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Jan 20, 2018
As a great fan of the original Irresponsible Captain Tylor and appreciator of short anime, I can safely say: This crap stain just don't know which public it was made for.

Is it for the fans of the original series? Well, ICT aired in 1993. I was born in 1993, and watched the series in 2015. I am 25 years old. Why in the world would someone like me enjoy a series that's just a very very poor attempt to make a children's series? Not even a kid would find this funny.

Now. Imagine the people who watched ICT in the original airing. These people are read more
Oct 18, 2017
Not much to see here. I came as an enthusiast of space-themed anime, but this wasn't about space at all, but about physics, mathematics and calculation.

The story is shallow and nothing interesting happens at all; you are left with a couple of beautiful, very well-animated scenes, but no compelling events for the plot. They study, they drink, they build a kind of spaceship, go on their mission and... That's it.

It's like you're seeing a slideshow of some trip your uncle Joe went to in 1979 and all he talks about is how good it was, but you get no feeling out of it, you just read more
Dec 29, 2015
I've always wanted to review Nanatsu, but I just couldn't give myself energy to do it. There's a lot of wrong things in this piece, and to flesh out each of them is gonna take time - but I really need to. A lot of reviews on MAL just didn't get to these points, so I'll have to talk about them myself.

Nanatsu is your average shonen, with ALL the cliches you can expect to see (overpowered characters, tits, superpowers, power of friendship and shit). But not only shonen cliches, also medieval story cliches: unbelievably unbreakable swords, giant monsters everywhere, kingdoms and knights, games of power read more
Sep 15, 2015
Tsugumi Ohba used his dark humor again, and it worked.

Yamada is a boy obsessed with suspense shows on TV - it's the only thing he actually likes. When he discovers the ability to skip or stop time, he decides to live only to watch them...

Yamada is a character so real I'm sure you know someone like him. If you don't, YOU are like him. Lazy, uncompromised with life, just wants to watch series. The identification hit me so hard that I made this review.

I highly recommend Skip! Yamada-kun. The art is ok for a one-shot. Yamada is everyone of us. The story is very well read more
Sep 7, 2015
Considering Gansgta is a difficult series to understand, this recap came in a good time.

It explains the families and the game of powers in Ergastulum, shows the origins and ranks of the Twilights (according to what has been shown until episode 9) and delineates the functions (and sometimes backstories) of almost all characters.

The only flaw of this special was the lack of a properly explanation of all the events from the latest episodes...

If your are having trouble with Gangsta's sometimes complicated plot, I recommend this. Don't watch it if you are ok with the plot; you may become bored.
Jul 29, 2015
Gakkyuu Houtei is somewhat difficult to classify. It belongs to the mystery, psychological, and (dark) comedy genres, and is a very unpredictable work. If you like Phoenix Wright, you came to the right manga. It follows the line 'yeah, advocacy can be very cool, entertaining and shonen-like!', and mixes serious themes (just wait to see as the end of the story approaches) with childish themes and elementary school problems.

The author uses irony and changes in the points of view to deceive the reader to always think something a lot darker than what is really happening. You'll understand me when you read the chapter about the read more
Jun 30, 2015
Pupa (Anime) add (All reviews)
This one is SO bad that is actually good. Yeah, I ENJOYED it.

It's basicaly about a monster girl who eats people. And her own brother - everyday.
An anime about a girl who eats her own brother everyday. Got it? It also has some secret organizations but who cares, the story is awlful, who would watch this for anything other than the bizarreness??

About the art... The gore is kinda ok, but the background art looks like it was made by my grandfather. He had no arms. The only point I think is really good is the soundtrack, I enjoyed the BGM. The rest is... read more
Jun 29, 2015
Mahouka is the worst anime I've ever watched. I finished it just to be able to say this with no doubts.

The story... well there's no story. There's Tatsuya killing everyone and being flattered by his blind followers. If there's any plot there, you just don't care. The slow pace and flat characters make you forget that there's somethign actually happening.

The art was the only reason I started to watch this bomb, it looked good... But in the end it wasn't. Repetitive school uniforms, all the students have the same faces, there's little to no facial expressions in any character, the scenery looks always the same read more
Jun 29, 2015
Short anime, short review: This one is a lovely (and kinda shounen-ai) slice of life anime, and it's worth of your attention.
It shows some situations between bishounen guys that work in a coffee, and how they deal with their different opinions on themselves.

Simple yet fair story, cute art, the sound is just okay, all characters manage to stand out from one another - this was what I liked the most about the series.

Now that the series had finished airing, you should watch ALL episodes at once, to multiply the enjoyment. C'mon, the whole series has a total duration of 24 minutes!

You should definitely try read more