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Arakismo Jan 18, 5:06 PM
Thank you for the link!

I don't mind using torrents and my internet is fine (Optical Fiber), but I liked the simplicity of having everything fast and in good quality with those services.

I'll probably cancel my Funimation subscription because of how trash the service is, let's get back to torrents for everything that's not on Crunchyroll ^^
Retyadro Jan 3, 8:57 AM
I only know one male aussie from Melbourne
Retyadro Dec 27, 2020 5:16 AM
Wait are you Lewis Spears?
Retyadro Dec 27, 2020 5:15 AM
I tought I had bad taste
Accelerator48 Oct 27, 2020 12:46 PM
Oh yeah people on this site doing these reviews feel like they're competing on who can talk shit about a show more and it's frustrating. So seeing your positive reviews in the middle of all the crap reviews was really nice! And as for this season, I'm actually planning on watching a bunch. A lot of shows caught my eyes unlike previous seasons this year. Here's everything im planning on watching:

Jujutsu Kaisen

Tonikaku Kawaii

Higurashi remake


Our Last Crusade or the Rise of the New World

Akudama Drive

I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives

Talentless Nana

Moriarty the Patriot

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

By the Grace of the Gods

Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai

Warlods of Sigrdrifa

Magatsu Wahrheit

A lot I know but all of them peaked my interest lol. Also I usually wait for shows to finish before watching them, so I can binge
Accelerator48 Oct 26, 2020 4:14 AM
Hey man! Thanks for accepting my friend request. I've loved that your reviews are positive about a lot of series that deserve more love like Plunderer and 8th son
captjoe213 Aug 8, 2020 1:04 AM
Happy birthday I hope you have a great one!
aljaz Jul 1, 2020 12:17 PM
Hi, finally finished xD ... today I learned that I would have max 2500 words and I have cca 8500 ... but it is their fault to expect so little from me xD. What are they expecting, I am on on master's degree and I should still write few pages long "originals" (while we had to include min. 7 different references to material to our courses). Fuck you school, you let me be as original as wikipedia xD. And that comes from "provocative" professor that lets us "think with out heads". Sure, hope you use my paper for your book or something next time you write one xD ... it became quite a nice paper, even had to wrote it in english and all ... only 2 more to do if professor (other class) wont just outright deny me for being late.

There, rant is over, so back to your letter ... fun to see something of my size :). I usually have quite a bit of troubles, because people are used to twitter form of discussion. But I can see their point, if I were as before I invested ton of effort (and was chief editor, admin and graphic designer for student magazine (fun times)), I was a tiny itsy bit unreadable xD. I have a friend that still is, fun to struggle to read him, even if he is quite a smart one :). I think the problem lies in values. School teaches you less understandable (metaphorical, hard to read, elite) one is, better he is, so putting effort into readability seems like a wasted effort. It doesnt help if your essays are timed and on paper, so you have no way to rewrite them at least once, as you always should in my experience (with myself xD).

Hm, I generally use fb the most, email quite often (when I am not too afraid of it) and not much else. I think I have Discord, just not using it at all ... or I do a lot if that is that think that lets you comment under most manga's, tons of fun trolling ... probably not, there is also Steam, main channel with one of my friends. Can do, just to warn you, I am not used to it. So, fb is most surefire, but it is not appropriate for long messages. And it is ugly (why? why? why?). I dont trust email, because there is quite a chance email might get buried in spam. I like Steam quite a lot, it is nice, just the most useless of all mentioned xD. So, can try Discord, share acc name, will see if I can find you.

Heh, I once even opened a discussion with anarchistic professor why I keep challenging his authority in class (I initiated it, I thought it had to be said, he was a nice guy), like building airplanes out of of paper with our signatures (presence in class), coming late etc.. So, we have anarchic expectations, but class structure is overwriting it (he is still a professor and I a student), so I have to keep engaging into acts that confirms our equality, play-equal so to speak. At least that is a short version x), there is quite more anthropology behind it :)

Will do, as of now, I have 82 pages and an entirely new fully developed character I didnt intend to develop at all, so I hope I can manage it in 100 pages (I lost my hope thou). He has mentally ill mother and father that is beating him and blaming him for mother's condition, while he is supersensitive for other people ... deep shit, so he is perfect for helping Saki :D. Isnt world just around the corner? I hope I at least get a blood bath at the end of story ... I know how it sounds, but I play a villain in the story, that happens to help protagonist. Story keeps getting out of my hand, Saki is in charge at the moment. She should become even better now as she got Soda on her side, Clare was a mixed bag. He is from a group of schoolmates that raped her (he didnt, not ranked high enough). Story will probably end soon after her father's rape is defused ... I am still wondering how to do that, but at the moment she has bigger problems to worry about.

