Jul 2, 2009
Wolfy36 (All reviews)
When I started this series, it was more over me just flipping through random anime and going hey why not and watching the first ep. After watching the first ep I was strangely captivated by all of the characters in the anime. Each character had a distinct feature about them, but at the same time many of the characters could be thought as similar.

This is not a anime for people who like fast paced action in my opinion, but instead made for simple relaxation and enjoyment.

You learn about the characters as the story continues, and through multiple stories, a bigger picture is created.

I would say that this anime is either a hit or miss with people, ya love it or ya don't.

To all people out their though I would say to most certainly give this anime a try.

For 11 episodes I was completely satisfied, except for the never ending wish for more.

This anime is for both males and females a like, I don't believe one group would prefer it over another, its an acquired taste tbh.