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Dec 2, 2019
I’m kind of disappointed by both the current reviews (except the first one - “wholesome” this show is, indeed) and the LACK of ‘current’ reviews. Thing is: ‘topping off’ at the 4th episode, why isn’t this show garnering more attention and reviews further than that? I’m very confused by this, and you can bet I’ll darn-well explain why:

So, firstly, I don’t expect my review to change between this point in the season and ‘by the end of the season’. It has been extremely consistent and, frankly, I’d almost bet my life that it’ll continue to uphold its standards of storytelling, animation, (mediocre) sound design, whatever read more
Oct 20, 2019
Woooot, finally an English dub! Sakamoto (our fluffy but “cat-like” (aka douchebag) kittykat) is a vocal champ, and all of our cast sound spot-on! Such an amazing Dub! Frankly though: even though I’m rewatching, there’s a gag about a voodoo doll that does my head in... This time around, I knew I needed Wikipedia to solve it - as opposed to ‘doing nothing’ like I did the first time around when this show was only subbed. This time around, I understood enough to do the minimum research in order to appreciate (and, thus, laugh at) this joke - you know, as opposed to “derrr, this read more
Feb 14, 2019
Nidome no Yuusha is a hard one to review as it hasn’t made much progress yet and is very much being both released and translated slowly. As a result, I’ll re I’ve based on what I’ve read/seen (manga somewhat influencing the artistic perspective of this review) so far.

His story is about the typical ‘hero summoned from earth’ tale. Our main character lives an entire life “fighting the demon lord” both in order to save the humans (what he naturally assumes are compatriots) of this world and to return home after completing his mission.

This hero is told that, the only way to return home is to read more
Sep 20, 2018
*Note: will refer to the title as Ore Little Apocalypse for short. Also, I haven’t read the manga but I really doubt it rectifies its shortcomings.
*Warning: there may be some small spoilers amongst this review.

Well, it’s been a while since I felt enthused enough to write a review on a book (or anything, really). The last time I did, it was because I felt a series wasn’t getting the attention it deserved; but this time, it’s because people should know just how much this novel ‘does right’ before tearing down all the hard work it put into setting up this shipwreck. Well, shall we read more
Jun 20, 2018
Warning: minor spoilers from the introduction of the setting - nothing that should hamper your experience in the slightest though!
A lot of action, a dab of fantasy, a swish of sci-fi blended together with a beautiful sense of incongruity and conspiracy; throw in some ecchi for good measure, some cool character designs and no one who's annoying; and just a very well-executed story weaved together with tonnes of mystery and a sort of “god-complex hard-magic" system (well kind of, without the magic and more like ‘Super Heroes’).

Plunderer is a dystopian world ruled by numbers. Everyone has a number that's attributed from birth to some objective read more
Oct 4, 2017
Volumes read: 4
Dungeon Seeker, a novel I struggled to not give a full 10. A book full of shock, horror, and an unpleasantly daunting veil of mystery. With no reviews, I’m honestly surprised such an adult addition to the masses of mediocre isekai tales isn’t more of a hit with veteran readers. Let me explain, ‘aye.

Dungeon Seeker is about our young teenage boy, Junpei Takeda, who along with some fellow notorious classmates and a childhood friend, get sent off to a ‘tranquil fantasy world full of wonder and inexplicable conveniences of livelihood’—not. Dungeon Seeker can be seen as a gentle deconstruction to the isekai read more