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Jun 25, 2016
Flying witch was my choice for the slice of life of the season.
There's usually no guarantee for a currently airing show to be good, but with slice of life you at least get consistency.
But I feel like flying witch was something better than just a normal SoL show.

The story of Flying witch is really simple, it just follows around a soon to become witch in a world where magic exists.
There is some overarching parts to it, new characters get occasionally introduced and aren't forgotten about for example.

Mostly the show is just the daily life of a witch, but it occasionally breaks into scenic shots read more
Jun 25, 2016
Kiznaiver is the newest addition to studio Trigger's list of anime originals.
It was directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi, who has worked with trigger before but has mostly been doing the actual animation instead of directing it.
Trigger's usual director Hiroyki Imaishi was busy with space patrol luluco while Kiznaiver was airing.
But that's enough about the production, what is it actually about?

And it's really a commentary on people's personal connections.
What would happen if people would be able to directly experience others pain, and so on.

Before I go into spoiler territory I'll talk about the Presentation of the show for a bit.
As I mentioed above Imaishi wasn't directing this, read more
Apr 28, 2016
Harmony (Anime) add (All reviews)
Quickly said Harmony is a pretty boring movie about a person traveling around the world, being infodumped by every character she meets while trying to solve a case she's working on.
There's lots of philosophical themes in the movie, many of which go nowhere and aren't really explored beyond talking about them.
It's great material if you're an over thinker and actual like sitting on your ass for two hours while boring characters read textbooks to you.
Note that the rest of the review can contain spoilers.

-Presentation (Visuals & Sound).
I was actually kind of surprised at how they seamlessly connect the CGI and the hand drawn characters at read more
Apr 20, 2016
So I thought it might be fun to review this one.
There's lots of people claiming this show to be a masterpiece, and while I disagree on that notion, I still think it was a very good show.
Even if it didn't really impress me that much until the final episode.
Actual review starts here: minor spoilers might be included.

--Presentation (Visuals & Sound).
Katanagatari has a very unique style to it, However I wouldn't go out of my way to call it too far from most peoples comfort zone.
The character designs are different mostly from other anime regarding the eyes and body proportions and the backgrounds are hand painted/drawn.
Not read more
Apr 2, 2016
--A quick overview
I might be a bit late for this review but here goes anyway.
Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda is an original movie made by the same team that brought us
most of Toradora and Anohana, Mari Okada and Nagai Tatsuyuki.
While Mari's work can be a bit hit or miss this one is clearly more of a hit.
The story follows a pretty simple path that is heavily foreshadowed, and you have probably seen
this type of a story done before like I have, so while the flow of the story won't surprise you
the execution more than likely will.

-Presentation (visuals & sound)
There isn't much to complain about the visuals, it read more
Mar 27, 2016
Dimension W, definitely the best thing Studio 3Hz has made so far.
Dimension W is a very episodic road trip-ish anime about a dude who is essentially a
bounty hunter and a robot girl who gets stuck with him.
Pretty standard setup for an action show with some fancy visuals.
It's not without its flaws but if that sounded interesting to you it might be worth a watch.

--Full review: minor spoilers ahead

-Presentation(visuals & sound)
Dimension W has some well used CGI, though sometimes it can still stand out a bit too much.
The backgrounds are well made, the CGI never felt choppy, and I like the character designs.
I've heard from read more
Mar 25, 2016
Well here's a show that I think got a bit of a bad wrap for no real reason.
But I do have some reasons for why people wouldn't like it so much.
Firstly Saekano came before this show, and the novelty of it had already worn off for many people.
Secondly people set their expectations too high for something that never really tried to be anything special to begin with.

--Actual review: minor spoiler warning.

-Presentation(visuals & sound)
To me nothing looked visually out of place, which isn't weird considering this isn't a very action heavy show requiring lots of animation.
Sound vise I like the OP and ED, I actually think read more
Mar 24, 2016
Well, now that Erased reviews are a dime a dozen, might as well add my two cents.
--Quick version:
The first thing to consider when reviewing Erased is what exactly is it good at?
The mystery?
No. The formula is taken straight from Scooby Doo, some people predicted the killer before the halfway point of the series.
And no, the red herrings don't make it any less predictable after they've been used multiple times already.
Well is it a good thriller then?
No. The predictability kills any thrills this show would've had.
Maybe it's a decent drama then?
Kinda...sorta...when they don't use pointless victimization by one-dimensional characters to make you feel bad for read more
Mar 16, 2016
I might as well join the influx of people reviewing Konosuba immediately after it finishes airing.

Konosuba took me by surprise, I was not expecting an actually funny show from something that reads: Studio deen, light novel, and has a premise that sounds exactly like generic otaku empowerment fantasy. Turns out it's basically a parody of the "stuck in a video game" genre.

-Presentation (sound & visuals)
There's nothing for me to really complain about, this show has some obvious CG in it which still didn't really look out of place to me. As for music, I found the OP and ED pretty catchy, the rest of the read more