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Jun 29, 2013
Pietà (Manga) add
Preliminary (5/6 chp)
Pietà is a good example of what one could call a "psychological romance", most commonly found in josei manga: much like titles such as Houkago Hokenshitsu, the focus is on the characters' inner demons, how they relate to and influence each other, and general psychological development, rather than dealing mainly with relationships and their own conflicts. In that sense, the relationship is understood merely as an extension of the characters' intentions. While there's no inherent problem in regular, more romantic-oriented and idealized titles, an alternative take on the genre is always welcome.

The plot is quite simple and its progression straightforward. It doesn't need obstacles usually ...
May 26, 2013
Haitai Nanafa (Anime) add
Haitai Nanafa is one of those niche micro-series with 3-5 minutes episodes that few people notice (yes, you are part of an elite group for even reading this), so it's quite hard to make a very deep analysis of it. That's not an issue, though, as it doesn't need one.

The series is lively and cute, but it actually tries to entertain instead of relying solely on the moe factor. Of course, it's impossible to ignore the appeal of young girls from different ages to a certain... peculiar public, but really, there's more to Haitai Nanafa than being a lolicon bait. Most episodes can put at ...
Apr 10, 2013
GJ-bu (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
GJ-bu is part of a sub-genre of slice of life which encompasses K-On, Yuru Yuri and others. These shows spend most of their times showing characters on a club usually doing absolutely nothing, whether because they skip club activities or because the club activities have no real purpose. They are usually hard to review due to few complexity in plot and characters, but it's not like it's non-existent. GJ-bu, however, takes this to extreme measures.

Now, before you argue that the quality of the story is irrelevant, consider the following. If GJ-bu wants to show cute girls (and a boy, though on the verge of being ...
Apr 9, 2013
Seirei Tsukai (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Seirei Tsukai leads us to a nostalgia trip to the 1990's and its typical battle shounen series: corny, cheesy and flashy, but ultimately engaging, with charismatic characters and awesome battles. Unfortunately, Seirei Tsukai takes only the lame elements from the shounen formula and slams them all into a 48 minutes mess.

The plot is very standard, as you can read in the synopsis: normal guy receives the "call to adventure" after his friend has been captured, and it turns out he is some kind of "chosen one". Thus, he needs to defeat the bad guy. The problem is not the lack of originality, specially since there ...
Jan 2, 2013
Mixed Feelings
The OVA Deimos no Hanayome is, in one short sentence, a glorified demonstration of the manga. Does it make it bad? Not quite, but it definitely represents wasted potential.

First of all, do you see that pretty interesting premise for the plot in the synopsis? Yeah, forget about it. The main plot is told in the first few minutes and the rest of the OVA dedicates itself to a side story which is pretty much filler, so no revengeful gods, unconventional love or something like that. This is by far one of the greatest flaws here: you've got yourself some good enough source material for an ...
Jan 1, 2013
In Steel Ball Run, Araki once again delivers a story arc full of clever battles, creative abilities, crazy plots and lovely characters. No, this is even better than the previous arcs, as the author continues to recycle his own style and improve without limits. This is a very rare example in which the author actually gets better with time, and Steel Ball Run provides very good evidence for that.

The story starts out pretty simple: our crippled Joestar hero, Johny, gangs up with Gyro Zeppeli and aims for the top in the intense Steel Ball Run race. Each competitor has his own unique motivations, abilities and ...
Jan 22, 2011
Mixed Feelings
So here we go again, with yet another movie to promote the famous franchise of Pokemon and entertain us by throwing random villains, powerful Pokemon and some explosions. Being those the primary objectives, Phantom Ruler Zoroark actually does a decent job. As a matter of fact, no matter how hard you try, it's impossible to see a single attempt of making a movie which sustains itself; all for the sake of advertisement. So why bother writing a review? Exactly because of this uncompromised environment, allowing the viewer to simply erase everything in his mind and enjoy an equally uncompromised experience.

Quality-wise, the movie holds the tradition ...
Jan 23, 2010
Ane Doki (Manga) add
Ane Doki is a simple, and somewhat predictable, manga. If you read the synopsis, you will know very well what you are getting into: a light comedy with a bit of ecchi and a generic premise. If you don't like generic manga, ecchi, simple characters, or love triangles, I would still recommend Ane Doki. Sure, it's clearly aimed at the fans of typical shounen romantic comedy mangas, but that doesn't mean someone "outside the circle" won't enjoy it. By the way, enjoyment is by far the most important aspect in Ane Doki, so you shouldn't expect or think about it too much.

Why is Ane Doki ...
Jan 18, 2010
Read or Die is, literally, a nice anime. It has all the elements necessary for an anime to be considered good, but it's artistic value is not that high to be considered memorable or a masterpiece. And that's exactly why it's such an enjoyable show: instead of trying to be legendary or gather a huge number of fans, it embraces it's simplicity and just tries to be a good action anime.


Story: 7

Read or Die is about an agent trying to stop some bad guys from killing everybody. It doesn't get any deeper than that, really. What makes the story interesting is the originality. For ...

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