It is weird to hear someone can relate to such a tragic story to this extend. And there I was, wondering if they didnt go too far to the point of unrealistic. Then again, it wouldnt be first time such a thing surprised me, there is a story about 2 of my classmates that I wouldnt go into, too long x), but one of them was also under words, family, drugs, rapes, police. Many more stories like that, but those two surprised me. I am closer to DAOKO Girl in my personal tragedy x), even if worst of it is behind me.

There is a "Hentai Revenge-Porn" Healing mage xD? Da fuck :D? That sound straight out of Overlord's farm. Ou god, someone did it.

I didnt read others, but it sounds like something hard to put down, so I might wait after I get noose of deadlines away from my neck, just to be safe xD. I heard about Gluttony, I keep noticing it, I didnt went into it, because it reminded me too much on that long title about slime where he got skill Gluttony. To be precise, quite a lot of titles lately like to insert sin of gluttony as a skill x).

No worries, I also liked The King's Avatar and it is chinese anime and manga ... and novel, but I think I didnt read it.

Heh, I just hope it is not like Tales of Demons and Gods. I think I wasted one or two months of my life on it (manga and LN) before I figured out I was tricked. There is no grand story, author is just struggling to find new excuses to continue perpetuating forever-training. If you compare what MC knows later from forever, you can notice he coudnt have known it from before, because he would act differently + never mentioned it even if it was obvious. Nice story, but it is also a trap of one's time, pointless. I dont trust author is ever going to finish it, he will just make something up to excuse continuation x)

By experience, thinking is quite exhausting and it wastes lot of your early life, but it is also awarding in long run (if you happen to be at least decent at it). But you have to take into consideration, that it is kind of like a muscle, it quickly deteriorates if not constantly worked on, so ... dont know, I love it xD, I get frustrated if I cant explain something, so it is better option than state of constant frustration. Few year ago I finally managed to understand enough to be more or less stable, way less grand unknowns and new discoveries than before. Most people describe me as someone that "has drawer for everything", but it is a bit of more complicated by that, because I became metamodernist. Now I know how powerless I am to know everything and under what circumstances my knowledge has any meaning at all :D. Also, I was having an emotional diary on my phone and I noticed that my life satisfaction is way better than most peoples. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel that isnt a train :D

So Critical Theory (I think it is also called Frankfurt school of thought) is a school of thought that started in Germany and made itself distinct from american (imperial) way of thinking. It is very continental (continental Europe). If most people usually explore how things work, because we have imperial power of science, Critical Theory people will tell you all about how unreasonable, problematic and critical things are in the most everyday things of your life, including the way you think and love. While it is quite cynical, it is also quite liberating and it contributed greatly to our understanding of how systems work x). So, imagine you have a horse. It is nice to have a horse, but if you will get to know more about a horse, you will never get to think about a car, because horses are already perfect and perfected. You need someone to deeply question underlining logic in order to get something revolutionary new, like new way of transportation. Same with any theory. And of course, such thinking is quite problematic for any given power (empire), because it questions that perfect status quo, so it is not that popular in USA academia as it is in Europe.

