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Jun 4, 2019
If, like me, you have a fetish with stockings/thighs/feet let me tell you that this anime is perfect for you! It has very detailed scenes of them that you will love for sure. And it could not be otherwise because the story & art are directed by Yomu who is an artist specialized in women with stockings (god bless this man). I've been following his work since last year and I can confirm he is one of the most talented artists in this kind of drawings.

Although the chapters have four minutes lenght they have a cool story and are enough to appreciate the beauty of read more
May 24, 2019
As a big fan of this genre of animes I've been waiting for this special chapter since it was announced.

This review may contain few spoilers btw

Like the previous chapters, WataTen bring us the story of Mya-nee and her sister's friends having day-to-day experiences. The classic beach episode could not be missed and the same with the halloween's one. Is truly enjoyable see this girls having fun, I'll really miss them (specially the opening and the MYA NEE screams).

There is not too much to say about this, if you watch the original anime this could be good for you. Enjoy!
May 11, 2019
I've just watch 6 episodes but I think it's necessary to do a review of this.

Kimetsu no Yaiba has a great story. In a nutshell, it's about a guy named Tanjirou with a sister who was the unique survivor to a massacre of a demon to their family but she turned into one and it's Tanjirou's mission find a way to return humanity to his sister.

The art is really AWESOME, we can see this in every episode with the detailed desing of the characters, the background and landscapes. The draw style is outstanding even in the little bonus at the end of every chapter.

It read more
May 9, 2019
I was waiting for this since it was announced cause I felt it will be a great anime to watch and I was not wrong.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai aka We Never Learn introduce us into a story of two clever girls who want to study a career in which they wouldn't be good at all (the mathematical girl wants a humanities career and the literature one wants an astronomy career). We all know the importance of study something that make us feel complete and strive to get it and these girls are not the exception.

The objective of Yuiga (the main) is help the girls read more
May 8, 2019

If you're the classic depressed weeb like me, a student with an excessive academic workload or simply a person who feels that something is missing... THIS ANIME IS FOR YOU!!

It's the fluffiest anime I've ever seen, basically Senko-san is someone that each one of us want to have at home waiting when we are back from the real world.

Have a nice story, seems pretty similar to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon but this anime have less comedy moments and more cute and fluffy scenes.

A good opening and ending too, specially the ending which read more
May 8, 2019
Kenja no Mago is the seasonal isekai like any other of any past season.
Have a good story, nice to see and follow. A decent art with some flat scenes.

I'm disappointed with the opening, I know it's an isekai anime but looks more serious than any other to have an opening like this.

Cool characters specially Shin, the main, with powerful magical spells and his characteristic common sense. His friends just follow him like a flock of sheeps because of his magical ability.

This anime is enjoyable of course, but the way it develops makes me feel that will end up being one of the bunch of isekais.
May 7, 2019
This is an anime about 4 isekai worlds (Re:Zero, KonoSuba, Overlord & Youjo Senki) bringed to another isekai. It's not really necessary to have seen all of them but if you want a better comprehension just read the argument you're missing.
Nice opening, very energic. Great ending with the most remarkable waifus of each anime. (Emilia, Aqua, Albedo and Tanya).
A nice character development I think, we can know more about the real thoughts of the protagonists of each isekai.
In a nutshell, Isekai Quartet developes a scholar story with the main characters of the animes as students who are not necessarily the best classmates. Very enjoyable.
May 5, 2019
Hitoribocchi have an OK story like any other scholar slice of life. We can't expect too much of the art because of the story itself but it has a great opening which resumes all the plot of the story.
The character development isn't outstanding, Bocchi have the same shy and quiet attitude in every chapter and her friends just go around it.
Despite all the above words, I really enjoy to see this every friday with my 10 years old sister, she finds Bocchi as a funny character and the same with her classmates.
In overall I give this anime a 8 (very good), if you have some read more
May 1, 2019
Must say I started to watch this thanks to the memes and I don't be sorry.
A slice of life anime is always good when you're tired of all the classic shounen/seinen stuff of the season and this isn't an exception.

A good story like all the animes of the genre.
Nice art of the characters, background and of course the music with an enjoyable opening.
An ok character development, you can't demand too much of an anime like this.

With a wonderful final, this anime could be great to see occasionally.

Overall 8
You must see this if you're looking for something to makes you happy for at least 20min in read more