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Apr 7, 2024
Surprisingly very cute!

I found this through a random generator because I needed to get out of my reading slump. Well... maybe not the best Manga for that, but it was still kinda worth it.

I love how consensual and lovingly it was between them.

And maybe also the first BL Manga with Switches? I'm not sure they are, as there was only 1 small panel that hinted at it... could be a translation mistake. I'd love to have more switch rep, but this didn't seem entirely it... if anyone who has read it could confirm they are, that'd be great!

Anyways. I also loved Ouito's sister. Her ...
Feb 14, 2024
Quite unexpected!
I guess I read a little too many Mangas with unbalanced pace, so I'm actually surprised the author had it balanced it here. It started fast, was fast in the middle and ended fast as well. Nice!
I mean, there were still slow moments, so it's not like it was constantly going back and forth. Overall the pace was balanced, without spending too much time on unnecessary drama.
There were still lots of misunderstands, but got cleared up quickly.

I also imagined the story a little different. I thought it would be typical Manga comedy with thousand chapters, where the MC desperately tries to approach ...
Jan 24, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This was weird... but also good?

If you're looking for...

- porn without plot
- age gap relationships
- toxic characters, who know they're toxic
- borderline H / explicit sex scenes
Jan 12, 2024
It’s incredible and crazy how much I relate to each of the characters views, even though they’re so different.
The author’s amazing. I feel like they interviewed me before making the manga and then made a character out of each of my opinions, lol.

Although it was a bit cliche at times, and started with the toxic hetero trope, overall the representation is great. You can tell the author did lots of research.
It’s not that the protagonist simply concludes that she’s ace, but the fluidity of sexuality also is explained. That asexuality is an umbrella term and that there are so many different kinds of labels underneath ...
Jan 12, 2024
It’s about Chidori and Nanoha; both are high-schoolers in an all-girls-school in Sendai. They’re best friends to everyone else, but lovers in secret.

Even though they’re already together at the start of the first chapter, they’re both new to dating and haven’t really done anything except confess to each other. It’s very slow-burned and takes a while until they get closer physically. Expect lots of blushing and awkwardness. 
It’s mostly just fluff and everything is kept lighthearted.
There are two rivals – each in a different volume – but it doesn’t get too dramatic and you know they both will work it through. It does get a ...
Oct 21, 2023
Eve to Eve (Manga) add
As it's a collection of 6 short stories, I'll be reviewing them separately.

I want to leave behind a miraculous love
As the two last humans on earth, Nika and Sayu worry about what will happen when one of them dies. Then they find a spaceship, that has just the solution to their problem...
Truly a dream come true for some same-sex couples.
I really loved the language barrier representation and how they could show their feelings to the other. Didn't expect the spaceship tbh, but it was cool. Wouldn't mind a whole series of their story.
- Story: 9/10
- Characters: 9/10

The case of Eko and Lisa
Eko is ...
Jul 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
As an artist myself, this was a bit difficult in the beginning. Him suddenly getting blind because of his work, made me quite anxious, not gonna lie. Being blind surely is scary for everyone, but even harder for people, whose work requires them to see. Authors can still easily write after becoming blind, but artists? Drawing without eyes is a bit difficult.

Anyways. The beginning was good. I don't really like reading hetero stories, so I didn't go in with many expectations, but actually got surprised for the better. Sori's and Min's relationship was really healthy and I could truly feel their love for each other. ...
Jul 8, 2023
Preliminary (10/10 chp)
Story: 10
Art: 10
Characters: 10
Dynamics: 9

It's a very sweet (pun intended), wholesome and healthy slice of life manga. Slow-paced, in a very good way. I'm not always a fan of slow-pace when some storylines could be resolved sooner, but for this I wouldn't mind if there'll be 10 volumes of just their life without anything happening much. For real.

The body-positivity is amazing and I hope there are gonna be more mangas/animes like this. There are some remarks about him being chubby and he does think of starting a diet, but nothing that extends over more than 3 pages and the other characters always ends with him ...
May 16, 2023
It's not the best representation of GL, but a good representation of how each individual sees love differently, has a different approach to it and their progress. Some fall in love easily, crush on maybe every person they see, others fall very slowly, and some may not fall in love at all, because the concept just isn't for them.

We have aro/ace representation – someone who likes watching other people being in love, as if they're watching a movie in the first row, but they don't want to be any part of it.

Another one is a questioning aro, probably demi by the end – has ...
Apr 17, 2023
Preliminary (101/181 chp)
Alright, enough. I’m dropping it.

I only continued this for the mystery part, because I really wanted to know about the aliens and all the stuff revolving around it. However, 100 chapters in, and there still isn’t much revealed. Everything that happens is so underwhelming, so I doubt I’ll be satisfied with the ending anyway.

It’s crazy enough that I could get through 100 chapters, even though it’s so energy-depriving. I feel like an empty plastic bottle right now.

The plot itself is a good idea, but the execution is so pathetic. It’s literally just a horny author, who gets turned on by gore.
Every character is shallow, their ...

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