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May 1, 2019
**Some Mild Spoilers**

This anime is something else. It's like they decided to build a story around a character that can be likable but can also be despised all at the same time, but strangely enough it works and it is what really got me to enjoy this anime to begin with.

This anime tells the tale of a character that at the very first episode he conquers and defeats a dark lord and fulfills a promise to the dark lord to look after his daughter. Once he returns to his home world he takes the dark lord's daughter back with him. This anime strictly focuses read more
Dec 11, 2017
*Very Minor Spoilers"

It's really hard for me to sum up my thoughts on this series because even though I've always enjoyed the romantic and magical aspect of the ah my goddess series with regards to its many iterations in the realm of anime, I really enjoyed this anime a lot more because of its heavy emphasis on humour which made this show quite an easy and enjoyable watch.

This show is basically a parody series on the ah my goddess license and the story line of this parody anime is that it focuses on the adventures that the three goddesses have with a little rat read more
Nov 26, 2017
*Minor Spoilers Warning*

With regards to the second season of Ah My Goddess; does it really do anything new or exciting to make it better than the first season of ah my goddess? Unfortunately
not, but it doesn't do anything worse either. It's pretty much the same thing as you would expect from the first season but some aspects of the storytelling are much more frequent while other aspects of the storytelling are less frequent.

In this second season, Belldandy and Keichi have been together for a year and despite this season not having an overall focal point, not even at the very end of the second read more
Oct 25, 2017
*Minor Spoilers Warning*

If you wanted a perfect opportunity to have your ah my goddess in anime form fleshed out than this series is a perfect opportunity to get your feet wet in the ah my goddess universe.

Let's face it besides the manga the ah my goddess hasn't had much of an opportunity to be fleshed out in anime form. Any other interations my ah my goddess in anime form before the first season of this series has either been incredibly brief (OVA and the film) or has been chibified to cater to a younger audience.

The plot of this anime is pretty much read more
Oct 1, 2017
*Major Spoilers Warning*

The Ah My Goddess Film is a beautifully animated film that tries its best to expand on the ah my goddess world but unfortunately loses some of its charm of what makes the series really memorable in order to tell a more compelling/complex story.

The story fixates on a character from Belldandy's past by the name of Celestin who is placed in a lunar prison for rebelling against the gods. He is released by a fairy by the name of Morgan le fay where he plans to plot his revenge against the gods but in order to achieve this he needs to use read more
Sep 21, 2017
Minor Spoilers.

Ah My Goddess is simply put one of the most endearing and heart-warming romantic anime that I've ever watched.

Ah My Goddesses focuses on the tale of Keichi who lives a relatively mundane college life and everything in his life is turned upside down when a desire to order food at his dormitory makes him dial a wrong number which connects him to the Goddess Hotline which brings a Goddess into his life by the name of Belldandy. This beautiful goddess tells him that he can have one wish that she will do everything in her power to make it come true. Despite Keichi read more
Sep 13, 2017
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
Minor Spoilers.

Monster is quite a daunting anime with a compelling story that reaches into some very tough questions regarding humanity's dark nature and what does it mean to be truly evil.

I will warn you though that this be quite a time investment with 74 episodes but I guarantee you that by the end, it will be well worth it but its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

The anime focuses on the life of a world class neurosurgeon by the name of Dr. Tenma voiced superbly by Liam O'brien. Everything in his life is going incredibly well but he questions his morality read more
Jun 23, 2017
There will be spoilers, so just be warned:

This was an anime that came highly recommended from a few friends and to be honest despite its popularity I had never heard of it before. It's critically acclaimed by a lot of anime fans and I can understand why but despite how beloved it is, it did have its problems but thankfully the problems were so minor that it did not ruin the anime for me.

Let's focus on the bad first, and then we'll move onto the good.

Mecha based anime tend to be my favorite anime of all time. Personally I prefer anime that focuses on mecha, read more
Jun 23, 2017
**Minor Spoilers**

What we have here is a magical girl anime that tells the story of Sugar and her human companion Saga and we get to see Sugar make her transition into a full fledged season fairy with the help of her fairy friends. In this anime Season Fairies are little creatures that control all aspects of the weather. It is not only Sugar that is trying to make the transition into a full fledged season fairy but her friends are trying to do the same as well.
Judging from the title, your absolutely right - we are dealing with an anime that deals with a lot read more
Jun 18, 2017
It is a nice feeling when you watch a film from a very beloved mech series that is mostly known for its action and comedy that decided to tone down those aspects in order to tell a really compelling story that fixates on politics and character development.

This is the case for Patlabor 2: The Movie.

To truly appreciate this movie you need to understand the relationship of the members of Special Vehicle Division Section 2. They've been together for a very long time and they've all moved on to bigger and better things in their lives. One of the things that makes this movie read more