Mar 25, 2016
TheAnimeToast (All reviews)
Well here's a show that I think got a bit of a bad wrap for no real reason.
But I do have some reasons for why people wouldn't like it so much.
Firstly Saekano came before this show, and the novelty of it had already worn off for many people.
Secondly people set their expectations too high for something that never really tried to be anything special to begin with.

--Actual review: minor spoiler warning.

-Presentation(visuals & sound)
To me nothing looked visually out of place, which isn't weird considering this isn't a very action heavy show requiring lots of animation.
Sound vise I like the OP and ED, I actually think they were some of the better ones of the season, I like just how bombastic the singing was.
But even then none of the background tracks stood out to me.

I basically picked this show to just watch something that would be easy to get into without having to think about it much.
and good that I did because this is certainly not a masterpiece of a plot, nor is it necessarily bad, just very average.
My biggest problem with it is how the characters would occasionally get mad at each other for no real reason.
That kind of stuff basically happens whenever a writer has to work with a very limited time left in the series or the movie they're working with, so they rush it a bit.
At least the characters realize how stupid the thing is in a pretty short amount of time.
Another thing that could be considered a nitpick is how the characters seem like they've never heard of the internet and still try to get their game to the manufacturer by disc for added drama.
There were some "romantic" scenes that didn't really go anywhere at the end, not that I
expected them to.
On a few occasions this show makes a comment about the VN industry, but not often.
Compared to Saekano Shoujo-tachi focuses more on actual creative parts of making a game, it doesn't have as much humor.
Overall this show doesn't really fail with its plot because it keeps its goals fairly grounded.

This show has very archetypal characters, and it knows it.
For example every character has a name related to one of the things that defines their archetypes, for example Kuroda's name refers to her black hair.
Also I bet all the voice actors were told to do the most typical voice for the archetype they were playing, even if it's over the top.
But not every character is completely archetypal, Buntarou actually contradicts quite a few things that make a generic harem MC, he isn't an unsociable nerd who gets uncomfortable around girls, instead he Writes plays, actually likes being helpful and is quite confident of himself.
Kuroda also subverts a typical thing for her archetype, Instead of constantly having an icy personality she is the first person to approach Buntarou about the game project.
The characters are still left mostly unexplored, though it has some decent character interaction.

Definitely not what I would consider a terrible anime, you can't judge it by premise alone.
But it's nothing amazing either, there aren't any deep characters or unconventional and interesting plots with tons of twists, and the animation while certainly decent doesn't have any moments to show off.
The best thing about this show was probably the songs.
Rarely do I see a show that was so unsurprising to me.
If I was asked to recommend either Saekano or shoujo-tachi I would tell you to just go with whichever sounds like more fun.
I would recommend this to people who already watched Saekano and want something similar and people who just want to fill time with something easy going that some story to go with it.