I wouldnt say most people are bad, it is more necessity of societal requirements. When you get used to it, it becomes less traumatic, because you get used to trauma, so most of what you arent used to is fun :D. Also, you appreciate more when things dont turn out more terrible than expected way. I love birds for instance. They are cute. And they are dinosaurs. They are fun :D. So, you get used to society being society, but birds are still there and are still cute to look at :). Also, I tend to be nice, I hope so, so, there is also me and I am part of society, so when I am not an asshole, society can be quite nice :). Once I started understanding how minds work I was quite worked up how war-like they are. But now I also appreciate how much solidarity there is and I got used to the fact they have to be egotistic and have a great fun observing how they try to evade violence. Fun. At least for me x)

So, when we started our first year we were told 3 things. No make that 4. 4. Politics is a bitch. That was our first learned definition of it. 1. we study power. 2. we are protectors of democracy. 3. our country doesnt need us, it doesnt know what to do with itself and there is little chance for it to change for better. You see, already ton of fun :D! We were once taken to our parlament just to see how pointless debates there are, because they are just presentations of lobbying groups and no one will listen to you, because 1. they wont know what you are saying and will let you know how stupid you are because of it 2. they are paid to represent interests, not think about future or something. When I think about it, that part was fun, but also a bit depressing, but I was used to it by then x). We are supposed to crack the crust of society and stir what is beneath it, so ooze underneath can surface and stink, so that something might be done about it. Our professor, that is also kind of a leader of one of major political parties (and part of multi-level marketing scheme) even told us if we are hated and someone tries to kill us, we probably stumbled on something important, it is the best way to know you are onto something. Isnt school fun :D? You get to learn something new every day xD.

Beside that, we specialise in critical thinking skills, should know how power works and what to do about it and how to convince people to be a tiny bit nicer to each other if there is a need for it. We have to know worst of humanity and try to do something about it. Presumably something that will lead to something less frustrating. You see, that is why I love birds, less genocides than humans on average. We also got to know all about brand new ways of thinking that are quite fun and also great many great ideas about society and how to turn it on better, more working way. We cant do anything about, but ... well, it is nice to know there are alternatives :D. As mentioned, society will be society, it is quite a long time this is true and we didnt managed to exterminate ourselves yet, so I can try to be better and now I have a lot of knowledge about everything to be weary off :). That way, I can be a little bit less of a jerk to most of people and when I am, I can explain why that is important :D

So, that is that. If you dont mind, I can also send you my last paper (so I might feel a little less pointless on making it) to see what I am dealing with :). It turned out better than expected, still not as good as I would like, but I would say it is decent.
aljaz Jun 22, 2020 7:16 AM
Hoj, I will :), but at this moment, I have my hands full with school work, so I will try to get to it in more earnest once I get a little less depressed about my existence xD, nothing serious, I just start guilt trip every time I try to kickstart "work period". I am lazy and workaholic at the same time, so it is always a mess :), because I try to be better than anyone and original and I usually succeed being original, but it lefts me exhausted afterwards. I just really dislike working like a zombie, it fills me with dread. Just not my tipe of work.

Dont worry about LN, it is not that depressing at all :), in fact I would say it is quite lighthearted. Then again, I am a student of politology, so I do notice I got quite used to things that enrage most people around me and are just way of the world to me. You get used to it once you are exposed to Critical Theory for this many years ... but I noticed when I visited Faculty of Arts, andragogy, I just like to visit different classes that arent meant for me, they are way more open and hopeful than ours. For instance, we introduced "what is our call" the same way we get to talk about our hobbies at our classes. I quite liked it, even if I do understand why our department might feel more depressing. They start with idea, that there are people that need their help, so they have to learn how to provide. We start with idea, that society is power structure, we study power and our best intents will be met with threats to our existence, both ideological (they wont like what you say, you should die) and pragmatical (whey really wont like what you say, you might die). It is just not the best environment to stay positive :D, you need to get thick skin.

But Bookworm is still way more lighthearted than Madoka ... that was some depressing storytelling. But I loved it if I remember correctly xD. I wouldnt noticed it as work of feminism. I think I understand how that would be the case, because it probably counts as deconstruction of magical girls trope, it also turns "love will save the day" on its head. The one who loves is a spider and the one who is loved is butterfly. But theme seems similar to Claymore ... women fight women, they are protagonists, villain, aspiration and power and what drives story forward. In Claymore, she even has male sidekick. It definitely sounds very feminist inspired, I am just not sure if it is feminist, because at least I coudnt find any message inside of it. Did I miss anything? It doesnt need to, fun that they exist already xD, they are nice works on their own :)

