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Jul 23, 2023
The original Macross anime was a unique show that delved into the profound themes of intergalactic discovery, mutual understanding, complex character development, and the struggles of humanity's survival. However, this movie seemed to have lost sight of the essence that made the series so special, as it turned into a mere two-hour advertisement for song albums.

One of the most glaring issues with this adaptation is the rushed and haphazard storytelling. The rich character development that made the original anime so compelling is completely lacking in this movie. Many characters seem to have lost their significance and screen time, leaving the audience disconnected and unsatisfied. The ...
Jul 3, 2023
I absolutely hated the first season but I thought I'd give Season 2 a try to see if there's an improvement and it will make WfM overall worth the watch. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.
Season 2 left much to be desired and failed to fix the mistakes of the first season. From underdeveloped characters to a lackluster plot, this installment fell flat and "Whatever" ride again.

One of the most glaring issues with Season 2 was the lack of character development. It seemed as though the majority of the characters were merely placeholders, barely contributing to the overall plot. Many of the supporting characters lacked depth, ...
Jun 15, 2023
You probably heard about the most underrated Gundam show, this is it!

A post-apocalyptic backdrop and great characters, Gundam X presents a tale of survival, hope, and the consequences of war.

Gundam X might looks like a what-if scenario of "what if Zeon dropped thousands of colonies instead of 1", but what sets Gundam X apart from other entries in the Gundam franchise is its unique setting and exploration of the aftermath of war. The series delves into the consequences of humanity's destructive tendencies and the struggles of those left behind in the war-ravaged world.

The characters in Gundam X are well-developed and relatable, each carrying their ...
Oct 27, 2022
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
After an amazing Prologue episode that was full of action and tragedy, the show decides to leave war and politics and become a generic girly comedy show similar to many moe/otomoe/SoL animes with recycled, cliché jokes, overused character templates, and other dumb tropes.

Not only the show decided to rip off Utena, but it's really plotless. 4 episodes so far and there is no real plot. it's just "haha awkward dumb girl getting in awkward situations and everyone wants to bang/bully her xD" kind of show.
it's cringe, it's awful and is tasteless... specifically made for the average standardless anime fan who just wants to lust over ...
Jan 21, 2022
In short, Baldios is like what happens when Grendizer and Layzner make a baby.

Baldios tells the story of Marin, who left his planet fleeing from a traitor Hitler-like bad guy called Gattler, who killed Marin's father and the planet leader just to overtake command and invade other planets.
both Marin and Gattler forces leave the dying S-1 planet and accidentally stumble upon the earth with Marin deciding to help Earthlings while Gattler deciding to invade Earth.

I came to this show not expecting much since it looked cheap and kinda generic at first but surprisingly, it had interesting new ideas, good character development, and tragic moments.

The animations, ...
Nov 5, 2021
This is the Grendizer prototype/test pilot that was shown with Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G manga before Grendizer aired on TV.

This movie shares the same story, music, characters and premise with Grendizer with few differences like the absence of totally different lead robot, the absence of Koji Kabuto and different character designs.

Despite being short, it's very fun to watch especially if you are fan of Grendizer and other Mazinger works and it's always interesting to see what could have been.

If you are interested in rare classics or if you are big fan of Go Nagai works, give this movie a watch
Oct 13, 2021
Not surprised that this is another terrible Pokemon movie.

Where to begin?
- Unoriginal story, literally a rip off of Tarzan but worse
- Typical cartoon villain being a bad guy because he's a bad guy (also extremely dumb, recording a proof of his evil plot for no good reason as if he wanted to be caught)
- Team Rocket role felt forced and unnecessary
- The humor is just etremely old jokes
- Tons of cliche ideas
- Overused "pokemon and humans must co-exist!" as if this subplot hasn't been used millions of times
- Just like in the previous movie, Ash doesn't do anything for most of the ...
Sep 26, 2021
Getter Robo Arc is a faithful adaptation of the manga by the same name.
The animations isn't that great but the show deserves a chance.
It tells the story of humans and dinosaur people working together to fight an alien civilization to save the Earth but one of them realized that they can't co-exist as long as Getter posing a threat to the entire universe.

- Faithful to the manga
- The added backstory and lore segments were nice, which weren't in the manga
- Black Shin Tarak and the new getters that appeared were hype as fuck
- Seeing animated segments from Go and Shin mangas were great
- Using old ...
Sep 14, 2021
86 (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Story: Unbelievable and slow
Characters: extremely generic, and most of them are barely have much writing or development. You are supposed to feel sad for characters that you barely get to know
Animation: The best part of the show

86 is a war drama with children soldiers who are forced to fight for an empire that for some reason doesn't want to fight except by sending children to die.
your MC is the typical naive dumb girl who wants to fix everything by crying and screaming all the time.
Your other MC is the typical emo silent sad boy with tragic past that barely talks.
The rest of the show are ...
Aug 7, 2020
The art and animations were great but it's another short anime about a boy in a region tot obsessed with Charizard.
there's no good story, it's just everyone talking about Charizard.

this is pretty getting too old and repetitive. yeah we get it, Charizard is cool but we don't need 4 freaking anime about Charizard only. there are other pokemon that deserve some love and spotlight as well.

Story: 3/10: Charizard propaganda
Art: 7/10
Characters: the gym leaders stories are cool but they are still invested in beating Leon and Charizard because there's nothing else to do in Galar
Enjoyment: few minutes per episode, meh
Overall: 4/10

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