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Mar 7, 2023
Preliminary (13/? chp)
Very original concept.
Kokoro sees two women/girls together, sketches their love story after her imagination and afterwards we get to see a glimpse of the women's actual realities.

Each of the short stories (both the daydreams and the reality afterwards) are very interesting; I'm honestly surprised some of these haven't been used for a stand-alone or a whole manga series. (or they have and I just don't know about it.)

The manga is similar to an anthalogy, and basically is, except it keeps going back to the main story, which is Kokoro's life. She herself is lesbian and has known for while that she has no interest ...
Feb 11, 2023
After Hours (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I really liked the "simpleness" of the first two volumes, but the 3rd one kinda ruined everything for me. It took an unnecessary plot turn, just to make it more "exciting", since the first two volumes were rather chill. I kinda get why the author would want to do it, but it's a bit of a risk to do it in the last volume and especially so sudden. It feels like he didn't really plan this originally, but then needed something to stretch the plot a bit more and maybe hook more of the readers, who found the first two volumes a bit "boring".
For me, ...
Feb 9, 2023
I love how this manga series shows how much a person can mean to you, even after meeting for the first time and not knowing anything about each other. Even after having only talked once, or perhaps not even that much, maybe your eyes only have met, and now you want to know everything about that person.
Not only that, it shows that this feeling often is mutual. Yet we don’t talk about it because society raised us to think that talking about our deep feelings is embarrassing and selfish and kinda creepy. Which is sad honestly.
Looking back, what do you think how many deep ...
Feb 8, 2023
Preliminary (11/? chp)
First up, I need to say this: the art is really beautiful and gorgeous! Whoever drew it, really has some talent. It's sad that this talent is wasted with such a toxic story.

I set it to "not recommended", because I wouldn't. Thing is, sadly it is enjoyed by a lot of people. I don't know why and I probably won't ever understand.
If you're into shallow relationships and just like girls being lovey-dovey with each other, even if it's just an act, then this might be for you. It's tagged comedy but it's more of a drama. I laughed maybe twice throughout the 2 volumes ...
Jan 28, 2023
Loved it!
It's kind of a mix of "Weathering with you" and "Your Name", definitely at the level of these movies, except (thank goodness) no romance, since the character are middle schoolers. I bet if it was from Makoto Shinkai, this would be the most popular anime and most talked about.

The visuals are so beautifully breathtaking. Props to the animators, I hope they're getting paid enough.

Even though the characters were pretty annoying at some parts – I mean, they're kids, they're gonna be annoying – it was very amazing nonetheless. Especially the feels at the end, damn. Due to the different natures of the characters, ...
Dec 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (63/? chp)
I love that it exists, but I don't really like the story and characters much itself.
I love that the characters have so many flaws, which makes it realistic, but I don't like their personalities. I love that the author wrote this, but I'd never want to meet any of the characters; and if they were in my life, I'd either be constantly annoyed by them, or would have cut them off from my life asap. At least most of them; I do like a few.

I like that it shows how hard relationships can be, and I love the realistic part of it, but ...
Dec 31, 2022
Vampeerz (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (42/? chp)
It's kinda like a queer version of Twilight – toxic romance with toxic character tropes –, except that the characters are in their early teenage years, and there is no love-triangle. Plus a lot of Ecchi.

The story is pretty shallow. Nothing really happens. The characters pretend there's some kinda dramatic event going on, but it's just all exaggerated, really. Similar to politicians; they can't answer a simple question directly, but have to talk around the bush. That's basically the plot. Unnecessarily put into length. At times it is at least entertaining, but mostly just boring. One of the major backstories literally came in volume 8. ...
Dec 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
It was okay. Mainly smut, so if you're into that, you won't bother much about the story, probably.
For people that come for the plot, however, you'll likely be disappointed. Or annoyed. Unless you love triangle-drama.
I'm not really a fan of love-triangles, so...

All the time I just screamed at them to get into a poly relationship, because it fit. Or go all in different directions. At first I wanted Sungji, the blonde haired, to get out of there asap, but then it turns out that she's just as toxic. Rip. (Well, not as unhealthy as the other two, but still.)
It was simply an on-and-off ...
Dec 31, 2022
Preliminary (7/? chp)
I know that this is very popular and for some reason most people are into this bs, but I'm still putting it to "not recommended". I love BL but it's merely one reason why I hate this:

The "top" and "bottom" (or Uke and Seme in Japanese) talk. I don't know why it's so popular, but it's actually extremely disrespectful to gay people. Most gays are switches, and so are girls. Feminine guys aren't the equivalent of a woman and won't therefore be the "bottom" of the relationship.
So damn annoying. When will y'all get this.

Even worse is when people label others whether they're a top or ...
Feb 15, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Story: 3 poor
Art: 9 great
Sound: 8 very good
Character: 3 poor
Enjoyment: 3 poor
Overall: 5 mediocre

I didn’t enjoy it at all, it was almost torture to get to the ending. I wanted to see if it gets better towards the end, and I mean it was only 1 and half an hour, but really, it felt like I was watching a series all day long. Time didn’t pass at all, and at some point I started drawing incidentally, while still glimpsing a few times over.

I do love the animation and I admire the work of the animators. Some transitions must’ve taken forever, and it’s amazing how ...