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Jul 2, 2009
Usually I am not a huge fan of 12 or less episode series, but this was among one of the few that I really enjoyed. Each episode brought the story along bit by bit, and for the amount of characters that were involved in the anime, I was fairly astounded with how they managed to fit all of it into 12 episodes. There were a few odds and ends that probably could have been touched up a bit more, but no complaints there.

As a male, I did enjoy the random ecchi moments, but then I also did enjoy the way they could take the females, read more
Jul 2, 2009
When I started this series, it was more over me just flipping through random anime and going hey why not and watching the first ep. After watching the first ep I was strangely captivated by all of the characters in the anime. Each character had a distinct feature about them, but at the same time many of the characters could be thought as similar.

This is not a anime for people who like fast paced action in my opinion, but instead made for simple relaxation and enjoyment.

You learn about the characters as the story continues, and through multiple stories, a bigger picture is created.

I would read more
Dec 7, 2008
Story- Good story overall, predictable ending but it does not matter. The action over powers it.

Art- Beautiful flow to the artwork in this anime

Sound- Have to say, the dub was surprisingly well done and very enjoyable.

Character- The main character was a very Spike Spiegelish person. I consider them to be the same in more ways then one. The vibe from both of them was the same in many ways. I basically classified the characters in this anime as Cowboy Bebop meets mecha.

Enjoyment- Great story that i really got into, enjoyed all of the characters and loved the plot.

Overall- This anime deserves a watch, kept read more
May 19, 2008

I'm a big fan of Steven Blum from Bebop to Vandread to Champloo...on and on.

Animes with him are basically the only dub i ever watch, and i saw this on a list of his animes he has acted in. At first I didnt think much about this anime sides some perv who is a giant pedobear. But after watching this anime with 3 episodes left, i have to say this ranked higher than GITS, Bebop, and FMA on epicness. The guy is a role model to me and i personally wanna grow up to be just like him, minus the teacher part.