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Blue Lock
Blue Lock
Feb 20, 11:41 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 5
Aria the Benedizione
Aria the Benedizione
Jan 28, 5:34 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Aria the Crepuscolo
Aria the Crepuscolo
Jan 21, 9:58 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Watashi no Kawaii Koneko-chan
Watashi no Kawaii Koneko-chan
Jan 28, 2019 11:39 AM
Reading 3/? · Scored -
Watashi no Muchi na Watashi no Michi
Watashi no Muchi na Watashi no Michi
Jul 21, 2018 3:38 AM
Reading 6/10 · Scored -
True True
True True
May 26, 2018 11:05 PM
Reading 6/10 · Scored -

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SheyCroix Jan 14, 10:55 AM
No worries about it. It's better late than never!
SheyCroix Jan 1, 6:04 AM

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 0 2 4 🎉

SheyCroix Dec 31, 2022 10:01 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!! 🎉🎉

SheyCroix Dec 31, 2021 8:25 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!! 🎉🎉

VirginAmirul May 13, 2021 6:47 PM
i know what you mean by saying anime is a passive hobby, it's just watching animation while drinking water or eating some snack in the meantime lol. but when you watch something that glued your eyes to the screen for 24 minutes (or hours if it's a movie, then you know that is something special for you hahaha) jrpg game types, i used to play this alot more with my ps2 back when i was younger. (11-12 years from now i think, i was 10 years old back then) now i just watch people play games on youtube since my laptop like i said, is a potato that can't run any games since it's overheat too much if i open a heavy app. (it's an old laptop i brought it in 2012 lol so understandable for it to act like it is currently) steins gate is great! i rewatched it last year and i enjoyed it alot more than the first time i watched it back in 2014. haven't touched a visual novel since 2017, but i enjoyed my time reading visual novel stuff. (i only ever read two vns to be fair, fate stay night and tsukihime)

monogatari is great too, so i'm sure you are going to have a fantastic time rewatching that. initial d i haven't actually watched this one yet, even though i listen to the meme de ja vu song alot of times haha. (i will watch this one when i'm in the mood for a racing related anime)

nice to read that you haven't been affected that much compared to me. i actually lost my job last year back in may because covid infested the area that my workplace was located at. (the boss can't afford to pay me monthly so he sacked me, and i checked the place i worked at last month and it has been closed down) it wasn't a fantastic job, i was only a storage cleaner but the pay was decent. nowadays i'm searching for another job like that, i have no higher ambitions lol. (i bombed out my test back in high school and never went to any college or university so i have no credentials for anything higher or a better paying job)

i hope your country (czech republic) won't turn out like mine (malaysia) did dan, our situation is a mess lol. from heavy fines to people not following the standard operating procedure and politics members from the government branch using the virus as a weapon to stay in power. only rich people benefit from this situation, a sad state of affairs. india's situation is even worse, with the lack of oxygen ventilators.

anidb is a very detailed anime site, you can see the effort that the creator put on it. having a tons of favourite option in it is fantastic too, you can easily make a nice list without worrying about space worries like in myanimelist with 10 or 20 if you have the supporter membership. but like you also wrote, mal is more user friendly hence why it has a larger community. (and alot more trolls lol)

people like akai and you dan motivated me to watch older shows back in 2015, i wouldn't have watched ashita no joe for example if i wasn't influenced by you two hahaha. my rating system has changed alot from 2014 to now, back then i used to give more variety in my ratings (i have almost 200 1/10s back then lol) now i just give everything a 10/10 because at the end of the day, anime is probably one of the few thing that is entertaining for me to watch. (and eating food + watching youtube of course lol)

yea dan the flood was bad, but the aftermath/cleaning part was even worse. (the part of ridding the dirty water that enters your house and cleaning the tiles haha it was a hard work that was only got done after my mom returned home to help out)
VirginAmirul May 12, 2021 5:30 PM
i see, you have been spending more time playing games than watching anime nowadays. (i can't blame you, playing games was much more fun for me too but i stopped playing games since my laptop is a potato lol) with you having almost 4k completed anime, there isn't much that you haven't seen but i bet there is still a gem hidden for you somewhere. (no need to go look for one though, you can just click on the highest rated shows instead and try to see if you can find one that you haven't seen yet) rewatching old favs is good too, i'm also planning to rewatch some old series soon.

