between anime fans, after all) don't really like his change in S2, but it's also true that most of those people (and I'm being nice by not saying all) have not become part of what's basically a love triangle with them being the main vertex of it. Most people just go through school without a Yui, without a Yuki and without that unusual club that inevitably made him more sociable. Also, the series didn't forget to be sarcastic and a critic by itself, and my favorite moment was probably on those meetings where he went with Iroha, critizicing how people could talk for hours in a very grandiloquent manner without actually saying one thing, without deciding anything. I've always felt that's a huge problem in society, and Yahari nailed it perfectly there.
I don't think the turn the relationship took was strange. I can perfectly understand you don't like it, but I think it just went were it was supposed to go. I do admit it went faster than I thought it would. Finally, I don't really consider there's an "ending". I just think of this the same way as, for example, Working (yeah, I know, I chose an example that as a series is pretty different). I don't know how much Working have you seen, but the final season pretty much ends up on a cliffhanger, and they eventually released an OVA that closed the story. I think Yahari hasn't been "wrapped up" at all, though in this case I'm pretty confident it will eventually will (there's just very little left, they don't even need to release a complete series I think). I don't think it's a problem to end the way it ended... as long that continuation is eventually released.
Anyways, like I said, I'm not that surprised about your opinion precisely for what we discussed before (in this very response) about characters. I did feel that could bother you. At least, even if weak, it's still a 7 so I imagine there was at least some level of enjoyment there, even if also disappointment. That's still much better than watching, in your recent cases, Prison School, Rokka no Yuusha or Yuusha ni Narena...whatever it's called.
Just wanted to give my point of view here.

Now I did finish JoJo Stardust Crusader S2, and sadly I have to agree with what you said, contrary to what I was told... the JoJo vs Dio fight was nothing special. Actually, it had way too many asspulls, even for JoJo. As a fight, I actually prefered Polnareff and Iggy vs Vanilla Ice (the one that comes before), and I keep my opinion about the Gambler part being the best of the series. Overall, I did feel S2 improved a lot for me over S1 (which was annoyingly repetitive for me), and at least I enjoyed somewhat, though Stardust Crusaders as a whole was a big disappointment for me, not even close to the first two arcs from season 1.
I'm loving Uchuu Kyoudai so far, and slow or not, I always just want to keep watching. It's a shame I don't have the time to just marathon through it, but I'd love to if I could. I think most characters are great, the slice of life element is really good, and I really enjoy that, just like Planetes, the "sci-fi" of the series feels extremely real, feels like a possibility for the future and has a good scientific background behind. Characters are likeable, and I love the fact of doing a series about "being an astronaut" partly because, well, there's no more common "dream" for a kid when asked what they want to be when they're big. I'm not an expert on the matter, but if the series is honest about some of the processes the wanna-be-astronauts go through, then that'd be a really good added value for the series (I'll eventually read a little bit about it).

Indeed, and I have to agree on Video Girl Ai being one of the best OVA series out there. Had originality, likeable characters, went to the point... it was a really nice watch.

That's exactly what I feared about H2, even worse when you know it's highly unlikely there will ever be a sequel (and I'm not saying impossible just because I don't believe in 100 percents). It's a real shame, honestly.

By the way, finding the Logicoma Specials was easier than I thought it'd be. It was pretty much impossible when I tried a while back, but since Alternative Architecture was finished, someone made a new torrent which included them. I've been watching a couple of the GitS stuff I haven't watched yet. I finished the ridiculously long specials of Laughing Man and Individual Eleven and now I just need to finish one or two Tachi/Logi/Uchikoma na Hibi, the 3D movie of Solid State Society and Alternative Architecture there. It's fun how pretty much everything in GitS has a recap/alternative retelling except for Innocence.

Other than that, nothing really new in terms of series. I've watched a lot of OVAs and movies, from which I may highlight Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (nice simple slice of life that reminds me a bit of Aria, though not as good) and Jarinko Chie (pretty nice old movie by Takahata).
Akai_Shuichi Jul 21, 2016 10:28 AM
No problem at all, just hope you're feeling better now.

