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Jan 30, 2020
*The following review may containg few minor spoilers*

This show is a parody, isn't? No??? What a shame...

Really, after watching the 4th episode I was wondering about that, because Maple is literally the infamous Mary Sue.
A complete noob doing what nobody else tries to do in a game, collecting rare skills as it was leaves falling in the autumm, obtaining the skills that luckly are the one that she needs most in the moment. Her "luck" is so uncanny that even the developers are surprised.

Another point that is affected by this is the plot. Until now there is only exploring, but with no real steaks. read more
Jul 29, 2018
When i knew that a SAO spin-off was coming, i was very exciting. I didn't need to wait until Alicization to see that world again, one of my hyped animes of te season, but...

The half of the series prove me wrong. GGO is awful.

Let's start with some conveniences, like Pito is Elza... WTF??? the "idol" of hers happens to be the main villian (what are the odds to this really happening)... For what??? To make a cliché plot twist that was hinted since the beginning??? Also the littles kids that she always is jealous of (another bs that i talk later) are for some convenient read more