I am actually writing alternative ending to manga Emergence, I have 64 pages already, I am guessing it will be cca 80-100 pages long fanbased "good ending". It was memed onced, I read it and felt so depressed and wanted to do something. I am writing in english, but it is my second language, so it might be lacking in tenses xD and I am inside of a story as god-cat character, trying to help her when she coudnt do without some supernatural assistance, but I am keeping cat on "it", so that anyone could assert himself/herself into it and help that girl or just copy-paste the story and remade it into his own, how he would like to end it. I will probably step on great many toes, but I am quite proud of how she is starting to develop, learn from her mistakes and grow as a character, she even had a fight with me in order to let her do more on her own, because she felt I am too present in her life ... and then just attracted equivalent of a deathsquad (her classmates) on her head, but is now quite competently dodging them on her own ... proud of her :). Long story short, if you might be interested, I would recommend Emergence (hentai?) if you havent read it already and I can link you my part after I finish it.

So, again, will get around to recommend something, out of my head I only remember "So I'm a Spider, So What?", that one was fun xD, I think that manga was quite fateful to LN, but LN has way more material, she is long established god by now, while in manga she is still eating her mother's mind, at least the last time I checked on it.

But you might also know The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic? I love that one :D. I read LN, but I am not sure if there is one, because it was only as long as manga.

Have fun :)
aljaz Jun 21, 2020 8:19 AM
Hi, next episode just came out. I was expecting this, but I didnt wanted to mention it before I it would actually occur. Here is part of a LN that was censored this time. And it was censored, because it was shown, just content was different :). No adoult nobles that see young girl as a rape material in this anime xD. Main was warned in advance that she would have to marry noble that would protect her from other nobles. But her show of mana didnt exactly help her stay hidden from those, that might see her as a womb for magical offsprings.

“Is that all I need to do, High Priest?”

“Yes, the earth is now filled with mana. In fact... you went too far.” That last bit was a quiet murmur, so quiet I almost didn’t hear it. I tilted my head in confusion, but the High Priest just shook his head and turned to face the Knight’s Order. I turned around as well and saw that all of the knights were stunned, their faces painted with utter disbelief. All of them had wide eyes, and many of their jaws had actually dropped.

...Um, what? Why are they all looking at me like that? I went a little hard since the High Priest told me to show off, but um... maybe I did go too far? Their gawking looks made me feel so uncomfortable that I slid behind the High Priest, fidgeting. But he stepped in front of me and cleared his throat.

“This is the apprentice shrine maiden accepted by both the temple and the Archduke. Are there any here who object to that decision?”

The knights came back to their senses and all lowered their eyes, keeping their silence. They all stayed in formation with their eyes on the ground. That was probably how they conveyed their lack of objections. As I blinked in surprise, the High Priest nodded.

“...No objections, then. Good.” Only when the High Priest gave a dismissive “hmph” did the knights look up. But their expressions of surprise were now gone, replaced with the sharp eyes of predators who had found their prey.

“Eek?!” They looked so scary that I had to swallow an actual scream. I froze up beneath the weight of so many hungry stares. It felt like they had concluded I was prey to hunt and devour. The moment I let my guard down, they would bite. I was the mouse being chased by hungry snakes.

With trembling legs, I took a stealthy step to the side to hide completely behind the High Priest’s back.

“I forgot to mention,” the High Priest continued, “but the apprentice is in my custody. I believe you understand the significance of that.” His words calmed their carnivorous stares at once. That was a relief, but out of all of them I was the only one who didn’t actually understand the significance of that.
aljaz Jun 17, 2020 12:28 PM

Censoring might be a hard word, but after getting used to so many adaptations, there are a few trends that you start to notice (It also helps if one of your friends is devoted feminist, so you get to know all about it xD).

So, for the most part, Bookworm is just underfunded and rushed. Extremly so. There are great many instances when adaptation is beautiful, so they did care, but ... rushed and uderpaid. For instance, in last season, there was that beautiful picture for a picture book. And then that was shown like only picture ever made, even if every page probably had it's own picture. So someone took his time to make it, but not enough to continue, so even if anime would be "just" rushed, how many books per season were covered, it still feels underpaid.