I understand perfectly well where you're going. I believe I told you this back then, but Water 7 + Enies Lobby is my favorite One Piece arc. Avenging Usopp after being robbed and beaten (making tribute to the Arlong Park walk in the process), that incredible Luffy vs Usopp fight, Sogeking was actually pretty funny (and his song catchy), fights were actually fun with the Cipher Pol, burning the flag and declaring war, Luffy showing Gear Second for the first time... I mean, it's an outstanding arc, and I enjoyed just like you remembering such arc (especially since I have no time to even think about rewatching it, though I'd love to). I still remember clearly when I was watching it... and it's been almost 10 years (One Piece is not really a childhood anime of mine. I actually hated it at the beginning because of the horrible dubs, but it was one of the first subbed things I watched).
I also wasn't a fan of the childhood arc (and I gave a 5 to the Episode of Sabo Special), but at the same time, while I wasn't a fan when watching it, I do think it was necessary afterwards. I think maybe Oda (because in this case this also applies to the manga) failed a little bit in the way he told the story, though the story itself was not a good idea. Maybe it was longer than it should... the minor elements were not so good, but I do like the relationship between the three "siblings". I also remember that the moment I read that special, I just knew Sabo was going to be alive and was going to appear later.
I know I said it's about Luffy overcoming Ace's death, but it's not a recap of anything, it's technically original material, not stuff from the anime. You don't get the depressed Luffy who couldn't even move. He was mostly over Ace's death, but this special is basically the final push (a villain who's always reminding he couldn't save Ace being that weak and stuff like that). You really get a Luffy who's literally in the middle of his training with Rayleigh, so he has haki, but doesn't dominate it, and of course, by the end of the movie he gets a lot better. Sadly, Rayleigh doesn't fight, but I thought having Boa on a main role was nice. I thought it was a good special, not great, but good.

There is really not much to remember about Campanella. It's the very definition of generic and bland. I'll probably forget most of it by next week.

Like I said before, I do think that's a shame. I didn't dislike the characters, though I do agree I don't like the "nyaan" thing at all and it just makes a character sound retarded. At least try to give a decent excuse to those quirks. I don't think there's anybody who doesn't think of characters as an extremely important part for enjoying a series (or book... or a meeting with people in real life... or whatever, really), but it's probably even more important to you than for most, from what I've noticed. I was a bit surprised it went all the way down to a 2, but again, I can't say I don't understand some of the things you disliked.

I'll be expecting you opinion on Yahari S2. Like I told you before, there's a lot of people who didn't like it that much because of a bit of a tone change, but of course, there were others who liked it even more.

There were finally a couple of JoJo episodes I enjoyed because they were about gambling... reminded me a bit of Akagi and Kaiji (of course, I don't mean it was nearly as good as them) and they were pretty fun with lots of attempts to cheat, bluffing and all that stuff. Besides that, again, it's being average at best for me.
Uchuu Kyoudai so far is pretty slow (which I don't mind at all) but also very fun. Mutta is a really likeable character and I like the concept because just like Planetes, it talks about Space in a futuristic, but realistic setting. I could never expect it to be as good as Planetes because I love Planetes, but if it even gets close, it's more than a mission accomplished. So far it seems I'm going to enjoy it a lot.

I finished watching Video Girl Ai and I gotta say it was surprisingly good. I didn't expect much from it, but it ended up being really, really good. I thought Ai was a great character, and the whole romantic development was really good. The fact that it's just 6 episodes long probably helped because there was no time for the series to get stucked like it usually happens with these kind of romances in anime. It was meant just as a way to watch an OVA with V for the challenge, but I ended up watching it just because it was really good. I didn't even use it for the OVA-per-Day Challenge thinking that it was going to take me more than a day to watch it. Pretty sure I could've perfectly watch it in a day had I planned to do so.
abystoma2 Jul 18, 2016 11:28 AM
Jop. Ale jde to udržovat dost jednoduše, stačí postahovat pár věcí z nyaa (třeba nově přidaný RAWy tam většinou chybí) a uploadnout je tam. To uděláš párkrát a máš ratio do zásoby. Navíc začínáš s 10 gb uploadu a tuším, že musíš mít jenom 0.2 nebo tak abys mohl stahovat. Třeba jeden z těch souborů pro Milky Passion na AniDB je zrovna YouTube rip který jsem vytvořil a hodil ho na AnimeBytes.
abystoma2 Jul 18, 2016 11:03 AM
Privátní tracker. Celkem fajne věc na rawy, mangu a všeobecně na to co je na nyaa mrtvý. Jestli chceš tak mám nějaký extra invites.
abystoma2 Jul 18, 2016 10:53 AM
Tak já při hledání jedu postup - kouknout na AniDB co je dostupný, pokud suby BakaBT, pokud RAW nebo BakaBT blacklisted Nyaa, pak Google videa (čili YouTube s občasným NicoNico), pak AnimeBytes. Většinou tak člověk najde většinu.