May 11, 2019
Tsukihi_Phoenix (All reviews)
I've just watch 6 episodes but I think it's necessary to do a review of this.

Kimetsu no Yaiba has a great story. In a nutshell, it's about a guy named Tanjirou with a sister who was the unique survivor to a massacre of a demon to their family but she turned into one and it's Tanjirou's mission find a way to return humanity to his sister.

The art is really AWESOME, we can see this in every episode with the detailed desing of the characters, the background and landscapes. The draw style is outstanding even in the little bonus at the end of every chapter.

It has a strong and stunning opening that goes according to the story and an OST which remarks every important scene. The ending is remarkable too.

Every character have their inner story, Tanjiro and his family and the others with their past.
I really enjoy every episode of this. Although it sounds exaggerated it makes me feel alive with every sensation it gives to me.

In overall I give this anime a 10/10 because is perfect in every way. Probably the best of this season.

Watch it! I'm sure you will enjoy it.