That taken into account from quality perspective, cuts were made ... which parts are cut? For instance, there is a part where she gets new servants. Each one gets opportunity to prove himself, but only girl's is cut, like it is not important enough. There are many parts of a book that are "women problems". For instance, there is a substory of her cook, that got her job (was lucky and fought hard) because she didnt wanted to become a waitress. That was because waitress is expected to be a prostitute and even father will sell her daughter to his patrons, it is just normal. That girl in orphanage wasnt just attempted to be rapet, she was tricked, taken to bedroom and her master stopped that from happening just before "flower offering". Those children in orphanage didnt all survived, there are no babies, partly because lack of patrons, but more importantly because all died from starvation and lying in their own fecies and urin, only "lucky" ones survived for Main to save them, which is why her girl-servant is so affraid ever to return to the orphanage, she was saved because of her looks, I think that her friends that were "only one of you can be trained as a servant" were left to die, because they werent pretty enough. There is also the attitude. When female-servant gets pregnant, she gets discarted. Offering flowers is her main job and her baby will become part of an orphanage. If boy, he will become servant, if girl, cycle repeats.

So, cenzorship happens for lot of reasons, for instance, I felt sorry how anime dropped banana joke from Tower of God and how Overlord didnt mention how Demiurge is experimenting by forcing different races to copulate in aiding his research, then bringing them together and making dinner out of their children, where parents have to watch how other parents eat their babies + sometimes it could be argued that censorship is just a fix for actually lacking story. Then again ... if it repeats too often, you notice a theme, in which way risky media as anime (more money involved, also why creators quite often have to fight publishers, that want fanservice in anime, even if it degrades main cast). If you might be interested, How to Suppress Women's Writing from Russ is quite a nice book with many hilarious examples, I even based some of my papers on it. And again ... anime is quite often liberal. Just not feminist.

Now, you might argue that such cuts are random ... but for that, anime Wandering Son gives you quite shocking view on gander in japan society. Boy dresses into girl. Stranger bumps into him. First, boy just stands there, then he remembers he is a girl, so he politely appologizes to waiting stranger. I am not sure if I know for one feminist anime (maybe Claymore?). There is quite a lot liberal ones, just never noticed feminist one and I think that I have 300-350 animes behind me (and yes, there are lots of anime made for women, different story, I think Bookworm is one of them, noticed from a tone of intro and story, totally different from one that targets me, was surprised how instantly my cousiness liked intro, I needed a long time to get used to it).

So, and again, most cuts are made because it is rushed and underpaid. I just also get that feeling from scenes, that were kept in x). I am sorry for it, because it is one of best LN I read till now and most of holes that I noticed while watching anime got explained once I started reading books. I also quite love books, spend most of my childhood free time helping school librarian in elementary's library, fingers black from rearanging the entire library, so that they werent mixed anymore, then just keeping them properly maintained. I would very much like for anime to cover Main's passion for books :) ... but again, anime is at the moment more like a visual summary. At least I noticed it, so that I got hungry enough to search for more xD (there is also manga, but I am guessing that anime is made on manga? I didnt noticed much difference).

Sorry for long reply, I just dont know you enough to assume who you are, so I feel obliged to take any consideration into account and bomb myself afterwards :). Anyway,

Have fun :D
_Azuka_ Jun 17, 2020 5:49 AM
You might want to reconsider the rating for Hachi nan tte... Like you said there are a lot of better brain dead animes but IMO it doesn't deserve an 8. I never rate shows until I finish them but I couldn't hold back and stamped it with a 3 to be fair I am on ep11. Anyway I won't be surprised if you change your rating on it after ep6 I think... when he meets Elise it all goes to shit. Even more shit than it was in before which is pretty hard to do.
Idiot-Chef Jun 4, 2020 10:29 AM
good review on Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou!
Monkiesto May 18, 2020 2:39 PM
I'm sorry but Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! is definitely not an 8. It's poorly executed and awkward to watch half the time, at most a 5. Don't get me wrong, the concept is super cool, the execution though sucks.
SupremeLord Apr 23, 2020 4:58 PM
I actually had to skim read it again to make sure I got the details right. It's part of the reason Reviewing Volume 2 is taking so long for me, even though I'm basically halfway through.

You know, I may actually check that entry level stuff out. Would you mind sending me a copy?