working must be rough, with the pandemic going around. my country actually just went into another lockdown, thanks to people not wearing masks and sanitizing themselves. (also thanks to the government for bringing people that has travelled from india and africa back into our country lol the mutant version of covid are terrible)

anidb is so good from what i remembered, there is alot more character details in that site than myanimelist. i can check when a character appears in a series, without asking it on a forum. it's good to see you getting in touch back with old friends, earlier this year i also got in touch with akai. (he's still watching anime too at a regular basis, which is cool even though he's the same like you as in being busy with both gaming and work haha)

sorry for the late reply, my place got flooded and the internet stone infront of my home was shut down for 4 days lol what a mess.
ApacheSnow69 May 8, 2021 8:39 PM
In the word of Satoru Iwata(RIP): “Above all, video games are meant to just be one thing: Fun for everyone.” Hobby are supposed to be fun, not competitive competition.

With anime becoming more mainstream, some are distancing themselve from shows they like(Ex: SAO, AoT, etc).
That meme is one of my favorite xD

Ah, I see. I rarely branch out to other platform. I created a account for AniList., but, I rarely use it <_>
In a nutshell, I like to stick to one thing.
ApacheSnow69 May 8, 2021 1:08 AM
I noticed long-time user on this platform, tend to give out generous score to modern shows. You guy are more laid-back and chill.
Now, anime fans are just flexing off their own ego toward other(*a echo-chamber*).

> I prefer mature anime with a good characters and storytelling but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate some good comedy or even ecchi show if it is enjoyable.

This what missing in the anime community ☝. Anime fans are normalized to bash anything related to ecchi and harem. Anituber are quite influential.

For SAO, this shows wasn't bad at all. My 1st watchthrough for this shows didn't ruined my perspective toward anime. Anime fans quickly labeled this shows as "hur dur, thIS sHowS iS tarNisHing ThE wHoLe mediUM".
I'm glad that you enjoyed SAO for what it is.

Since you asked what MAL norm is, here a funny meme xD

Bingo game for those type of weebs lmao

From what I heard, the manga adaptation for Eva is 10x better than the anime version.

How often do you interact with your mutuals ? Your friend, @NoobYoi, mentioned 2016 in your Comments Section(*I wasn't snooping around btw lol*). Also, it nice that you accept friend requests ^^
LunarStarGirl345 May 8, 2021 12:34 AM
Hello :3.
And no problem. ^^
Yeah, same here. It really is a great and an amazing series, tbh. Studio Wit did a really good job with it and I’m glad to see it getting more love and attention from the people that follow and read the manga. 😁
ApacheSnow69 May 7, 2021 8:45 PM
I'm honestly shocked that you you didn't give SAO lower score. You give off that "elitist" vibe due to your faves xD
Also, what your thought on the SAO Light Novel ?

Very rare to see your type of user on this platform. Going against the stereotypical norm(For example: MAL elitist mindset: "retro > modern").
However, you did give Eva a 4

I know this a stupid question, but, do you accept Friend request ?
Some occasion, MAL user have strict rule on who they accept to their friends list(critique & requirement to be accepted).

*Sorry for my poor English*
VirginAmirul May 6, 2021 5:19 PM
dan, it's been nearly 5 since i last commented on your profile hahaha (july 9 2016 judging from the conversation option lol). damn it's been too long man, i'm happy to see that you are also still watching anime despite having over 3k+ on your list. i hope you still found something great to watch (or you might rewatch old favs if you can't find something new to watch), seasonal shows are pretty good. (i'm not a seasonal watcher but it seems like most recent shows do have a high rating here, there is still the odd one or two like ex-arm being ridiculously low rated here haha people hated that show)

that anidb favourite design on your about me is nostalgic for me, i haven't used that site since 2019.
BloodlustBeast Mar 30, 2021 11:17 PM
Happy Birthday Dan!
SheyCroix Dec 31, 2019 7:38 PM


SheyCroix Mar 31, 2019 9:38 AM
Hey Dan~ Happy B-Day!
razorx009 May 23, 2018 7:07 PM
i tip my hat to you sir,you have accomplished something iv'e endeavored to do congrats,may we never stop watching anime.
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