Mar 27, 2016
TheAnimeToast (All reviews)
Dimension W, definitely the best thing Studio 3Hz has made so far.
Dimension W is a very episodic road trip-ish anime about a dude who is essentially a
bounty hunter and a robot girl who gets stuck with him.
Pretty standard setup for an action show with some fancy visuals.
It's not without its flaws but if that sounded interesting to you it might be worth a watch.

--Full review: minor spoilers ahead

-Presentation(visuals & sound)
Dimension W has some well used CGI, though sometimes it can still stand out a bit too much.
The backgrounds are well made, the CGI never felt choppy, and I like the character designs.
I've heard from some people that this is their favorite OP of the season, but it just sounded like pretty generic electro to me.
Same thing with the ED, not saying they're bad but I've heard better.
Overall the animation is just very fluid, colorful and nice to look at.

Dimension W is very arch based and starts with what I would call a very bad first episode, it's essentially just a setup for the next episode.
If you plan on giving Dimension W a go, then make sure you watch two episodes before deciding if you're going to complete it.
The second episode is much stronger, and introduces one of the recurring characters, Loser (yes they actually call him that).
There's one more episode that just felt like mostly boring info dumping, but that doesn't come until later on.
And even with the info dumping by the characters this is how I understand the coils: wibbly wobbly timey wimey, realities inside of coils.

Based on the premise I thought this show would comment on fossil fuel usage, but I didn't really hear much of that at all, for the better or worse.
For the sake of explanation I'm going to mention that the coils can essentially provide infinite energy, meaning they can do pretty much anything.
The author clearly had fun with this, maybe a bit too much since sometimes it feels like whatever happens the author basically pulled out of his ass.
Not that it matters too much since it's excused and explained and the story isn't super important here.

One more gripe I have with the story is how the characters backstories are explained almost entirely in flashbacks, come on can't you figure out something more creative?
Otherwise the story is interesting enough.
The ending is conclusive enough, definitely not just a read the manga ending.

Probably the best or the second best thing about the show, depending on how much you appreciate the animation.
For once we don't have a completely bland main character, Mabuchi Kyouma is a person who dresses in traditional clothes and hates coils.
Minor note that I don't particularly like the fact that Kyoma does his fighting with throwing knives, it tends to make for poor battle choreography.
Though the choreography is still better than average.
He has a fairly extensive backstory that I won't spoil.
Yurizaki Mira is Kyoma's robot partner who is extremely strong and can detect coils.
Their dynamic was quite fun to watch, and mira is also given an okay backstory.
Other than that due to the Nature of the show there aren't that many interesting recurring characters aside from Loser
But what is there is pretty good.

It might sound a bit harsh to only give Dimension W a 6/10 but there are many shows just like it, and outside of the premise
dimension W doesn't have much to distinguish itself with.
And on top of that it wasn't really my type of a show to begin with.
The narrative can feel a bit choppy at times.
Characters didn't get much development because the show was busy just establishing them in 12 episodes.
The visuals aren't without a few hiccups and the music used wasn't really my thing either.
I could still recommend Dimension W to someone who likes futuristic action shows.