Jul 2, 2009
Wolfy36 (All reviews)
Usually I am not a huge fan of 12 or less episode series, but this was among one of the few that I really enjoyed. Each episode brought the story along bit by bit, and for the amount of characters that were involved in the anime, I was fairly astounded with how they managed to fit all of it into 12 episodes. There were a few odds and ends that probably could have been touched up a bit more, but no complaints there.

As a male, I did enjoy the random ecchi moments, but then I also did enjoy the way they could take the females, and be both serious and ecchi at the same time. Most times its usually either a serious plot, or just massive amounts of boobs, but this anime managed to create a decent (but not perfect) balance between the two.

After the first few episodes I wasn't really sure of what to think, but by the end of the series I was left with an overall good impression of the series.

I'd suggest it to anyone who was into romance plots and character development for sure.